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TRON: Legacy

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TRON: Legacy (2010)

December. 10,2010
| Adventure Action Science Fiction
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Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy and daring son of Kevin Flynn, investigates his father's disappearance and is pulled into The Grid. With the help of a mysterious program named Quorra, Sam quests to stop evil dictator Clu from crossing into the real world.


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This Tron movie was slightly better than the one that came out in 1982. I like how more to advance this movie was compared to the other one with better effects, a long story and the cycles and suits were more awesome.We even had Jeff and Bruce return from the previous movie.What didn't make sense was how did Tron become Rinzler. We did hear a little bit of it in the movie and a level in KH3D. But it could have been more helpful if we could have had a flashback on Rinzler's origin as well as CLU's.But overall it was a good movie and more advanced than the other one.


Approximately seven years after his return from a remarkable world within a mainframe computer, "Kevin Flynn" (Jeff Bridges) mysteriously disappears again leaving behind a young son named "Sam" (Garrett Hedlune) and the company he headed known as ENCOM. As time passes Sam grows older and one day happens to venture into his father's old arcade where he suddenly gets transported into the same cyber world that captured his father years earlier. Unfortunately, while this world is indeed a fascinating place, it happens to be run by a computer program named "CLU" (also played by Jeff Bridges) which has become quite corrupt--and it has no interest in allowing Sam to coexist in his domain. But even worse, it has devised a nefarious plan plan to manipulate Sam so that it can materialize into the real world and wreck havoc and mayhem upon it as well. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was an interesting film largely because of the computer graphics which were much superior to those of its predecessor. On the flip side, however, the characters lacked depth and the overall plot was much too similar to really distinguish itself from the original. In summation, I thought that this should have been a much better film and for that reason I rate it as just slightly above average.


I'm going to begin this review like every other review I've written in this year and past that (b/c I'm quite lazy): Tron Legacy is an... interesting film.I'm not some kiddie that grew up with the original Tron, so I rented and watched it prior to seeing this in theaters back in 2010. While age has not been all too polite to the original Tron, there's always the new movie... right? Eh, maybe.I am a sucker for just about anything as long as it's got good visuals, an intriguing story, and great characters to back it... and I hate to say it, by TL only got PART of that right. It's CG work is excellent, and the action scenes are really well shot. On top of this, the acting (while not top-notch) is decent in most regards. To top this cake off, the soundtrack... is awesome. I don't usually care about soundtracks in movies, but this one stood out to me quite a bit more than that of many movie soundtracks that reuse the same songs you've already heard on the radio about a bazillion times.While all that is nice and kind... I believe there's something MISSING from that previous paragraph that I said would make me a sucker for just about anything... oh, yeah, I remember now! The compelling story and intriguing cast of characters! The story itself isn't awful by any means, and starts out quite well... but as the movie goes on, I found it less and less compelling than it SHOULD be. The characters aren't that well written, either. I never felt I really cared for any of the characters and the things they do because they all felt flat to me, missing any type of PROPER motivations and/or characterizations.All in all, I think about the best way to describe Tron: Legacy is this: A cardboard-cutout in a store that looks and sounds more amazing than many other cardboard-cutouts... but that's all it is: a cardboard-cutout. It looks and sounds amazing, but it's nothing really more than that.

John Kiely

I was brought up Tron as I am an 80's kid, I remember being a gamer entering Tron's world (even though I struggled to understand what was going on) left me amazed with the effects.Now the sequel I was not interested in the slightest, I'd heard of it and did not pay any attention.But then I saw it on Sky movies and boy did my opinion change, they really have thought about the old film and there is so many references to it you can't help but feel humbled they thought of so much. So there's a scene where the protagonist enters the arcade from the original film, power comes on and all the old machines come to life.They even try to incorporate actual programming into the film, people using Linux commands and not having those Hollywood made up operating systems and menus.Then there's the actual plot which builds and builds and is very well told, sure there are some predictable twists and also things we've time and time before BUT I didn't roll my eyes at any point. I won't give anything away other than Jeff Bridges is listed in the film so that's not a spoiler and he plays a great part which is refreshing to see.I would say if you like a good action film with a decent plot and amazing CGI that compliments the film rather than hinders. Please watch and just relax and enjoy the ride dude!