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Hostel (2006)

January. 06,2006
| Horror

Three backpackers head to a Slovakian city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.


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Rule #1 of horror: The audience must connect with the main characters, must like them and/or relate to them, and must feel like they're real people. That's what makes good horror so horrific. If you like people and can imagine yourself in their shoes and want them to be well, the events of the movie are terrifying. On the other hand, if the main characters are two-dimensional badly-written annoying actors, you don't care what happens to them. Or worse, you start hoping they die just so they're not in the movie any more.Hostel breaks this rule. The characters are stereotypical American college men saying stereotypical college dialog. Five minutes in and already I want these annoying twats executed. I would keep watching for the satisfaction of seeing badly written characters tortured, but I have better things to do with my time.

Thanos Karagioras

"Hostel" is a mystery horror movie in which we watch a group of friends traveling around Europe with their backpacks. While they are in Amsterdam they meet a person who tells them about a hostel somewhere in Eastern Europe close to Bratislava where all the girls are crazy about tourists and especially for American men. So, they are going there but everything is too good to be true and soon everything will change for them.I liked this movie because it had an interesting plot and many scenes with suspense which kept me alert for the most duration of it. I also liked the direction of Eli Roth's and I believe he did a great job on it. I also liked the interpretations of Jay Hernandez who played Paxton and Jan Vlasák who played as a Dutch Businessman. I believe that either you watch this movie alone or with company you are going to have a great time since the suspense is in the most out. Finally, I have to say that "Hostel" surprised me in a good way because it is a horror movie that combines very well horror scenes with mystery. It's an interesting movie with many twists and I believe that you aren't going to waste your time watching it. I believe that if you are a fan of horror movies you are going to love it but if you are not then it's good to reconsider watching this movie.


Long answer: Eli Roth jettisons the satirical potential of his screenplay in favour of... not a lot to be honest. The thing is, the torture scenes, while repugnant and disgusting, mercifully don't take up too much of the film. As a result, this is mainly a film consisting of 3 repulsive guys going around objectifying women and having sex, before as always in a horror film their search for action leads to a very bad place indeed. I have heard this film described as a satire or sociopolitical commentary of some sort, and there is something there for sure. The trouble is, there just isn't an awful lot to Hostel. It's nasty and mean-spirited but mostly it's just tedious. There are intense moments but there's not enough atmosphere; basically, the film just wonders what to do with itself for an hour before exhausting the viewer with endless torture porn towards the end. It is undeniably disturbing and the acting is good for a horror film. There's definitely an element of fear, but Eli Roth, although his direction is perfectly fine, didn't quite manage to back up his ideas with a decent script. Watch Saw instead (The first one, not those awful sequels).4/10


I have noticed that many people not only dislike this film as a whole, but tend to point out every single flaw or judge based on elements that a true movie lover/critic would not be focused on when open-mindedly enjoying a production. I not only think this film is unique, a strongly held concept, and a situational horror that is not only realistic, but actually capable of happening... I believe it is a one-of-a-kind, edge of your seat, well-acted and well-written masterpiece. When your main characters are college-induced vacationers who enjoy the wonderful perks of youth, which of course include alcohol, drugs, and banging hot chicks, I believe the dialogue and actions are spot on when it comes to portraying the mindset that the average collegiate tool obtains.I love the idea of humans taking the lives of others for a price. It takes you beneath the surface of human nature, and our need to attempt anything to get a spark of euphoria. What I think Eli was trying to accomplish is that some people do drugs, some people drink, some people have meaningless sex, and some people murder. It's all about what a human is willing to do at the expense of others to receive their own personal thrill. I very much applaud the acting, the script, the cinematography, and the concept. Those who have rated this film poorly obviously did not take from it exactly what it was attempting to say, satirically and literally. In my opinion it is worth the watch.