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Monster (2003)

December. 24,2003
| Drama Crime

An emotionally scarred highway drifter shoots a sadistic trick who rapes her, and ultimately becomes the United States' first female serial killer.


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The Worst Film Ever


I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.


Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.


A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.


This movie affected me on so many levels. It was so brilliantly done. The performances were intense and so believable I found myself crying in parts. What is a sign of brilliant acting is the fact that Charlize Theron succeeded in making us sympathize with her character despite the fact her character was a cold blooded killer. In fact in the attempted rape scene where she retaliates and murders the man I was silently cheering. To say Charlize Theron deserved that Academy Award is an understatement her performance is so flawlessly brilliant that she's barely recognizable as the blonde beauty she is in real life. This movie is frighteningly brutal in it's honesty. I cannot recommend it enough!


Short and Simple Review by WubsTheFadger Glamour girl Charlize Theron's breathtaking, heartbreaking transformation into the completely opposite image of Wuornos makes this film an astonishing achievement. The movie does not explain or dive into the mind of Wuornos which is a missed opportunity. The story also focuses to much on the lesbian love story side than on the killings.What makes the movie a little bit better is Theron's performance, open, vulnerable, tragic, moving, and most of all, honest. Aileen's behavior is contradictory, volatile, and disturbed. She loses control and lashes out irrationally. Theron's portrait of Aileen is sympathetic without pretending that she is more of a victim than the men she killed. The pacing is very slow and the runtime is overlong.SPOILER ON NEXT LINEI really wished we could have heard the testimonial given by Selby. Also I wish we could have seen the execution and Wuornos' last words.SPOILER OVERPro: Interesting story, Theron's performance, and some good killingsCons: Missed opportunities when it comes to the story (see spoiler line), slow pacing, an overlong runtime, and not enough depth into the mind of WuornosOverall Rating: 6.2


I was not even ten when this movie came out. But seeing promotional material was quite disturbing and I had a hunch that if I were to see that I wouldn't be able to handle it. My parents didn't even allow me either. Fast-forward years later to a time where I am an adult and nothing phases me, I decided to watch Monster because I never forgot the acclaim it received. I shouldn't say that nothing phases me, sometimes movies do depress me, but Monster is one of the few films that really packs a punch. Charlize Theron is the best in this, but I was also surprised at how much more the movie had to offer other than her embodiment.The only flaws I would like to point out are the lack of facts given to the backstory of infamous serial killer and protagonist of the film, Aileen Wuornos. Not much is said about her early criminal activity and violent behaviour prior to the movie's timeline, including a failed marriage that she had when she was 20. The movie treats Aileen as if the murder of her first john was when her reign of terror began. Well, that's Hollywood for you! Luckily the changes made aren't that bad and don't effect the overall experience much. Aileen Wuoronos was a woman from an abusive family who had a long criminal record, a very early pregnancy and severe abuse and mistreatment from everyone around her. She never experienced any love, and that takes a toll on her mental health and perception of the world around her. Charlize Theron transforms herself into Aileen in ways that must seem painful and plays her to a t. Her wide-eyes, trembling, and deep stares, and overwhelming emotion really make this such a hard character to play. But Theron does it and does it right. Wuornos moves to a town in Florida where she stumbles into a gay bar and meets unhappy lesbian, Selby. Christina Ricci always captivates the audience with her performances, with her role as Selby being added to the list. Although not as good as Theron, Ricci is still great. Apparently, Selby was not the real person involved with Aileen because of permission purposes. I don't think much difference would have been made if they used the real girl involved with Aileen.Aileen and Selby are the only good people that each other has known for quite some time. Selby is living with family friends who are not supportive of her sexuality. And I already stressed Aileen's loss of hope. Although Aileen is not a lesbian, it is the emotional comfort that she finds in Selby that leads to anything sexual. The first john that Aileen kills is the most disturbing part of the film. She is beaten, raped, and is about to be raped hard to certain death before she is able to make an escape and kill him in self- defence. She then quits prostitution and hunts for real jobs to support her and Selby. Her lack of qualifications, criminal record, and unprofessionalism cause her to fail the interviews and she returns to prostitution. She goes on to kill more johns and steal their money, some of the johns of whom aren't even violent. But she is reminded of before and is determined to provide. Complications with the johns arise and loyalty with Selby becomes tested, which leads Aileen's to life in behind bars before being executed in 2002.I have seen Youtube videos of the real Aileen and it is more than evident that she was mentally ill. Instead of jail, she should have been in an insane asylum. She is scary in some videos, but it's not her fault. She is the perfect example of somebody suffering from the Battered Woman Syndrome. And, I can't express enough just how amazing and convincing Charlize Theron is. But aside from her, everybody is mighty fine. And the writing was great too. It wasn't a picture full of just crying and yelling and rape. There's actual layers, and juice...themes. Some of these are primary components that lots of these depressing factual films lack. Monster is an amazing and compelling movie about acceptance and love. It may be a sad watch, but it is definitely worth it.

Python Hyena

Monster (2003): Dir: Patty Jenkins / Cast: Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern, Annie Corley, Pruitt Taylor Vince: Shocking true story about society's damage. Charlize Theron plays Aileen Wuornos who was sentenced to death in 2002 for the murder of seven males. Her background indicates that her damaged self esteem turned her to prostitution until she met a lesbian played by Christina Ricci. Theron shoots her first taker with his own gun after being raped. Compelling but often repetitious with an ending that should render thought. Insightful directing by Patty Jenkins who drives the social commentary home. Theron delivers a knockout performance as a woman driven to madness. She encounters a variety of males including a cop, but her story isn't a happy one. Ricci is superb as the wandering lesbian who is staying with relatives. Her parents resent her choice of sexuality, and her hookup with Aileen can only lead to trouble. Supporting roles are unfortunately not as broad. Bruce Dern appears but more of him would have been better. Also appearing is Annie Corley. Great makeup job on Theron to complete the transformation. Pruitt Taylor Vince plays a nervous and shy stuttering dote whom Theron gives a hand job to. Depressing film that will not appeal to everyone but it does present stern lessons about that monster called society. Score: 7 / 10