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Fifty Shades of Grey

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Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

February. 11,2015
| Drama Thriller Romance
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When college senior Anastasia Steele steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Christian Grey for their campus paper, little does she realize the path her life will take. Christian, as enigmatic as he is rich and powerful, finds himself strangely drawn to Ana, and she to him. Though sexually inexperienced, Ana plunges headlong into an affair -- and learns that Christian's true sexual proclivities push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.


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Disturbing yet enthralling


Funny, strange, confrontational and subversive, this is one of the most interesting experiences you'll have at the cinema this year.


This movie had me cringe so hard, its one of the worst I have ever seen. Absolute crap! Thankfully I caught it on TV because it would have been a shame to pay for this garbage!


Though a few years late in viewing this immensely popular film and not having read E.L. James series of novels on dominant and submissive sexual experiences, the 'better late than never' applies. No, this is not a 'great movie' but as adapted for the screen by Kelly Marcel it is entertaining (though a bit long) and it is cast with credible appearing characters (the central focus couple spends the better part of the 125 minute film without clothes and pushing the usual standards of X rated to the limits - almost). Sam Taylor - Johnson, the British female director manages the situation well. Shy literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) rooms with the worldly Kate (Eloise Mumford) and goes to interview the wealthy Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) as a favor to Kate who is to interview Grey for the school paper. She encounters a beautiful, brilliant and intimidating man. The innocent and naive Ana starts to realize she wants him. Despite his enigmatic reserve and advice, she finds herself desperate to get close to him. Not able to resist Ana's beauty and independent spirit, Christian Grey admits he wants her too, but on his own terms. Ana hesitates as she discovers the singular tastes of Christian Grey - despite the embellishments of success, his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, and his loving family, Grey is consumed by the need to control everything. He gradually introduces (? seduces) into the realm of submission and dominance - and the film ends with a cliffhanger that guarantees the continuation of James' novel. Johnson and Dornan have fine chemistry and make the affaire noir credible. The others in the cast who contribute well are Jennifer Ehle (Ana's mother), Marcia Gay Harden (Christian's mother) and bit parts by Victor Rasuk, Max Martin and Luke Grimes among others.Be prepared for a lot of visual body contact - but of course everyone knows the story and its reason for being because of all the flutter about James' novels.

The Movie Diorama

I cannot believe I actually watched this. Me, who solemnly swore he wouldn't watch such rubbish, made the bold choice to watch this for the sake of his friend. That's how kind I am. I would succumb to this for friendship. Honestly though, this has less substance than a used condom. I'm not even going to summarise the "plot", because there was hardly any. Young girl falls in love with rich man who creates a contract for some submissive dominance relationship thing. I don't know, and I don't care. The film is shot well atleast, and has aesthetic appeal. Don't forget the hardcore foreplay and rough sex...oh wait, it's tame? Oh dear. I've seen more convincing sex (and better plot) in a 70's soft porno. The screenplay can be best described as monotonous. Example: "I don't make love. I f*ck...hard". Or even: "Because I'm fifty shades of f*cked up, Anastasia". What even was this!? Have we, the human race, actually come to this!? I can't comprehend the stupidity of this dialogue and how undramatic it was. The most excitement I had was attempting to work out the word for a 'vagina wig' which I'm sure Dakota Johnson was wearing. "Hmmm I know it sounds like mankini? No wait, I'll FaceTime my mum, she'll know...MERKIN! It's a merkin!". The sex, which the plot clearly revolves around, is too funny to watch. Whips, chains, rope...we got it all, and it's hilarious. Then the accompaniment of generic pop songs, oh yes it gets better. Bursting into Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" has never felt so good. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were abysmal, not their fault though to be fair. Goes to show that a screenplay is the most central and important aspect to a captivating film. And captivating this is not. However, my life is now complete. This film brought me joy. It is so atrocious that I actually loved it. Get ready for when I watch the sequel, I can't wait...


I had zero expectations, before watching it, based on all the shitty reviews.Dakota Johnson is actually pretty with a very nice body. And I enjoyed seeing her naked alot. Since it's not possible to give zero stars on imdb anyway, that one star goes to her body. The acting is not as horrible as I expected. But certainly not impressive either. There is chemistry between the two leads. Why people say there isnt any, I dont know. The movie is not PG13 either as I expected it to be. Having finally seen Fifty shits of crap, I can understand why women enjoy this. As a man however I was pretty bored.Why Anastasia put up with Christians behaviour and the way he treats her, his BDSM-needs and pretty much everything else is hard to believe.Anastasia being a virgin, when meeting Christian (even though she's an american) is also hard to believe. Her not knowing what butt plugs are and appearently having never watched porn either, is also unbelievable.Those scenes where he gets mad about her visiting her parents and actually follows her there, would have made any sane woman break up with him. Just as the ridicoulus contract as well as him saying he will pretend to be her boyfriend one night per week. What the hell is his problem?? Yeah, yeah Ive read about his troubled childhood and the woman who had him as a BDSM slave for 6 years. But that does not justify Christian being a complete asshole to Anastasia. Why women would be turned on by someone treating ther that way, I have no idea. But Anastasia does put up with it. Untill the very end of the movie anyway. Where he whips her ass cheecks six times and she suddenly has had enough and leaves him. She puts up with his dominant abusive attitude during the entire film, but him whipping her is appearently too much?? Avoid this unless youre a dumb middle aged housewife, that finds this more interesting than actual porn. No men should ever watch it. Not even to please their girlfriends or wifes.


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