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Frozen (2010)

February. 05,2010
| Thriller

When three skiers find themselves stranded on a chair lift at a New England ski resort that has closed for the next week, they are forced to make life or death choices that prove to be more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.


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In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.


The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful

Portia Hilton

Blistering performances.


Don't bother watching this. I wouldn't class this as a horror. Snoozefest maybe. There are so many idiotic decisions made that are just so unrealistic. And the things that happen (besides the girl sobbing like 90% of the movie) are not believable. Have a read of the other comments with spoilers to see lists of all the unrealistic and unbelievable things. And then some are just outright harmful LIES - like the wolves. Wolves DO NOT act in the way they are portrayed. Who paid for this movie? The sub-humans at the wolf hunting and killing associations? Lies to mislead viewers into thinking wolves are like they are portrayed in the movie to keep up the big bad wolf narrative so people will continue to be afraid of them and continue to be fine about a beautiful intelligent endangered species continuing to be slaughtered to extinction. The people that made this movie should be ashamed, not just because its a slow and stupid movie but because of the immorality. Whoever owns these wolves should also be ashamed for letting them be shown thus way and exploited. There's also needless gore and there is suspense at times, and missed opportunities to make the movie better.


Although the premise is unique and interesting, the movie is anything but. The first 20 minutes are completely uninteresting and boring, not a decent opener for a survival horror. The acting was good, but that's where the good things end. The characters are unlikable and when the horror starts, you can't feel bad for them because they have made so many dumb decisions. Of course no one had a mobile phone, of course one of the characters had to make a completely unrealistic and stupid jump, when all he had to was climb up on to the ski wires and make his way to the chair furthest below. The female characters got frostbite but it never occurred to her that she should zip her jacket up the whole way or put her other hand in her pocket or jumper. The wolves were a complete unnecessary addition and the whole film goes from being a survival thriller on a chairlift at a ski resort to an animal horror movie.


The actors, crew, special effects people, the writers, animal trainers, all, I think, made a good-faith effort. That being said, the movie is lacking in terms of verisimilitude. I wonder how familiar all were with skiing and cold weather. I had a similar experience. Stupidly, for the last run of the the day I went off-piste (trail). I skied in powder up to my waist, fast, dodging boulders and trees. All of a sudden I did a face-plant and was buried. My left hand broke when my pole strap slapped it back. I was lucky. The highest lift was still running, and, thank God, it was visible through the trees. So I waved my pole, and despite heavy snow, I was rescued. If not, I am certain I would have been dead by morning. I put a spoiler alert as one might infer these kids survived. But all I'm saying is, the movie is not realistic re cold. One character stupidly throws her mitten off. One of the guys has a jacket with a hood and he doesn't use it. And they're trapped on a ski lift with no help expected for five days! The girl who threw the mitten got frostbite of course, but she still gets a good bit of use out of her hand. My wife says to mention that their breath isn't freezing. There's another antagonist in the film, but, as far as I'm concerned, the cold would have been enough if they'd played it right. I have just read other reviews and was astounded at the number of positive reviews. Those writers must never gone skiing, but also are not familiar w/cold. The film is SO unrealistic. Not only does the girl throw off one of her mittens, but she sleeps with her exposed hand on the safety rail--I got the latter from other reviews, but I did mention the stupidity of her throwing her mitten away for no reason. It just bothered me that she almost never put her exposed hand in her pocket! Other reviewers have found other really stupid elements. I originally rated this a five 'cause I'm nice guy. But I've gone down to three. If I weren't nice, I'd give it a one. Any avid skier would find this movie totally unrealistic. Again, I'm AMAZED at the number of good reviews. What were they thinking? If this thing can draw positive reviews, hell, I'm going to make movies!


first i thought it was based on true story. after few skipping of the boring scenes i realized it was more of a final destination type of flick even those were more plausible. it could have been a good 'survival' thriller if those details were worked out so that the audience with a bit of common sense wouldn't be offended or annoyed. ignoring the unlikely-to-happen details like the wolfs and ski resort being closed next day, even with a bit of common sense the youngsters would not make such fatal mistakes such as: rope from clothing or using the ski pole, also ski pole was used to defend against wolfs for second guy why not first?, jumping down carefully with knees up your chin from the lowest height ? climbing first on cable with feet as well with more padded protected hands done by piece of clothing perhaps, when jumping from broken lift knowing it will fall down as well and not rolling fast out of the way...movie must have been written by the blondie that held the rail by bare hand while having a glove on the other hand.