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Don't Sleep

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Don't Sleep (2017)

September. 29,2017
| Horror Thriller
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After Moving into a Cottage Together, two Young Lovers confront Horrors of a Forgotten Childhood.


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With "Zach and Shawn" in the description, I excitedly thought there was a horror film with a gay couple. No such luck. Certain aspects were interesting, but it wasn't good enough to keep me from falling asleep. Don't bother.

Andariel Halo

Of all the wacky ideas put forth by this movie, its greatest flaw is that it is insufferably boring. It doesn't even try to be original for much of its run time, relying on every Smalltown, USA hot young couple moving to a new house horror movie cliché so blatantly that every single jump scare is laughable. You see everything coming, and they kill the dog, so that's an immediate strike against this film. The main character guy whose name I completely forgot it was so forgettable was apparently demon possessed or something as a child, and had to rely on extreme therapy from a doctor guy and now he's a supposedly well adjusted adult. Except he's a complete and utter asshole and douchebag, which this seems to be unrelated to his demon problems. drifting drearily along this boring slog, a random demon kid in a hoodie appears and... beats up people. that's literally all he does. He beats up an old man so badly the old man starts freaking out and jibbering incoherently, then commits suicide while angrily defying the demon kid who watches him. Then the main character guy gets beat up by the demon kid. Then a whole lot of basically nothing happens, and the main character guy has an irrational freakout at his old doctor on learning that he still contacts his mother to discuss him and his case. He then also starts arbitrarily harassing his girlfriend and acting needlessly paranoid about... nothing in particular. He's just running around screaming and cursing at nobody and nothing while overly dramatic music tries to tie this to the demon kid who beats people up, or maybe he's being re-haunted by the demon, or maybe he is the demon kid. None of this makes any sense, and by the time we reach the end, they throw in a wacky, screwball-esque twist. At some point early in the movie, completely out of nowhere, they bring up a story about a fisherman who went on Crusade in medieval times, and when he came back, his wife killed herself because she was raped repeatedly. That story suddenly comes back as it's revealed the main character guy was that fisherman crusader, and his girlfriend was the wife who got raped, and apparently she got raped by some manner of demon thing that turned her immortal, and she spent the next millennium either waiting for him to be reborn, or trying to find him after he wandered off or something. Then the movie ends, with its end credits overlaid with some incredibly awful romance pop songs after the movie spent about 95% of its run time being the exact opposite of a romantic movie.


This is truly one of those movies that for me could have been freaking awesome. It went in directions that I often WISH horror movies would go it, but sadly the writing and plot jumps were just too much.I remember telling our daughter when she was younger, as she would relay a story about something happening, she would leave out an obvious trigger of some sort (usually one that didn't put her in the best light in the story) and then she would jump to the next part of the story, and I would stop her and tell her there is no way that she did this, and then the other person did that. There was obviously something that happened in between. Well, this movie was made completely and totally without that logic. So many times there is a line like "As a kid I felt there were two sides, this other me that was capable of such evil" and the other person goes "Oh, that's OK" Like it's just totally normal. Truly this movie could have been so much, but instead it was just what it was, a swing and a miss.


***Beware this content may contain spoiler **Nowadays it's hard to find a good horror thriller but I was lucky enough this movie didn't disappoint me. It gave me what I am looking for?" If a demon were to steal after you in your loneliest loneliness.. Would you not curse the demon who spoke thus or would you answer, 'You are a god & never have I heard anything more divine." ----Friedrich Nietzsche (1882)Story begins with a young boy who is afraid of dark. In his sleep he saw nightmares someone going to take him. He was restless. His mother was concerned about him so she Called a doctor. Doctor started to consult with him as I mentioned he was having this nightmare very often.I thought this would lead a revenge type self surviving movie but it was something else. It was such a mystery. I don't wanna spoil it by revealing the mystery.As the boy become a man went to honeymoon with his girlfriend. They were happy. His friend came to visit once everything was fine since the neighbor Mr. Marino lost his dog. One night he heard a sound he followed the path & found the dog it was dead. That time a demon possessed him. Later he committed suicide by hanging himself through a chain. He was saying, I wrote my own life I will not join with you demon, You rot in hell. Who was that demon??As the mystery continues demon gradually attacked everyone & killing them. Who is that demon? What mystery beneath? watch this movie. You gonna love it.A must watch film for horror, thriller lovers. Beware it's a scary movie.