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Despicable Me

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Despicable Me (2010)

July. 08,2010
| Animation Family
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Villainous Gru lives up to his reputation as a despicable, deplorable and downright unlikable guy when he hatches a plan to steal the moon from the sky. But he has a tough time staying on task after three orphans land in his care.


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The charming story of an evil genius who attempts to get revenge on another evil genius by adopting 3 orphaned girls. Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) is the complete evil genius, he has the car, he has the killer pet monster, he has a scientist to make evil weaponry, and he even has henchmen (or minions) to do his bidding. When a young upstart of an evil genius gets one over on Gru and steals the shrink ray that Gru has his eye on, a dish of revenge is prepared. Adopting 3 orphaned girls to fulfil his plan Gru never expects that his life will change as much as it does.This is a great film, a beautiful imagination of what animation and creativity can produce. Gru is the perfect Evil Villain, the kind of bad guy you'd expect to be facing off against a James Bond or Batman. Steve Carell voices him with such charm, making him seem awkward but at the same time confidently menacing when required. Other stars have lent their voices to this film to great effect - Jason Segel, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wigg, I would never have guessed without being told that Russell Brand voices Dr Lothario. The comedy and cute element of the film has to be the minions, they have clearly driven the film and have spawned their own movie and merchandise. Based on trailers, and against other animated films which try to make a cutesy/comedic element of the film the main driving force, it's nice to see that the minions didn't completely steal the show. You still have the film in its own right, with its own weight to drive the show forward - they just really compliment it.I enjoyed this as an adult, and my 2 year old nephew enjoyed watching it too. It's a good family movie with enough adventure, action and humour to appeal to the entire family. I'd rate this as 8 out of 10 and could happily re-watch this anytime.

John Brooks

This sort of production needs a few things to be proper at all, and this here does tick those boxes fairly decently enough.It's for kids and therefor ultimately it needs some form of moral that develops through the whole film, something you can see building and follow and finally come to a successful conclusion. It's well emphasized from the very title, to particular scenes, that the main character is terribly selfish so this is more of how he finds love through others, love he himself never received as a child from his parents, so that's well emphasized and well made, and important for children to assimilate at a young age. And it's done with emotion and sentiment here as to be more effective and long-lasting.Another thing needed is a fun authentic universe of some sort: the minions introduced here in this one, along with the particular awfully caricatured character designs, so that box can be ticked as well.Another thing would be humor. Obviously, this has a moral and everything but isn't a documentary. Voice actors like Steve Carell or Segel aren't picked for anything but to be amusing comedians, which they are, and so the jokes have to be there. The humor is fine, some of it is really funny but it's rare and most of it is pretty standard for this sort of thing.Overall, one wouldn't call it rushed so much as it is very formulaic. You wouldn't imagine it would take all that much to produce such a story and characters, but eh, it's alright and it's got some substance and material to it.6.5/10

Filipe Neto

This is one of the most interesting animated films I have seen in recent years. Its not the first time we see a villain portrayed in a comic way on animated movies, but its rare to see one become a real hero (well, in fact, "Megamind", from the same year, tackles the same theme in a different way).The film revolves around the figure of a failed villain who tries to steal the Moon, despite the constant interference of three girls he adopts and the competition with a new rival. The film also has the Minions, the villain's helpers. These adorable creatures speak an incomprehensible language and look curiously like cheese snacks in jeans, but they star in some of the film's most hilarious and absurd moments. The humor is intelligent, not forced or stupid and knows when to give way to the story in order to keep the film coherent and with a good rhythm. All the characters were very well thought out. Computer animation, the basis of animations, has been carefully done, is very pleasing to eye of the public and inspires a pleasant sense of realism.


Hello i have watch this film recently and i have some review to say for you guys :v .In that film had a lot of crazy scene that make you laugh a lot , you won't forget it, it is so funny an laugh Aldo long. If you have kids you should bring them to the cinema to watch this film ,i am make sure they will like it a lot. I think i can't the film don not have any scene that i don't like it . Because it so perfect . The best scene in the film i think when the minions said "banana " and "apple ". I love it a lot . The minions have lots funny act and its so very very cute . About the man name 's Gru who want the moon for him self he also have some words so funny . If you do not watch it yet you should watch now it really really fun . Hop you will have a good time with it . See you :v