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Before the Flood

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Before the Flood (2016)

October. 21,2016
| Documentary
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A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet.


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BEFORE THE FLOOD is an engaging documentary that reminded me of the same quality as a Werner Herzog film. It stars the constantly improving Leonardo DiCaprio as the host, exploring the topic of climate change and visiting various places in the world on the front line: the palm oil plantations of Indonesia, the melting ice shelves of Greenland, the horrendous tar pits of Canada. The topic is explored in a clear and concise way, without preaching, just focusing on facts and methodologies that could be utilised to prevent the kind of mass damage than mankind is doing to our planet. An all-star cast of interviewees helps to make this a thoroughly watchable documentary, perhaps one of the most important of our time.


The film discusses the urgency to take action against climate change because the effects of it will be devastating. Every person is responsible for their carbon footprint and can reduce it for example by eating less beef. I liked the documentation because it opened my eyes and taught me about climate change. However, I would have liked for DiCaprio to discuss the aspect of nuclear power.


A very good documentary that shows the reality that our world is living, that global warming is something real and also show why human are responsible of that, and that we are the ones that can make the change and help our world


The movie is about the problem of climate change. It's a documentary that interviews many different kinds of people that tell their points of view about climate change: the sea level is rising and if the climate changes it's a product of man.Dr. Piers sellers from NASA impressed me because he told the truth about what is going on with climate change. He proves whit a NASA simulator what is going to happen if we don't take care of the issue. He also mentioned that scientists and the media didn't tell the truth and details to the public about what is going on with the earth. Something that made an impression on me is that he always maintains positive that we can solve and overcome this huge problem. And also we can make change for the future. Also he said something different than others that when the north pole melts and the water rises, Europe is going to get colder.The movie is about how climate change is happening because of all the powerful companies and people who are in favor of making profits with the extraction of fossil fuels.I like the movie a lot because this film opened my eyes. I saw the truth and what is going on outside. Also the movie gets me very worried about the future . The movie has many facts that made it very interesting and entertaining for the public. I also liked that Leo traveled around the world and showed many places that are notorious for climate change. The movie shows the speech of Leo at the United Nations that was very inspiring. I rate the movie on a 8 of 10.