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28 Weeks Later

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28 Weeks Later (2007)

April. 26,2007
| Horror Thriller Science Fiction
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In this chilling sequel to 28 Days Later, the inhabitants of the British Isles appear to have lost their battle against the onslaught of disease, as the deadly rage virus has killed every citizen there. Six months later, a group of Americans dare to set foot on the isles, convinced the danger has come and gone. But it soon becomes all too clear that the scourge continues to live, waiting to pounce on its next victims.


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I don't understand why this garbage has a 7.0 rating, do Americans really like this kind of action-gore than makes no sense at all? The plot is so bad and full of holes that it would take a full essay to list everything that's wrong with it.Summarized the whole movie is about stupid people making stupid mistakes and dying. Don't waste your time on this unless you have some kind of zombie fetish and don't care about anything else.2/10

Thomas Drufke

The 21st century has been flooded with films and TV shows about zombie apocalypses, so it's difficult for any of them to stand out and feel completely fresh. But there's something about the '28' series that really hits well for me. There's something so glorious about seeing the streets of London be a wasteland that only occupies a select few living and undead.Similar to how the Cloverfield films are related but not directly tied in, 28 Days Later is a prequel of sorts, but the characters and plot are entirely different. 28 Weeks Later picks up after London is deemed safe and virus free, as the undead have starved to death after the events of the previous film. Of course, apparently it was a good idea for the military to reoccupy London and start building up a civilization again, even though it was the center of disaster only a half a year earlier. Implausible probably, but we've never really seen an apocalyptic series that attempts to go back and restart civilization from the same area. Usually we either see everything as the apocalypse is going down, or maybe several years later. So, in that way I like what the film tried to do.I also found the cast to be quite impressive. Not only do you have some nice lead turns from Robert Carlyle and Catherine McCormack, but you have Idris Elba, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, and Imogen Poots before they became famous. All of which, do a wonderful job in roles that aren't necessarily flushed out. That partly because it's only 100 minutes long, but mostly because the film never takes a breath. That could lead to pacing and character issues, but with a non-stop action-horror, it actually works to the benefit of the experience. Adding to that experience are running zombies. Yeah, I'm looking at you every other horror film, it's cool to make them run.But perhaps the biggest compliment I can give to the film is its utterly unpredictable. With a horror film, you expect there to be an ample amount of deaths, but the way in which Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directs the deaths is terrifyingly unexpected. And when you can't see where the terror is coming from in a horror film than you're in for something special. In all, 28 Weeks Later improves upon 'Days' scares, story, characters, and plot to make for one exciting entry in the horror/sci-fi/drama genre. +Great performances+Horrific scares+Refreshing take on apocalyptic zombie flicks+Unpredictable9.0/10


This movie had it all for me. Story, action, violence, tension, suspense. I was entertained from start to finish which is something very few movies due for me now a days. The first movie (28 days later) had an amazing story, and while this one lacks the story a little more than that of the first, everything is made up by just the overall action packed entertainment in this film and all the characters did a great job with their given rolls in the movie. **This movie is violent!! The eye-gouge scene in particular is hard scene to watch so I'd recommend this movie to only hardcore horror fans who are used to that kind of stuff.**I would recommend this movie to any horror fan looking for a suspenseful thrill ride. I can only hope there is a "28 months later"


One of the better horror movies I've seen in quite a while. I really liked this, I think I might have even enjoyed it more than the first movie. Haunting and genuinely scary with an excellent story that gets marks for originality, has a superb soundtrack and a wow opening sequence -intense & scary- that really sets the pace for the remainder of the movie.This sequel picks up 28 weeks after the "rage virus" has decimated the city of London, leaving it a ghost town. The virus has been eradicated, the infected have starved and an American led NATO force has moved in to restore order and supervise the repopulation of the quarantined city. For the most part we follow the Harris family, led by Robert Carlyle who is newly reunited with his children when a carrier of the virus enters the safe zone, the military loses control and all hell breaks loose again.It has a gritty look to it with loads of weird camera angles; overhead, close up, shaky and grainy and of course all the shots of the deserted London streets, eerie. Its gory and graphic, about what I'd expect from a zombie movie unlike WWZ which I watched the other night this is a genuine horror flick not an action-thriller/disease movie.The cast surprised me here too with turn ins from Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne and a small role from Idris Elba. I do like me some Robert Carlyle and he does a fantastic job. I even enjoyed his kids and kids story lines often annoy me. 3/14/16