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Keep Watching

Keep Watching (2017)

October. 31,2017
| Drama Horror Thriller

A family imprisoned by intruders is forced to play a terrifying game of "Kill, Or Be Killed". As the night unfolds, the game's mysterious rules become clear, and the family realizes their nightmare is being streamed live to riveted viewers all over the world, who are compelled to KEEP WATCHING... not knowing if what they're seeing is real, or staged.


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Because I'm very kind by nature, I'm not going to mention any of the actors in this turkey by name. They suffered enough while making it: stumbling around in the dark, running, and speaking dialog that is unrelated to human speech.Sony Pictures sat on this for right at three years before giving it a one night very limited release. That should tell you something.If you want to watch a home invasion movie that has real suspense I'd suggest YOU'RE NEXT. The title of this epic tells us to keep watching, but I'll confess to using the fast forward button more than once. It should have been called WATCH SOMETHING ELSE.


This is your run of the mill home invasion with all the same screaming, getting locked in and slow attempts to find justification for what is happening. Bella Thorne is the stand out actress, who does a fair job of caring this film to its conclusion. However, even with her B++ acting the movie falls short because it has been done so many times and I think most horror/thriller fans are starved for something new. It is also a total setup for a sequel and I hate when movies have an ending that straight up lets you know that you haven't got the whole story. This isn't an awful film but it fails to satisfy.


Ok, so we've all seen similar plots before, and this isn't gonna win any awards for originality, but i think some of the reviews on here are WAY too harsh, possibly written by people with some kind of personal agenda(don't like the director or the lead actress maybe) but this was no where near as bad as some reviewers are making it out to be, it's very much a popcorn and switch your brain off kind of movie, but i wouldn't put too much stock in the 1/10 reviews if i were you.


I have to admit, this is one of those movies that you have the lowest expectations for; it took forever to release, after years in studio limbo, and when it was finally unleashed to teh masses, it did so with little fanfare. I understand that found-footage isn't really a viable genre choice in 2018, but still, I gave it a chance. Boy, was I happy I did! This was one of those movie that got so much right, that i began to wonder why anyone sat on it for so long. The story was interesting and fast paced. The set-up was clear, and everyone did their absolute best with what they were given. No complaints there.The found-footage was obviously passé, but the way that it was done in this movie actually made it bearable. The killer used dozens of cameras strategically placed all over the home to film each kill. So, in essence, the final film is a amalgam of all of the clips each camera captured. It was a unique and entertaining way of showing the action unfold without relying on the old FF tropes.The acting was great and often very effective, especially when it came to the two kids. Everyone took this script seriously, and it showed in the final product. These people should feel proud that they gave it their all.This movie hits all of the right notes, so why was it treated like a leper? Well, for a few reasons, actually. The movie has no gore or violence. Everyone who dies does so quickly, and there is very little blood. There is also no foul language in this movie, making me think that it was aimed at children (under 25 years old). The manner in which it ended validated the entire movie for me, but most people are entirely too sensitive to anything that doesn't conclude in a happy ending. I love movies that go against the grain and actually want to depress their audience, but I can see why this movie wasn't given a theatrical run.Overall, it's not a game changer, but nor is it as bad as many people would have you believe it to be. If nothing else, it goes to show that even tired genres can be give a new life at the hands of truly talented people with a decent budget.