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War Dogs

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War Dogs (2016)

August. 17,2016
| Drama Comedy Crime
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Based on the true story of two young men, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America's allies in Afghanistan.


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The US military needs guns and ammo, dammit! Where does it all come from? Corrupt arms dealers, of course! Two Jewish guys decide they want a slice of this hot bullet time action, and hilarity ensues as they bungle their way from one deal to the next. It's all going well until they try to fill an order for 68 gazillion bullets, which requires an ill fated trip to the vile, backward hell hole of Albania, where the filthy Albanians have been stockpiling Cold War era 7.62mm ammo for the best part of a century. Suddenly everything goes to shit. Good times!Languages spoken: American, English, Albanian.I rate Small Town Crime at 26.64 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as a hilarious 8/10 on IMDB.


War Dogs dealt with the dangers of arms dealing and illegal packaging and repackaging of ammo and guns and how money has ruined them (plus drugs).


Not getting into technical stuff for this one - that's already been covered elsewhere - just a comment on content and outcomes. Being loosely based on fact it's fitting these characterless characters went to Gaol for their part in a military arms deal gone wrong - couldn't happen to a better pair (wonder if they will learn anything positive?) These foul-mouthed, smart ass 'buddies', care not for most anything in life - other than making bad money and lots of it. Never mind what grief or damage it causes as long as they are rich! These are the pits of this generation - who can't always seem to get why anyone could not care about them.The best thing this movie highlights is the ugly "economy" of war! Overall it's well enough done and keeps you going but you pretty well know where it's going anyway and we've seen plenty of other shows about these types of low life anyway. Scatter brains will 'love' these near soulless bods but thankfully, others will see right through them.


War Dogs is a good movie with a reasonably well developed plot and a top notch comedic cast. Jonah Hill and Miles Teller definitely own this movie, their chemistry on screen together is undeniable. There is a great back and forth between them that had me in stitches on several occasions, and they also shined in more dramatic moments when we really get to see these character's relationship. I had expected more, I was anticipating more fun, it took itself quite seriously at times. I understand that it is based on serious events, but it is advertised as a comedy with the same levels of Superbad and The Hangover, so I was not hoping for, nor was I pleased with, long, dragged out dialogue scenes. We do not know who to support in this movie either. David is clearly set up as the protagonist who watches his friend Efraim drive to the brink of insanity. However, David is not a very likable character either, he is greedy and self centered, while he may have some good traits, it's not enough to make him a protagonist we support. It's fun, but very forgettable. It has its flaws, but War Dogs is a good time while it lasts, would recommend it to anyone looking for a good comedy or crime film, just do not go out of your way to see it. Two lifelong friends receive a contract from the Pentagon to become arm dealers for American troops in Afghanistan. Best Performance: Jonah Hill