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War Dogs

War Dogs (2016)

August. 17,2016
| Drama Comedy Crime

Based on the true story of two young men, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America's allies in Afghanistan.


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One of the best true story I've ever seen in my life actually all credit goes to Johan hills, he's the one who carrying the flim


Recently on the television show "American Greed", the story of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz trading firearms and ammo to the US government was showcased as a morality tale of greed beating out common or good sense. Although both were against the US-Iraq War, Doveroli and Packouz decided market profit eclipses domestic moralizing. The US government was at war, and there were people in the world who were going to profit by dealing arms and ammo to those engaged in the fighting. The dirty little secret about war: there are many who profit largely whenever a superpower goes to war. The kind of money made in arms dealing as compared to something like illegal drugs, makes the latter look like a few lemonade stands.David Packouz (Miles Teller) was a massage therapist and occasional seller of high-quality blankets to the elderly. He doesn't make great money at either endeavor. He chances to meet his former school buddy, Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill in an award-caliber performance) at a funeral. Diveroli has been in illegal drug trading, but has found a more lucrative market: dealing in used weaponry and selling to the most fanatical gun enthusiasts on the planet: the United States Military. They find used weapons at wholesale and then resell online and to the US Government. His small company was called AEY Inc.Because the US is at war in Afghanistan and in Iraq, there is a shortage of munitions supplies. Diveroli discovers there's a US website detailing hundreds of requests for munitions. With governmental approval, anyone can sell the munitions to the US Military. At first everything is on the up-and-up. But they are mainly getting the crumbs while the larger manufacturers are getting the bigger pieces. The crumbs are worth millions but the thing is, the larger contracts are worth in the hundreds of millions. They even get a silent partner/backer Ralph Slutsky (Kevin Pollack).At a conference on firearms in Las Vegas, Diveroli and Packouz learn they may be in over their heads as they can't compete with the large munitions companies. Until Packouz meets with the notorious arms dealer Henry Girard (Bradley Cooper). Girard tells the novices several pieces of information which in this business can turn into hefty profits. (While I don't always agree "knowledge is power" only "potential power", in this case, the first one with the map to the treasure could win) Firstly, there's a shortage of AK-47 ammunition, needed especially for the Afghan army in the Middle East. Secondly, Girard knows where he can procure a large quantity of 150 million rounds of ammunition. The last piece is that Girard can't do business with the US Federal government, probably because he broke trade regulations. (Girard is probably loosely based on Swiss arms dealer Heinrich "Henri" Thomet.) Girard proposes to the newbies that he will sell them the ammo he has access to. If AEY can broker the deal to sell 150 million rounds of ammo to the US government, the deal is potentially worth $2/round, in other words about $300 million. It will be the largest deal AEY has ever brokered. The question is: will the US government fork out hundreds of millions to two twenty-something arms traders who have been in business for less time than a typical baseball season?A thoroughly compelling film. Aspects are a bit like some of Martin Scorsese's offerings with voice-over and occasional freeze frame. The voice-over by Miles Teller helps us understand all the pieces of the arms-dealing world. Some aspects were fictionalized but many of the details of some of the deals are accurate, especially the one worth $300 million. All acting is solid, particularly Tellers as Packouz and Bradley as Girard. However, a fantastic and believable performance by Jonah Hill as the guiding force behind AEY. Definitely one of Hill's best acting performances. A fairly underrated film.

Michael Ledo

"War Dogs" is based on a true story about small time arms dealers making it big, getting greedy.We meet the likable David Packouz (Miles Teller) a licensed masseuse eking by in Miami with an expecting wife. In comes his best friend from LA, Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) a licensed arms dealer, setting up shop in Miami. He brings in David to help him peruse tens of thousands of postings where they can make money as a middle man/broker. The problem is they don't do their homework and as such they need to do work arounds some of which skirt the law and some break the law.The selection of Hill and Teller made what could have been a boring docu-drama into a comedy-drama where we can identify with the bad guys as protagonists. The real David Packouz has a cameo as a singer. Bradly Cooper has a minor role as another likable bad guy.Entertaining and informative.Guide: F-words. No sex or nudity. Sex talk


For more than fifteen years in the business, starting out with Dreamworks Picture's "Road Trip" (2000), Director Todd Phillips walks the thin red line of controversy by combining a serious world-state war-machinery-benefiting issues in the Middle East with two based-on-real-life-experience characters of David and Efraim, performed by comical tragic beat-matching actors Miles Teller and Jonah Hill, with the latest movie "War Dogs" releasing on August 19th 2016 in the United States to modest box office success.The movie might have deserved a wider audience, because of its fluent too flawless execution in its own right for any department and furthermore the clarified handling by experienced Director Todd Phillips, who seems to have a ball his two action-seeking leads. An seemingly effortless-looking passion for filmmaking that streams from any exhibition screen cellulars to movie theater canvas, making "War Dogs" highly-recommended movie entertainment for a mainly money-earning young adult target group. Nevertheless the well-crafted Warner Bros. Pictures distributed movie with its technical finesses in cinematography, authentic production design and close to perfect pacing has potential to be an enjoyable watch for the adult generations beyond the 30s even in years to come.Co-Produced by actor Bradley Cooper, giving an out-of-signature performance as the character of Henry Girard, lifting the picture to a deepening, layered dimension on still-controversial monetary focused world views, where behind curtains and on-stage business affairs streaming razor-edged between failure and success by obeying the law of gravity and keeping feeds on solid grounds, which ultimately presents a bitter-sweet conclusion, which arguably satisfies any spectator, who decides to invest 105plus minutes of laying-off daily routines to watch "War Dogs".© 2017 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)