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Thir13en Ghosts

Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

October. 26,2001
| Horror Thriller

Arthur and his two children, Kathy and Bobby, inherit his Uncle Cyrus's estate: a glass house that serves as a prison to 12 ghosts. When the family, accompanied by Bobby's Nanny and an attorney, enter the house they find themselves trapped inside an evil machine "designed by the devil and powered by the dead" to open the Eye of Hell. Aided by Dennis, a ghost hunter, and his rival Kalina, a ghost rights activist out to set the ghosts free, the group must do what they can to get out of the house alive.


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the audience applauded


best movie i've ever seen.

Abbigail Bush

what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.

Rosie Searle

It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.

Nicolas F. Costoglou

This is the rare instant of a movie, where i have actually no idea what they were trying to do...This is the directorial debut of Steve Beck known for his incredible effect work on great movies like "Indiana Jones the last Crusade", "The Abyss", and "Hunt for Red October". And it shows, because the production-design, the special- and make- up-effects (by the legends Howard Berger, Gregory Nicotero and Robert Kurzman) all look very good. BUT this is also the reason that this movie never feels like a horror movie, because there is no atmosphere, because of the lighting in particular, which is very bright, so you can see all the work put on screen. I understand why they did that, but that's one of the reasons this movie never feels scary, it looks actually more like a Disney family movie with out-of-nowhere gore and violence...The actors all do their job fairly well, but the emotional center (and strongest point) of this film is Tony Shalhoub. His performance is the main reason the key-scenes of this film actually work.However, the real main protagonist of the movie is definitely the haunted house. It's a kinda steam-punk-puzzle-clockwork and the main setting for everything that happens. It's not particularly scary to be in that kind of environment, and especially things like (Hellraiser-) ghosts feel very much out of place, but like i said, the make-up is very well done, it just feels wasted.The soundtrack is also very bland and i can't remember one single note to be honest...So...this isn't a horror-, sci-fi-, comedy-, family-, or mystery movie...well at least it doesn't feel like on of these genres.But everything's solid, nothings really bad, just unfocused and confused, like a child in a history lesson.The only reason it works, is because of the chemistry between our protagonist and his family. The movie actually introduces them in the most effective scene in the whole film, while showing the opening credits, this little 360- shot tells us everything we need to know perfectly and emotional powerful. If you don't feel like watching this, the intro and opening credits are two scenes you should watch nevertheless.A confused and unfocused film, with some solid entertaining value and a strong emotional core...


A widower (Tony Shalhoub) with two kids learns he's inherited his dead uncle's house. It's not just any house, though, as the family finds out when they move in. The house is basically a glass prison for ghosts the uncle had captured. There's also some stuff about a machine but I'll let you watch to figure that out. Anyway, the family and some other folks become trapped inside the house with the ghosts. Oh heavens whatever will they do...Effects-driven remake of the William Castle classic isn't as much fun as the original but tries in its way. There's certainly a lot of scenery chewing going on. Unfortunately, there's too much emphasis on CGI and gore and not enough attention paid to actually making a scary movie. Director Steve Beck used to work for ILM, so I suppose it should come as no surprise he only cared about the special effects. The sets are nice, though, I'll give it that. The acting ranges from fine (Tony Shalhoub) to inept (Alec Roberts) to absolutely terrible (Matthew Lillard, one of the worst actors of all time). Also prepare yourself for Rah Digga's embarrassing turn as the stereotypical sassy black nanny. If it weren't for the profanity and people being bisected alive, I would've wondered what decade this was made in. Worth a look if you're into these types of things but, if you're hoping for a suspenseful and scary movie, look elsewhere.


A really solid attempt for a horror movie. It's something different that has aged really well. I found myself questioning what would happen next even though I had seen it when it first came out. Also the claustrophobic trapped factor is something that heightens the fear factor. Some horror movies are pathetic in the fact that all the victims need to do is walk out the front door but no that would be too easy.It's awesome seeing a cast that have developed so much over time and have just gotten better with age. Also the ghosts feel like characters themselves and it would be great to find out more about them. They seem so unique and I would love to know what drives them and their motives behind what they do. That may have made the movie comical and lacking fear though, kind of like Eddie Murphy's The Haunted Mansion. Oh and the Cyrus character is just plain old batsh!t crazy and kind of a jerk.But as far as horror movies go I really enjoyed it and found it to be full of suspense and fear.


Cyrus Kriticos (F. Murray Abraham) is a rich collector who has trapped an unfantomable evil. Only he lost his life doing it. His nephew Arthur (Tony Shalhoub) inherits his creation, a glass house that has imprisoned 12 ghosts. It's more than a house. It's a machine power by the dead to open the Eye of Hell.Arthur with his kids Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) and Bobby, the babysitter and the attorney (JR Bourne) get trapped in the house. Dennis (Matthew Lillard) and Kalina (Embeth Davidtz) also sneak in, but they know what the house is truly for.I love the art and design of the house. It is beautiful and absolutely creepy in a new unique way. It's like you're trapped in a Rubik's cube. It makes every step you take a creepy dangerous one.The story itself is a pretty standard haunted house with a lot of bells and whistles. It has a short section to set it up but that wasn't really necessary. I really love the house.