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The Accountant

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The Accountant (2016)

October. 14,2016
| Drama Thriller Crime
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A forensic accountant un-cooks the books for illicit clients


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Loved this, superb story grips you early on. Affleck is excellent. Great little twists towards the end , you will love this one if you like clever movies with some decent action.


What a movie .. Awesome ..hats off to director Gavin o Connor & ben affleck ..Such a impeccable direction ..Best once .Ben affleck deserve oscar for such outstanding performance ...Too powerful & engaging .. Don't miss this awesome thriller ..


I absolutely love this movie. It's not just a great movie overall, but it brings out a lot of emotions that I can relate to as a person with Aspergers. Ben Affleck did a great job at showing the world what life can be like for a person with this disorder. And much like Christian in this movie, I was able to use my disorder to my own advantage. It's what helped me succeed in my career today. And it's what makes me who I am. I consider myself very successful in my career and life. And I owe a lot of it to having Aspergers. Of course it has it's cons, as you saw in the movie. But it brings a whole new mindset and point of view to the world. For those of you with this disorder or ones like it, I suggest you try to figure out how to use your condition to succeed in your life. Like me, you may find that you're exceptionally good at something because of your condition. And if you enjoy it, do it your way and try your hardest. Use movies like this as inspiration. Just don't ever think you can't do something because you're not like everyone else. That was my hardest lesson. The day I accepted myself who I am and stopped trying to be "normal" was also the day my whole life changed for the best. And make sure your spouse respects you. In hard times, they are likely to be the best person to talk to when you're struggling with your condition. I've had relationships where the other person put me down or criticized me for being "weird". That's just unacceptable. You deserve better! Today I'm a happily married man with a thriving career, my own house, car and supportive group of friends and family. It took a LOT of hard work to become who I am today. It's worth it! Don't give up! And you may want to let your close friends and family about your condition. For me, it helps them understand why I may say or do things that sometimes come off as weird, rude, etc. I hope this helps someone! For those of you "normal" people, keep on supporting those with disorders. When you see them in a struggle, try to help. Highlight the good things about them. It may help more than you'll ever know!


Movie Review: "The Accountant" (2016)Suprisingly visceral Thriller throughout directed by Gavin O'Connor, who puts leading actor Ben Affleck in a perfect role of making a character's seemingly weakness of daily "autism" confrontations into a suit of strength, where roling numbers of accounting backstage business affairs keeping a tight grip with the audience as nemesis character portrayed by match-making Joe Bernthal and female ingredient infusing actress Anna Kendrick ascend this "Warner Bros. Picture" towards dramatic martial action-packed as heavy weaponry utilizing moments, balancing this motion pictures above the originally-received then Hollywood-realized scripts to be a movie of superior entertainment with in even better 120 Minutes editorial pace.FAZIT: Picture approved (interceptive)Cinemajesty Entertainments 2018