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The Dictator

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The Dictator (2012)

May. 15,2012
| Comedy
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The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.


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Why people are always so mean when score comedy? Do they know how hard it is to think out of an idea and express it to make its audience laugh? This movie is by all means hilarious and Sacha is definitely a genius. I have already watched more than four times and don't mind to watch again and again.


I'm a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen and 'Borat' remains today one of my favourite comedy movies of all time. No matter how many movies he makes, I doubt any of them will come close to 'Borat'. I was a fan of 'Bruno' too, so I couldn't wait to see what 'The Dictator' had to offer. I did enjoy it, but I do think that Cohen's other movies are better.'The Dictator' is refreshingly politically incorrect at a time when film-makers go out of their way to avoid causing offense. I thought the character 'Zoey', an obnoxious left-wing feminist, was a particularly funny and accurate representation of many people in society today. I loved that side of the movie. However, I did feel that there were chunks of the movie that didn't provide any laughs whatsoever, which was disappointing for a Cohen film.'The Dictator' is an entertaining and funny film, but I must admit that it didn't meet my high expectations. Probably Cohen's worst film, but still worth a watch.

Jack Stephens

Sacha Baron Cohen has outdone himself on this one. This hilarious movie is about a dictator of whom the entire world hates. So the United Nations make him come to the US to sign a declaration for whether Wadiya will become a democracy(which of course he doesn't want). With plenty of laughs this movie will keep you laughing all the way through, of course if your comfortable with Sacha's comedy style. If you are familiar with one of his movies you can skip the next part because all his movies pretty much have the same style of comedy to them.WARNING! This movie does have a few racial remarks, mentions of Osama Bin Laden, mentions of children committing suicide(meant in a comedic way), they behead a man in order to get his beard(he is already dead and they don't show them cutting of his head), there are a few racial remarks towards a few people at a shop he works at, and a few more jokes that may offend the light-hearted.I give it an 9/10 but this is only because I found it really funny, definitely not for children below 14 (maybe 13 if they are mature enough) Definitely Sacha Baron Cohen's best movie and hope to see some more from him in the future.

Ole Sandbaek Joergensen

Sacha Baron Cohen is a strange guy, a bit too much in many ways, but he also got a sense of humor that is different from many other "comedians", it is very crude and to the point, so much so that it just becomes corny for me.I liked this film more then I had expected I would, I thought it was more in the lines of Borat then an actual film. It definitely have its moments and there is a lot to laugh about, both in big silly somebody got hurt kind of way, but also in the more subtle references and behaviors of the characters, the latter works best for me in this film.I am not a fan, it had its moments, but not really my kind of comedy. It does work well as a plot and setup and the film is nicely put together, but all in all I was expecting more and hoping that this would be more to my liking, but it was not.