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Step Up 3D

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Step Up 3D (2010)

August. 04,2010
| Drama Romance
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A tight-knit group of New York City street dancers, including Luke and Natalie, team up with NYU freshman Moose, and find themselves pitted against the world's best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.


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"Step Up 3" is about a young man who has to keep his dance team alive by winning the World Jam, as he needs the prize money to pay the mortgage payments.Even though there are so many dance films around, "Step Up 3" still manages to be different and deliver that wow factor. In some dance films, the dance scenes are so contrived that they exist just for existing. However, in "Step Up 3" they are pieced together very well, and the dances flow with the story. The story is engaging, despite a little formulaic. The positivity and vibrancy is infectious, and it is quite satisfying to watch people working hard to fulfilling their dreams. The dance moves amaze me as usual, and this time the extra lighting effects on the costumes to provide the extra wow factor. I enjoyed watching "Step Up 3", and I hope there will be more "Step Up" films to come.


I liked the 1st movie. I loved the 2nd movie. I will not be purchasing the 3rd movie. I didn't see anything special or ground breaking that I didn't see in the 1st two "step ups" or even "you got served". I just rented it on DVD - (No 3D) And I saw nothing new. The water scene seems like it came from Step up 2. The finale with the lights seemed to look similar to the the street scene with the flash lights from Step up 2. The dude with the camera couldn't dance. And sister of the bad dude had no street dancing skills. I liked the twins, Moose and his best friend,the robot guy and even bringing back some of the dancers from step up 2. My over all review. Step Up 2 was much better....


Well first of all, this movie is NOTHING like the first one or like the second, its more like its own movie. Only one thing that this movie has in common with the others is that it has good music. It doesn't go anywhere near the school and its not as real as the others. It has a story, and the big battle and the 2 characters who like each other (havent you've herd this before.) The movie is very predictable, I mean everybody knows they're gonna win. This is a really fun movie with Hella awesome dance moves, nothing like you've seen in the first one. But this movie has its cheesy moments, like its very " LETS BATTLE IT ON THE DANCEFLOOR" type, the first one was more dark and realistic. The acting was average but the best would have to be Adam G. Sevani's character Moose. Another thing I liked was that that some of the dancers from the second were in it. I only wish Brianna Evigan could have had a cameo or a least someone from the first. I think the movie was a good fun movie and what the movie is really about is the dancing, its a lot of fun, it had its dramatic moments but you can't take em seriously. I grade this movie a 6/10. :)


Even though many of us are not such good dancers, we are fanatics of dancing which proved the success of the first 2 installment of the 'Step up'. Creating a global phenomenon similarly to the street race mania created by the Fast and the Furious, 'Step up 3' has its own game.'Step up 3' speaks of youth, music and beat. And the desire to overcome hardships and achieve the best. It's not much of a plot to begin with as no one really cares about a great story. It's all about dancing. Sheer outstanding dance routines and soundtrack the movie is sure to make you wanna dance like that. But I'd say DON'T TRY THAT AT HOME.New cast including Rick Marambri (I'm sure the girl will remember that name for ages) and big rounds of good high tech mix 'Step up 3' is a well entertainer for many. Unless you can't stand the up beats and the digital noise which they call music these days! But I miss Channin Tatum. Seriously!