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Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation (2009)

May. 20,2009
| Action Thriller Science Fiction

All grown up in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor must lead the resistance of humans against the increasingly dominating militaristic robots. But when Marcus Wright appears, his existence confuses the mission as Connor tries to determine whether Wright has come from the future or the past -- and whether he's friend or foe.


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When a movie has you begging for it to end not even half way through it's pure crap. We've all seen this movie and this characters millions of times, nothing new in it. Don't waste your time.

Kaelan Mccaffrey

Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.


The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.


By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.


I have seen a lot of reviews on here, more than I usually read. And it is way too many 1's. This movie is no where near a one rating. I've been watching a lot of movies since I was a little kid. From cheesy 80's flicks, to straight to TV. This is no where near a 1. This movie sits at a 7 for me. Would have got an 8 but I'm super hard on the female acting in these new generation of movies.This movie by now is 9 years old so nothing would be giving it away. But with that said Linda Hamilton in the first one was 19 years old. And she can act. Which is why 7 or 8 years later in Terminator 2 her acting was polished the movie was even better. It is not a secret if the female character can act you are going to have a good movie. The female acting in this movie was decent which is why it got a 7 from me.But I can see why people gave this a one. The first Terminators were scary. The machine just kept going. You also had the awesome 80's music, along with the clothes. I mean seriously Sarah O conner was riding an 80's scoter and listening to head phones. And going to the club. Just a lot of vintage stuff in that movie which brought it back to the 80's. The 90's was even better in T2, crazy hair cuts, dirt bikes and the graphics in that at the time were unique. But they did try to incorporate some of the old ideas. John Conner goes "come with me if you want to live", the motor cycle scene still is exciting as it was almost 30 years ago. The naked terminator. Normally during these remakes I get bored or fall asleep. It was action through the whole movie. I don't know if it was christian bale. Or who it was. But I felt entertained. If people came here looking at this review thinking they are get a play by play of the movie. I'm not doing that with this one. You have to watch and please don't listen to these negative reviews. They want to live in the past on something that has already been done. Once again don't try to watch this thinking this is going to be like the fist 2. It is not. Its just going to be great acting and simply a plot that action. Nothing over the top where its mind blowing. Expecting this movie to be like the first 1 where they were on to something new, and the second one where they had some super special effects is asking too much. It was well written movie. And its great to have all the Terminators. Cause I do.


Terminator Salvation is a good action flick, with two great lead actors. It is just a little bit more detached than the last one.Like most action flicks, this film lacks emotion and heart and is fairly cold, except in the last moments. To compare it to a similar film like "War of the Worlds," where the machines controlled by aliens are taking the humans like cattle, there is a sheer intensity and determination of Cruise's character to rescue his daughter along with the quality action. I got absolutely nothing but annoyance out of the Kyle Reese and Star characters. Yelchin can act I've seen it, but half his screen time is spent yelling STAR! STAR! Worthington's character's story line is superb and the moment John gets him to look down and see that he isn't human is the highlight of the film. All the various machines and battles are terrific and Bale and Worthington excellent. I liked it.


I really dind't like this movie. Christian Bale is allright but the script and plot feel like B-grade movie stuff. Where is the original actor? They could have better waited till all good ingredients were in place before making this movie. I did like the special effects.

Claudia isabelle

So I made my decision, John Connor is a major dushbag. All good and mighty and very smart and sensitive robots must die to defend this sucker :)) There is a moment in the movie where John Connor goes to fight alone with Skynet and when his wife asks :"What I am supposed to say to your men when they ask about you" he replies "I'll be back" , well at that moment if Arnold was watching I think he laughed his pants off , i mean it was so clumsy and stupid coming from John Connor mouth, that i barely could watch.First of all if Sam Worthington and Christian Bale hadn't played in this movie I think IMDb would have deleted the movie from the movie list :)))). Sam Worthington gets the role very nice and he is a delight to watch, hot hot, but Christian Bale is like the comic version of all Terminators until now, I think for a parody he would have been a good choice but for this part it was a rather weak choice. I tell you when he says "I'll be back " you cant stop laughing. Its like awkward, so out of place that it takes all the serious action that was happening until then out of your mind and makes it comedy like.Watching this I can tell that The one from 84 and 91 there are Oscar material, the rest are just shallow copies. But thank God that at least this movie had Sam W and Christian Bale they saved the movie just for being present cos the roles and the action are just so weak. I think Sam W is thinking watching this movie "what the heck was I thinking?".Another tip, hold one for the first hour cos i was close to stop and go to sleep but I kept hoping that Sam W aka MArcus will kiss the girl. That basically kept me going. :) And again, John Connor, oh my god, do robots with their high IQ really die to defend him??? he's like totally useless, you do more stuff and get things happen when the robots intervene. So I give the movie a 3, but because Bale and Sam are there I give it a 4. :)