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Little Evil

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Little Evil (2017)

August. 08,2017
| Horror Comedy
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Gary, who has just married Samantha, the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist.


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While this is not going to make any "Best of 2017" lists, its deserves to be seen. The horror spoof genre has been a bit overdone in the past with movies like Scary Movie and all the Friedberg/Seltzer mixed bag of spoofs. However, director Eli Craig knows his way around an homage flick (see Tucker and Dale vs Evil) so I'm not surprised he turned out an entertaining movie again. While DaTvsE was on point almost the entire time, Little Evil meanders a bit and misses out on some great chances to send up the genre. Where the Scary Movie ilk beat you over the head with the spoofs, Little Evil is a bit more suttle, being more homage than spoof. Case in point, the little boy is sitting in front of a TV with white static on it. Its an obvious reference to Poltergeist, but the little boy does not utter the words "they're here" like all of us have done at one time or another. The mere visual was enough.Adam Scott plays Gary, who has just married the perfect girl, Samantha (Evangeline Lily). Samantha has a withdrawn son named Lucas, who might or might not be the anti-Christ. The laughter comes from Gary trying to connect with the kid like any stepfather would, except the kid might be Satan. Along the way Gary is joined by members of a stepfather support group who all pretty one dimensional aside from a lesbian "stepdad" named Al. The other members of the group are recognizable comedians if you follow comedy.The plot doesn't try to be creative, but it flows along nicely and there are plenty of laughs along with some genuine moments of honesty and sincerity. Adam Scott is good at playing the normal guy with a weird streak. Evangeline Lily does the sexy girl-next-door female to perfection and she is good here, too. With a crisp running time of 94 minutes it doesn't feel padded in any way. My only criticism is I think there was some gold that didn't get mined in an attempt to go for the laughs. I think they could have make this a darker comedy about being a stepdad to the anti-christ and it would have been funny AND scary while respecting the source material AND being original in the same manner as Tucker and Dale..


A very fun horror comedy, but leans more on the comedy side. Parodies many classic horrors in a very unique way and has quite a lot of laughs.The acting was quite good, particularly Adam Scott. He suited the role and brought some flavour to scenes. Bridget Everett was hilarious and plays quite a different type of character than usually expected. They both carried the film. I wish the mother had a bit more personality, it just seems as she is there to fulfill her role. She definitely needed more screen time to flesh out her character. However, the cinematography is very conventional and bland. It is important part of a film and is lacking. Many jokes could have been even funnier with creative cinematography or editing. Though it is worth watching for both horror and comedy lovers.


Well I get that it tried to be a self ironic parody of some rather famous horror films in the tradition of The Ecorcist or The Omen however it failed miserably in my eyes. The jokes were just too try-hard, it made every Adam Sandler comedy look like a piece of Shakespeare. Don't get me wrong, some of the dark humor was really funny that is why I give it the score it received BUT that were 10% the other 90% overshadowed the rest left me at the end of the film with a really bad taste. Adam Scott was okay, also one of the better aspects of the film, at least he had some recognizable comedic timing. Evangeline Lilly however was awful. I think its two ways: Either she really took the film she is in seriously OR she has absolutely zero comedic timing whatsoever. I also did not like Owen Atlas who was fla out horrible, sorry kid. I understand Sally Field did it because her son was directing it… but why did not even she try to save this mess? I mean her performance was really not good nor was it funny nor was it in any way an upgrade. Oh and that character AL was funny at first, original yes, self ironic sure, but they really overplayed it and so did the actress. No , the few funny bits that actually worked are not worth the time to stay through this from the beginning to the end.


The current rating seems a little unfair to me. Sure, there's a lot that's soft and undercooked in this flick, but it's not unfunny, and the premise alone, as well as how far it's willing to go with it, should win it some extra points. The flick has enough surprises, laughs, and strong, clear-eyed direction to make it worth a slack night's viewing.Eli Craig's got a knack for making horror/comedy out of big ideas. "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" is essentially a horror film about bigotry and false perceptions of the other, and here Craig's made a light-hearted, but still relatively rich, riff on the horrors of being a step-father who's trying to connect with an emotionally distant child. All of that is to be commended, and I intend to keep following Craig's output.Still, I get it, the son is essentially a non-character, more like a prop, really; there's zero chemistry between Evangeline Lilly and Adam Scott; and for a movie about relationships, it's pretty lazy when it comes to actually depicting the way people in those relationships act toward's one another. It could have really gone for it, the way "This is the End" went for it, but it didn't, it chose mush over metal in its overall approach, so go in expecting pretty light fare.But honestly, it's better than most of the made for Netflix movies.(Okja is an outlier)