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Cars (2006)

June. 08,2006
| Adventure Animation Comedy Family
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Lightning McQueen, a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed, discovers that life is about the journey, not the finish line, when he finds himself unexpectedly detoured in the sleepy Route 66 town of Radiator Springs. On route across the country to the big Piston Cup Championship in California to compete against two seasoned pros, McQueen gets to know the town's offbeat characters.


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Will Curtin

Cars was the first ever movie i saw in cinemas. and i loved it, i am surprised that the movie only got a 7.1 because to me i would think it would be in the 8's with all the other classic movies like toy story, the lion king, inside out and the Incredibles. lightning McQueen is a character everyone knows, the movie shows that everyone looks up to him as the cool guy, but really his just some selfish guy with no friends. lighting gets shown the meaning of friendship. and gets shown good sportsmanship which you will see at the end of the movie

Oliver Thatcher Watson

This film is really great and well done. Beautiful CGI, great voice cast, a pretty great story, and an overall clever concept. It truly is a staple in the list of Pixar movies and would be loved by most people who haven't seen it yet. I say it's a clever concept because it really goes all out into car-ifying the world, which may sound weird and random, but once you see it, you would be surprised by how well Pixar has done it. The story is fantastic as well, as it depicts the life of Lightning McQueen as well as his experience at Radiator Springs after he fixes the road of the town. This film is awesome, and I recommend it to anyone who likes cars and/or Pixar or anyone, really.


There's something very nostalgic in and about "Cars", starting with its very concept: cars living and behaving like humans, it's a fun idea but not revolutionary. To those who might not be familiar with it, it had already been efficiently used in a Disney cartoon about road rage and a Tex Avery's cartoon about a father whose son dreamed of being race car (ironically, Avery would do a similar cartoon about planes). Now it's one thing to make short cartoons out of such gimmicks but how does that stand for a ninety-minute feature? Well, I guess not so bad when your name is John Lasseter.Still, watching "Cars", I couldn't tell whether it was the most ludicrous or greatest idea ever, I mean, the universe where the film is set is like a human world as we know it, it has roads (obviously) but also buildings, which leads to the question, who built these buildings? But don't you dare start asking question, if you ask yourself how they make cars, you'll never know if it's on a technical level or if you're a baby car asking your parents. Which leads to the question, yes another, these cars have feelings but how do they express them? Granted Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) falls in love with Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt) but how will that show? I guess we'll have to accept them as asexual characters like Buzz and Jessie are lovers or Buzz and Woody friends, but at least the toys evolved in the real world. Well, I'll stop here, the whole movie wouldn't make sense once you'd put some thought of it, because it's hard to make lives out of mechanical things and the logic of the film is limited by the story itself, but it makes the emotional achievement even more admirable, it's not meant to be "Finding Nemo" or "The Incredibles", yet it creates a unique world built on something we love as kids and love even more as adult; cars, so I guess this is why the film was successful enough at the box-office, it hit a sensitive chord. And let's not kid ourselves, from "Christine" to De Lorean, there's always been a special spot for cars in our heart, we love them and take care of them as if they are 'persons' and if anything "Cars" exploits this privileged relationship we have with cars, from the toys they were to the big engines they turned into. And as a kid, I had plenty of toys and all from different types, if they were all like Lightning McQueen, it would have been boring but to make up my 'stories', I needed every possible model, I had the fire truck, the old car, the police car, the diversity made the pleasure and accentuate the fun of playing with them, and that's what exudes from John Lasseter's film, it's like big men using cars as props to their stories. In fact, it's like a Toy Story played by grown-ups and it works, You have the introducing and climactic racing, the chases and the adventure in a small town in the desert, that used to be one of the most visited places during the glorious days of Radiator Spings, and this is where McQueen is forced to stay until he destroys the road after being chased by the police car.There, the cocky Flash McQueen meets a gallery of colorful characters, nothing new, the goofy tow truck (Larry the Cable Guy), the Fiat Topolino with the Italian accent, voiced by Tony Shalhoub and the old judge, voiced by Paul Newman and who has enough in common with Lightning to play the role he knows best: the mentor. When you have a former race car champion in a town, it's obvious there will be a few lessons to learn for McQueen before he can 'win' the race. When your hero says that he doesn't need anyone, you know it's a matter of time before he changes his mind, but even when we're fully aware of what's going on, the film manages to drive over these clichés in a fun and enjoyable way. It's a rather character-driven story and it takes its time to unfold its nostalgic power. I particularly liked the words of Sally about the way the subway ruined everything, and I could relate to it.Many of my dearest childhood memories involves these long travels, and I didn't ask "are we there yet?" because I knew the places we were going to cross, but we hardly come cross these towns because of the subways. Here's another aspect that will appeal to adults while kids will enjoy the visuals and maybe the story, too. After all, "Cars", while not a masterpiece, shows you that there are more things to enjoy in cars than moving from a point A to a point B, and that's enough a point to make.


Lightning McQueen is not stopping for anyone until he finds himself stuck in the old town of Radiator springs. McQueen talks Mack into driving through the night to his tiebreaker race with Chick Hicks and The King, in Los Angeles. On the way to car race, Mack who is holding lightning in the back falls asleep due to his lack of sleep, and the other cars around him playing lullaby's. The cars on the highway find it fun to push Mack back and forth over the rumble strips, that cause the button for the back trunk to open. Lightning is sleeping, and slowly drifts back off Mack and left in the dust. Shortly after Lightning awakens and is not able to find Mack again. Lightning McQueen is the fastest car around, and is very proud of what he has accomplished so far. This being said, he gassed it all around and even to a near trailer yard where Mack could have been sleeping. After he drove around, and found himself on a deserted highway to what it looked like. He approached a small town that had beaten and rusted radiator Springs sign. When Lightning first arrives in radiator Springs, he is arrogant, cocky, and overconfident. So confident that he believes that he can win the Piston Cup on his own without help from any pit crews or a coach. During his stay in the old run down town, he is not able to maintain his racing needs like practice, tire changes, car maintenance, and most of all the love of his fans. Lightning is not liked that much in the town because he treats some of the cars as if they are unequal to him. Although Lightning is not the most interested in the town, he learns new things in the town, and grows a stronger and greater heart. The sheriff whose name was Doc, makes lightning redo the roads for the town and the people for what he has put them through. Lighting does not want any part. He is certain that he would never do such a thing. Although he is self-centered, he is a perfectionist and takes pride in what he does. Therefore his work ethic and pride gives him the strength to repave the road to perfection. After he had accomplished that, the town people started to appreciate lighting. It was because of his actions that the others started to respect him enough to thank him. After he has wondered into the sheriff's garage, he sees that he had won many races himself, Doc was a Six-time Turismo Carretera champion. Not long after, Lighting and the sheriff have a lot in common, and Doc ends up helping lightning understand the roads, and gives his old knowledge to Lightning. A key lesson in the movie was when Doc taught McQueen to turn on dirt. McQueen could not perfect it, and Doc knew how to exceptionally well. This was the first time Lighting was listening to someone else and learning. This opens his mind to how much better he could be as a racer if he had people to learn from. He also finds a car that he likes who lives in the town whose name is Sally. Lightning learns new things and improves his racing abilities by going to the worn down town filled with the great cars of Radiator Springs. Lighting had created a negative to positive relationship with the town, that the town shop Rust-ESE repainted him and gave him a new look just in time for the Piston Cup. Lighting also find himself with a coach, and a Pit team at his next race. Lightning couldn't be any happier, and it was because of his personal attitude that life was so jolly. He also meets one of his bests friends in the town Matter. Matter is a tow truck who is not the brightest, but has a good attitude, and is stoked on life. He does not seem like a huge factor to the story, but Mater is the friend that Lighting can go to for anything, especially when he needed him to tow him out of the mud.McQueen and Mater create a best friend relationship because they are the complete opposites, but both want to have fun.