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Batman: Bad Blood

Batman: Bad Blood (2016)

March. 22,2016
| Animation Action Science Fiction

Bruce Wayne is missing. Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead and a new player, Batwoman, investigates Batman's disappearance.


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i must have seen a different film!!


The performances transcend the film's tropes, grounding it in characters that feel more complete than this subgenre often produces.


In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.

Adeel Hail

Unshakable, witty and deeply felt, the film will be paying emotional dividends for a long, long time.


I do realize that every one has their own point of view, but I have a very hard time understanding anyone that could think this is any good. Up to this point I've at least found the Son of Batman series to be mildly entertaining in a Saturday morning cartoon kind of way. But, Bad Blood goes off the deep end in to absolute absurdity. The whole plot with the antagonist is way out of character & does a great disservice to a long standing fan favourite.The new additions to the bat family are scraping the bottom of a chum infested barrel. First off we get a one dimensional "Batwoman" with a back story so boring; that the writers decided to make her a lesbian for shock value, perhaps to wake viewers up; yawn. Now if only she was the lamest addition, but no that prize goes to the Ironman ripoff "Batwing". You can literally take the suit off him; put him in Cyborgs suit & bam same character.Why waste time with these poorly thought out pieces of crap is beyond me when you have gems like the Huntress left unused. If you have the mental capacity of an average 6 year old or more I highly suggest forgetting this abomination even exists. because it makes what they did with "The Killing Joke" look great by comparison.


Batman Bad Blood is the ending chapter of the "trilogy" about the new Batman team after the start of the New 52. This video film takes elements from the Battle of the Cowl story-line. In general the story is like this: Bruce is out and the rest of the Bat family has to deal with out his guidance and we see how much of an impact his actions had.We also get introduced to two lesser known Bats ,Batwoman (not this from 2003 Mystery Woman) and Batwing (not the jet ;)) and I think they were good, considering what happen later with BvS and The Killing Joke. Yea let's leave that behind for the best. As for the plot is OK, not great. If you have seen enough action thrillers you will definitely recognize it and be bother by that. Never the less it works for the flick so I will give it a pass.As for the voice casting and animation, we get a decent job and as I have wrote about it in Son of Batman, they have some big shoes to fill and the whole team does its best every time.And now for the future Batman film:I don't want to watch Bruce any longer. It isn't that I don't like Batman, far from it, but this film was a proof that the rest of the Bat-Family can carry a film with out Batman and they have to get their own time in the spotlight ,for example I want a solo Nightwing movie and or see the famous black sheep of them Red Hood either in a stand alone project or in contrast with Nightwing. For least be honest comic comrades the Dark Knight has get more than enough screen time in both films, TV series, video movies and video-games. It has been almost twenty years since the last appearance of member of the Bat-Family and the was in the infamous Batman and Robin! Since 2005 when Batman returned to the big screen we had ourselves full with him, but close to nothing from the rest of the Bats.If anything is to be said about this recent animated trilogy is that is time to see what the rest of the members of the House of Bats has to offer. As for the Bruce himself put him in supporting roles or small cameos, that's more than enough nowadays!And this project of mine has ended.. WOW. I had my full of the Caped Crusader for good for the rest of the year. My hope is that Warner Brother CEO read this or other reports or watch video on Youtube about the Knight of Gotham and DO IT, just do it!


Branding is an important element in consumer entertainment and life generally for that matter. If you are selling something under the auspice of Batman (many peoples favourite comic character by quite a long way), then you pull the rug on us in a classic bait and switch manoeuvre, what you in fact do is spoil the brand. Regrettably i fear that whoever is capable of sanctioning the production of this movie, watched it, then impudently condoned the release of such an abomination on the world, can not possibly care about brand batman. They would not remotely comprehend the hurt and heart ache that they've caused millions upon millions of devoted, die hard, all weather, perennial fanatics (in the true sense of the word). If you are one such individual (and you know who you are) I sincerely implore you not to waste your time are betray your heart by watching this poor excuse of social engineering. (I have never written a movie review in my entire life and the fact that I felt irresistibly and overwhelmingly compelled to pen this one out should serve as evidence of my candour with respect)Terrible show


Story- Really nice with some clever twists which you won't be expecting. Dialogue- Good sense of humor. Intelligent puns. Characters- Awesome. I loved it. However, the voice over is not that good. Everyone has same kind of voice. Music- Nothing new or catchy. Like every other Batman animated movies. Editing- Perfect. Well-edited. Overall- This movie is fun to watch. There would many plot twists which you will like. The animation quality is good. You won't get bored during the movie. I give this 10 because it deserves it. . This is a movie you will watch again and again. Go DC Comics. You rule ! Waiting for the next animated movie. Hope it will be as good as this.