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Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone (1984)

March. 30,1984
| Adventure Action Comedy Romance

Though she can spin wild tales of passionate romance, novelist Joan Wilder has no life of her own. Then one day adventure comes her way in the form of a mysterious package. It turns out that the parcel is the ransom she'll need to free her abducted sister, so Joan flies to South America to hand it over. But she gets on the wrong bus and winds up hopelessly stranded in the jungle.


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Sorry, this movie sucks


This is one of the few movies I've ever seen where the whole audience broke into spontaneous, loud applause a third of the way in.


The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.

Derrick Gibbons

An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.


A romance writer sets off to Colombia to ransom her kidnapped sister, and soon finds herself in the middle of a dangerous adventure. Romancing the Stone is a 1984 Adventure Comedy directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. Personally i found this film to lack the aspect of comedy and action at times it's very silly and over the top and that is what hurts it the most plus DeVito's performance is very silly and not in a good way, the 2 main stars have a good chemistry together and the movie is watchable for the most part despite being really dumb at times. The soundtrack is good and the action is okay. It's not one of Zemeckis best films but it's not one of his worst either but it could have been much better if it tried a bit more at least . (7/10)


Movies like this were awesome...huge from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen into the '90s when they started to peter out until, well, until they vanished leaving us with nothing but Super Hero films to fill the void......I have nothing against Super Hero films, but I love adventure films too.I can see where folks would not like it, especially the people that take themselves too seriously. It is stuck in a genera that is at once extremely pulp and kind of serialized. Even if it's not a sequel, you know the story.The Goonies, Nate and Hayes, Jake Speed, Firewalker, Vibes, Big Trouble in Little China, Young Sherlock Holmes...and of course the crown, the king, the Indiana Jones movies.They are all close enough to one another to really fit into the same mold. The characters change, the concepts stay the same and....we love it.Enter the Roguish hero and the damsel in distress in an exotic location to find X marking the MacGuffin, but first they have to work their way through obstacles both natural and man made in the form of a nasty antagonist and a couple of henchmen. Throw in a semi-bumbling sidekick and you have what I like to call "High Adventure." "Romancing the Stone" follows that outline and if you are the kind of individual that is still young enough at heart to love adventure films...you will inevitably like this movie.If you are the kind of man or woman that takes everything extremely seriously and refuses to play at all, not matter what it is. If you are the type that would use the word "compete" instead of "play" or "game" than you are going to hate this movie.


This is an unpretentious movie that is cool to watch because what it lacks on money, it compensates with a great cast doing extraordinary feats in the often forgotten central America: from what i have seen, i went just a few times there: Honduras ("mosquito coast"), Panama ("the tailor"), Costa Rica ("jurassic park" movies), El Salvador ("voces") and for sure Columbia ("clear and present danger"). So there, i can see that there is a big jungle with a load of rains, mud, snakes and crocodiles... Maybe there is a bit too much of pursuits but at least, the actor are 100% in the action and there is no time-out as all Zemeckis movies! As i see it only now, maybe this movie has even more appeal than at its release because Turner looks indeed like a future adult star in the 90s! Just one more thing because i didn't catch this: why the Colombian military goes to NYC to have a treasure map and why her sister was unaware of this map??

OneEightNine Media

I saw this on cable a few days ago and checked it out. What a mistake. The film is basically a chick flick disguised as action / adventure comedy. It really was not funny which is strange because it has Danny DeVito starring back in his prime. Really, Danny DeVito is still in his prime but you know what I mean. The only reason I'm giving this film a five out of ten is because it finally wakes up during the last 20 minutes. The last 20 minutes of the movie are what the whole thing should have been but whatever, we're talking about a movie that is more than 30 years old so who cares. There is a sequel to this film called The Jewel of the Nile which currently has a lower ranking than this movie but I'll check it out if I ever see it on TV. Purely out of curiosity. And it looks like Danny DeVito is also in The War of the Roses but now I'm just getting lost in IDBM. What can I say about this movie? It is totally boring until the last 15 or 20 minutes and not worth hunting down to watch.