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Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

October. 17,2011
| Horror Thriller

A group of friends take refuge in a deserted sanatorium after they are left stranded in a snowstorm. Later, the place becomes a death trap when man-eating cannibals surround them.


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Sick Product of a Sick System


Excellent adaptation.


To all those who have watched it: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.


A film with more than the usual spoiler issues. Talking about it in any detail feels akin to handing you a gift-wrapped present and saying, "I hope you like it -- It's a thriller about a diabolical secret experiment."


Undermined from the very beginning by gratuitous sex scenes including straight sex, lesbian sex, and inter racial sex. I'm surprised there wasn't 2 gay guys as well just to be absolutely politically correct.. Purely used as titillation with nothing to do with the story and therefore left with an impression there would be no integrity to this film albeit a fourth instalment.All the characters are unbelievably obnoxious except one guy, and you can't wait for them to get killed off.The great thing about the other wrong turn's is that they were gruesome and gory, but always had a sense of humour regarding the gore and splatter. This chucks in the gore aspect but we have a rather nasty prolonged torture scene which crosses the line from fun gore and splatter to what was termed as torture porn. The inventive deaths, usually over quickly were watchable. This particular scene is just pretty nasty and unpleasant.The actors despite the negative reviews have a pretty impossible job. To be constantly in a state on set of being petrified I imagine is not easy, and it doesn't help when all the dialogue is contrived and wouldn't be said in these circumstances. They would all be mad from fear, incomprehensible wrecks just doing what they can to survive. Here, they are all too logical, coherent, and behaving remarkably well seeing as most of their party have been butchered, eaten and tortured right in front of their eyes. Even after they unknowingly stab to death one of their own, there's just a mid level panic. It's not their fault. It's bad screen writing and bad direction.As for the ending, nothing is clear. What happened to the cannibals? Who was the guy in the end in the truck? They didn't see brown wooden posts with barbed wire on an all white landscape? stupid ending going for laughs and shocks with no coherence.


First, I will talk non-spoilers, then I will go into the spoilers.The premise of this movie takes us an insane asylum where doctors and psychiatrist study the phenomenon that are these inbred monsters from the previous films. Think of it like Arkham Asylum from the Batman mythology. A group of attractive college students go on a snowmobile excursion and are forced to bed down at this "abandoned" hospital/Asylum for the night after they get snowed in. This means they are likely in the north US or somewhere in Canada. As you can expect, terror is around the corner and some of them may not make it out alive.As you can probably foresee, the group has to make various life/death decisions in order to survive. What is particularly infuriating is the inconsistency in which they make these decisions. Any movie goer who witnesses this will yell at the screen because it will tick many people off.***SPOILER ALERT***At one point in the movie, the group witnesses one of their friends go missing, only to find his head wrapped in a shirt. Then, they see the killers brutally murder one of their friends right before their eyes. At this point, they must find temporary shelter, gain their composure and figure out their next move to be secure their survival. One decision they decide democratically, which involves them planning to outsmart the killers, which works out and leads to them trapping all three killers in one of the basement cells. At that point, all but one decided to kill the freaks while they have them dead-to-rights. But of course, one of the girls in the group finds some moral compass and thinks they should leave the freaks, who just brutally murdered at least three of their friends, alive. The group reluctantly submits to the girl who with compassion. This made no sense, since they used a vote to make their previous decision. Had they voted here, they likely would have survived. This decision was costly.

Michael O'Keefe

The sadistic franchise continues as the wrong day is chosen to go on a snowboarding excursion during winter break. Realizing they made a wrong turn as a snowstorm begins, the right decision is seek shelter before the storm gets worse. Smack dab in a blinding snowfall a building is found and what was presumably abandoned turns out to be a huge, old closed down sanatorium...home for former patients and cannibalistic fiends.Straight forward typical nonsensical stupid horny teenage banter and bickering. Some real good gore, torture and hints on how to get killed by cannibal hillbillies. If you are a slasher flick fan...enjoy. No rules apply. Pretty solid and creepy! The cast includes: Terra Vinesa, Dean Armstrong, Tenika Davis, Sean Skene, Bryan Verot, Dan Skene and Jennifer Pudawick.


WRONG TURN 4: BLOODY BEGINNINGS is the latest sequel in a franchise that nobody asked for. As the title would suggest, this is a prequel of sorts, although it's not really. The first five minutes is set in the 1970s but then the rest of the film skips to the early 2000s so the prequel aspect becomes a bit pointless. The only change here is that the setting is a derelict hospital rather than the woods.In any case, this is the worst WRONG TURN yet. Everything about the film is horrible: the bad acting from the inexperienced cast members, the rubbish dialogue that spouts from their lips, and the ridiculously stupid decisions that these characters make. This time around they have three mutant brothers to contend with, but the film fails to be the least bit menacing.Instead the producers up the gore quotient, along with some explicit sex scenes that make this resemble a porno at times. Unfortunately WRONG TURN 4 veers into the torture porn category with one extended set-piece involving a victim being strapped down while parts of his body are eaten, and this is unpleasant indeed. It makes the other extreme death scenes feel like a relief. As a whole, this is a real comedown from WRONG TURN 3, which was at least fun and action-packed and nowhere near as mean spirited.