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Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold (2014)

October. 01,2014
| Fantasy Drama Horror Action

Vlad Tepes is a great hero, but when he learns the Sultan is preparing for battle and needs to form an army of 1,000 boys, he vows to find a way to protect his family. Vlad turns to dark forces in order to get the power to destroy his enemies and agrees to go from hero to monster as he's turned into the mythological vampire, Dracula.


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This movie is magnificent!


Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.


The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.

Verity Robins

Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.


RELEASED IN 2014 and directed by Gary Shore, "Dracula Untold" tells the origin of Dracula: In the 15th century Prince Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans) must protect his small kingdom of Wallachia (in modern-day Romania) from a Turk warlord (Dominic Cooper) who demands a thousand boys from Wallachia & Transylvania, including Vlad's son. Threatened by the unsurmountable Turk army, Vlad desperately makes a dubious pact with a formidable caged vampire in order to acquire its dark powers and save his family & kingdom. Sarah Gadon plays Vlad's winsome wife.The producers flirted with the idea of "Dracula Untold" being part of Universal's Dark Universe; and the epilogue of the movie, set in the modern world, suggests this, insinuating a franchise. This idea was dropped, however, and "The Mummy" (2017) became the first official film in the Dark Universe. In any case, "Dracula Untold" was fairly successful at the Box Office, making $56.3 million in North America and $217.1 million worldwide against a cost of $70 million.My title blurb pretty much tells you all you need to know: "Dracula Untold" is basically the dark Superman of 15th century Eastern Europe where Dracula wields the power to defeat a thousand-man army. If you like the great prologue to Coppola's "Bram Stoker's Dracula" (1992), you'll probably like this movie, which gives several nods to that forerunner.The film LOOKS awesome and has a fine cast. But unlike "Bram Stoker's Dracula," it's rapidly paced and doesn't leave much room to breathe; so the characterizations aren't quite deep enough. It's good, but somehow hollow and forgettable. "Bram Stoker's Dracula" was perhaps a little too slow while "Dracula Untold" is too hurried. I wish the creators found the happy medium between the two because, with just a little bit more time and attention to detail, it could've been great.THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour, 32 minutes and was shot entirely in Northern Ireland. WRITERS: Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.GRADE: B

Lavish Byadwal

I don't understand the critics, i don't even understand people who are calling it entertaining. it's not just entertaining..... it's an amazing story of a Man (a Father, a Prince) who sacrificed everything for his family and people. i don't care if it's a fact or fiction. it was amazing, i really like the script and CGI was amazing .......Luke evans performance was epic and i like how the story portrait his character.... It was not perfect i get it.... Dominic cooper did ok , but his character was poor , they should have found something more practical and strong.But overall it was better than i expected and it deserved more respect and appreciation ..... Looking forward for its sequel.....


Awesome movie, I just want another voice heard so we can get a second one, my friend showed me this movie about 9 months ago, I've watched only 3 or 4 times but it seems brand new every time I watch it. I'm a lover of the Underworlds, but I see this as a possibility of a set of movies to top them. Please keep them coming!!!


It was a movie about Dracula but not from the horror perspective, instead the film maker inserted stories based on myths and a little bit of history in this movie. In my opinion it was more like an action film than a horror flick, but overall this was a good movie and really entertained to see. The moral story of this movie is family should always comes first,no matter the circumstances.Familia siempre viene primero.