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Spring Breakers

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Spring Breakers (2013)

January. 24,2013
| Drama Crime
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After four college girls rob a restaurant to fund their spring break in Florida, they get entangled with a weird dude with his own criminal agenda.


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Spring Breakers looks dope at a glance. You've got a great cast, and interesting director/writer, and the trailer was awesome. This movie ends up losing all of its potential within it's redundant, self absorbed ideals.Plot- 4 college skanks plan to go on spring break. But it gets stupid immediately, seeing as they've collectively only saved 300 something dollars from the whole year. So, they rob a store, party in Florida, and get arrested. For some reason, a gangster/rapper (played by Franco) ends up at their trial, wants them as his little crew, and bails them out. After that, nothing but disappointment. You find out what he really wants them to do and it's just stupid and not exciting. The ending is garbage, a cutoff scene. Characters/Writing- The dialogue is so loopy and weird in stride with the characters and their circumstances. You'll often be like "are the girls all high on ecstasy?" Or mimicking the dumb lines they repeat "spring break.....spring breaaakk" it's just not captivating. The characters themselves serve as nothing but emphasis on being a careless slut. Critics may claim it speaks for the generation, but it only wrings out every last drop of excess in all forms to try to prove something. Not sure what that even is. Acting- The acting is not bad at all, the actors are just being pulled by extremely weird dialogue, weird scenarios, and pointless scenes displaying their slutty ignorance. I'm not against portraying things honestly but you wont have fun watching these girls banter and lollygag. Quality- One fantastic thing about this film is the editing, the style, the cinematography. It looks gorgeous and quite literally feels like a dream. The part when they rob the store is filmed in one take and is really cool to watch. Overall I'd say if you're into unconventional movies and often create meaning out of dirt, this is for you. I tried to watch it twice and cut it off the second time. It looks beautiful and has such a convincing style that you'll probably watch it all regardless of your intolerance. If there was a juicier story, with less oddball scenes and more characteristic dialogue, I'd say watch it.


Spring Breakers is a decent movie with a reasonably well developed plot and a terrific cast. The four main actresses in this movie are all very believable in their roles and convey the struggles of their characters with a lot of realism. However, James Franco is without a doubt the highlight as Alien, he is unrecognizable with his disturbing characterisation in this part that makes it impossible for us to take our eyes off him. On the otherc hand, the film has a lot of ambitious ideas that it is always afraid to fully embark on, it tries to be different and stylistic, but also remaining tame enough to appeal to the general public.It never felt sure of what it was trying to be. As well as that, it is immensely bleak, the trailers made the movie look very fun, but its hardly ever playful or presented as what the advertisement made this look like it was going to be. Enjoyable, but forgettable. Spring Breakers has its moment, but never manages to fully deliver its potential, do not go out of your way to see it, but it's worth the watch if you happen to see it online or on television.Four students are drawn in to crime after they rob a store to fund their spring break. Best Performance: James Franco


Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer. Spring Breakers has a cast of actors who are clearly phoning in especially James Franco and the whole sex and nudity went to a whole new level, overall a terrible film with terrible characters and terrible perfomances. (0/10)

Art Vandelay

This movie is so bad that it is forcing me to re-evaluate all the other movies I stiffed with only 1 star. Unfotunately, IMDb does not allow us to vote 0 stars. And it took away the discussion boards where I'm guessing there were hundreds of entries ripping this movie as the biggest pile of $%^& in recent memory. It's not even good by pr-n standards, which is basically what this movie amounts to. James Franco should be thankful his career wasn't ruined by this drek. The rest of the losers in the cast, well, I assume they're all working at Lowe's these days.