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The Anniversary Party

The Anniversary Party (2001)

June. 09,2001
| Drama Comedy

While celebrating their reconciliation and six years of marriage, the American actress Sally Nash and the British novelist Joe Therrian receive their close friends, some colleagues and their next door neighbors in a party. Under the effect of Ecstasy, revelations are disclosed and relationships deteriorate among the group.


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Kattiera Nana

I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.


Instant Favorite.


Good story, Not enough for a whole film


For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!


How bad was this movie? I tend to like chick flicks, especially comedies. This one wasn't that much of a comedy and may not have been primarily a chick flick. On the other hand, I don't like action movies with shooting and explosions unless they are comedies. For the two hours before this movie began, I was watching a dramatic film (few laughs) about a soldier going undercover to expose a colonel's demented form of justice. I liked that one better than this one.What positive things can I say about this movie? If I was going to write a user comment, the summary was going to be "At least the music was good". That was only true until about 4:30. The movie started at 4 and lasted until 6, and after 4:30 I heard only two songs I liked, one in the closing credits. Most of the music before 4:30 was big-band style jazz, or something related. I really enjoyed it.I suppose the friends reading poems and singing bad songs (the singers weren't great either) to honor the hosts was pleasant enough.I did like Skye. No wonder, it was Gwynyth Paltrow!Other than what I have said, I just found the whole thing unpleasant. For those who enjoy poetry and acoustic guitar accompanying meaningful lyrics at coffeehouses, and those who truly appreciate Woody Allen, and those who like independent films, and those who actually enjoy subtitles, I believe this might be a worthwhile movie. It seemed to have quality writing and acting, and of course lots of big-name actors, none of whom I would know just by seeing them. I didn't even know until five minutes ago that Gwynyth Paltrow was in it!This film just wasn't for me.


I've seen better home movies, and I'm not sure how this qualifies as anything but that. It looked and felt like a self-indulgent, narcissistic and (the worst movie sin of all) boring home movie about folks I don't know and don't care to meet. It seemed a complete vanity piece, with me as the unwitting audience.This movie reminded me of the incredibly silly "drama" that teenagers find important when they're out too late and lacking parental supervision. The content of the characters in the film was immature, unpleasant and unattractive.I was tempted to turn it off numerous times, but waited until the end in case the redemption I was seeking was finally offered. It wasn't.


Anniversary Party does not take the directions that ordinary Hollywood party movies would take. Rather, each character reveals a possible "stray" and then continues with their usual path. It was interesting to note that a party of this sort could actually end on a positive note, given that almost everyone pushed themselves outside their usual comfort zone. It is my opinion that with so many talented and known actors, it is difficult to bring what could be chaos into focus, making a movie well worth watching. I definitely recommend this for all those tired of the mainstream movies and looking for something different and interesting.


It is easy to see how people might be turned off by a movie such as this. Like 'the Big Chill' or even 'the Royal Tennenbaums' it is a movie that is almost completely character driven. Not a lot happens, but rather it is a stunning portrayal of relationships within a tight group with a couple of outsiders hanging around for the ride. I love JJL and Alan Cumming, but the other characters are the ones I feel make the movie work so well. Especially Parker Posey and Jane Adams, the latter having I feel the best role in the film. Claire is neurotic and unbelievably hilarious. Not only is the film totally believable, but the characters are constantly being stripped away to reveal what is truly happening, and what truly happens to us all. We get caught up in relationships that have no clear definition and that require work and compromise to be able to survive. The acting, dialog, direction, mood and humour are all absolutely amazing. This movie works on all levels. At first I thought this was an 'actor's movie' but after showing it to friends I now think completely differently. Not only did they love it, but we have watched it again and again together, laughing and being amazed at what Jennifer and Alan have accomplished. Bravo!