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Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body (2009)

September. 18,2009
| Horror Comedy

Jennifer, a gorgeous, seductive cheerleader who takes evil to a whole new level after she's possessed by a sinister demon. Now it's up to her best friend to stop Jennifer's reign of terror before it's too late.


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Very disappointing...


Excellent, Without a doubt!!


After playing with our expectations, this turns out to be a very different sort of film.

Billy Ollie

Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable


As a follow-up to her breakout hit "Juno", the 2009 horror-comedy "Jennifer's Body" seemed like a logical and yet bold move for writer Diablo Cody. Something very different that would allow her to stretch her creative chops and show that she could work in other genres, while still maintaining her quirky style and clever dialogue. And indeed, it seems that from a writing perspective, Cody did a pretty good job. Though the film was much-maligned by both critics and audiences, it's clearly not the fault of the script. Scenes flow well, characters are instantly established and the dialogue is snappy and memorable.No, the big problem here is uneven and oft-unimaginative direction and a lack of tonal focus. It takes what could have easily been a fun, wild satire along the lines of "Ginger Snaps" or "The Cabin in the Woods", and leaves it feeling dull and bland all too often, with only the occasional fleeting glimpse of brilliance.Amanda Seyfried stars as "Needy", a classic bookish High School girl whose best friend Jennifer (Megan Fox) is the shining example of a typical shallow preppy chick. She cares about boys and fashion more than her own basic well-being or future, and her penchant for rash decisions leads her into trouble more often than not. When the two manage to escape a mysterious fire one night at a night-club, Jennifer vanishes with the lead-singer of a lousy rock-band, only to re-emerge a different person. She's been changed, now meaner and wilder than ever before... and with a thirst for young blood! Needy quickly realizes that her friend has been possessed by a demonic force courtesy a satanic ritual, and must figure out a way to stop her before she kills off the entire school!To start, I actually really enjoyed the cast. While Fox has been the subject of scrutiny as of late due to her mainly being cast for her looks moreso than her abilities, I think she's quite good as the titular "villain" that is the demonically-possessed Jennifer. It's a character that plays to her seductive strengths, and she nails it. Seyfried is also quite charming and fun as our heroine Needy, with a pathos and vulnerability that I enjoyed. And J.K. Simmons, Johnny Simmons and Adam Brody round out the supporting cast in very good performances. Especially J.K. Simmons, who shines as a troubled teacher despite a somewhat limited amount of screentime.And, as I mentioned above, the writing is fairly well-accomplished. Cody is a genuine talent, and her skills are on full display here for the open minded to see. Her sense of pacing is smooth and fluid. Her ear for dialogue is fantastic. And she has a lot of playful fun with conventions and tropes, both using and subverting them when she sees fit. It really is a great concept, and from a technical writing standpoint, Cody does well with the material.Unfortunately, the direction of Karyn Kusama is what essentially tanks the entire project, despite the fun writing and gung-ho cast. While Kusama has subsequently made some really high quality films in the years since, this was unfortunately relatively early in her career- a period of time where her work was extremely hit-or-miss. Either really good... or really, really bad. And this was one of the misses. Kusama frankly seems lost behind the camera, unsure of how to juggle the comedy and the creepiness and how to deliver the tone that Cody's script is going for. So she just sort-of... lets it play out in the blandest of ways. The lighting is flat. The camerawork is standard. Composition is basic. It's not bold or imaginative or really even all that interesting to watch. And it just brings down the energy constantly because neither the jokes nor the scares land with much impact, outside of one or two somewhat inspired moments. And it has the unfortunate effect of making the two tones feel near non-existent. There's no real focus on tone, style or... frankly much of anything. The direction just makes the whole film fall flat on its face.Thankfully, I don't think the film is a total loss. As I said, it's exceptionally well-written and the cast does a great job with the material. But it had so much more potential. And it's genuinely sad to see that potential go unfulfilled due to lackluster direction. So, I'm giving "Jennifer's Body" a very middle-of-the-road 5 out of 10. In more capable hands, this easily could have been an 8. Maybe even a 9. But as it stands- it's just mediocre.


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Davis P

Jennifer's Body sure is a different kind of film. Megan fox did really well with her starring role of Jennifer. I also really liked Amanda Seyfried here in her co-starring role. I feel like the rest of the cast did a pretty good job, and I especially liked the actor that played Chip, Amanda's boyfriend, I just really thought that that was a good casting decision and I really liked how they developed his character. Amanda and her boyfriend chips chemistry and relationship was very well-developed in the movie. I also thought the acting was really good, and the writing wasn't too bad, it's pretty average for a teenage flick. Some of the killings and the bloody violence was just a bit too gory for my taste and I thought went too far. There is one particular scene in which the killing and the aftermath is just so graphically portray that it's hard to keep looking at the screen. Also, during the Satanic ritual in which the band sacrifices Jennifer, I thought that the way they went about it was kinda strange, I thought that scene was both layed out poorly and written poorly. You certainly do get a lot of things that you don't usually see a lot of in a movie with Jennifer's Body. That list includes a Satanic ritual and sacrifice, spontaneous totally out of the blue lesbianism (that seemed forced and didn't make a lot of sense to me), and such heavy material geared towards the high school age group. Overall, Jennifers body is a pretty average teenage flick with good acting but far too graphic bloody violence.


The die-hard horror crowd has probably rejected it as too cute, not obscure enough, not clearly aimed at the horror clique who would love something that excludes everyone else. This invites them in, highschool girls in particular, by way of heightened teenage soap that is only at a subsequent stage sublimated with horror. Me, I would have liked to see the crazier version of this that goes for the jugular sooner and relishes it, or the more deeply centered. With a few tweaks it could have been akin to Carrie and Ginger Snaps. So, transfer the narrative center from uncertain teenage love to uncertain being, tailor the main attraction around the catty catfight between popular school bitch and her unassuming friend who snaps. We could have much the same thing then only with more snap.