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The Switch

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The Switch (2010)

May. 11,2010
| Drama Comedy Romance
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An unmarried 40-year-old woman turns to a turkey baster in order to become pregnant. Seven years later, she reunites with her best friend, who has been living with a secret: he replaced her preferred sperm sample with his own.


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The storyline just drags on and two actors I am quite fond of in terrible roles. The movie, like 95 minutes feels like it goes on for hours and hours. There is no rom-com feel that it's supposed to give. Just bad

Maddie1003 Cinephile

Kassie Larson(Jennifer Aniston)is a 40 year old successful woman who has been unlucky in love, decides to get pregnant through artificial insemination.Although her best friend Wally Mars(Jason Bateman) vehemently denies her choice, whom she confides everything she goes ahead with it anyway. Roland(Patrick Wilson) decides to be the donor for some money. Seven years later, Wally meets Kassie with her son Sebastian, who resembles surprisingly like him.This film has a refreshing take on romance. Hence the situations, and the decisions are not childlike but mature. I liked Wally's sharp, practical and sarcastic view on things. What was more likable was the warm and tender relationship between Sebastian and Wally.He was the highlight of the entire film. His sharp mind provided some witty gags. And what would life be without friends, who advise and guide our choices every time? Here, they play an important role.All in all, an unexpectedly satisfying mature romantic comedy.

Python Hyena

The Switch (2010): Dir: Josh Gordon / Cast: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis, Patrick Wilson: Dreary romantic comedy about altered lifestyles. Jennifer Aniston wants to have a baby so she throws a party to celebrate her sperm donor. Jason Bateman plays her best friend who gets drunk and accidentally spills the contents down the sink. He replaces it with his own jerked off recipe with complete inspiration of Diane Sawyer. Directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck who are backed with total contrivance. They do their best with one of the lamest scripts produced this year. Bateman fares okay as someone accepting possible fatherhood but the signs of birthright are total bullshit annoyances such as the whole noisy eating thing. Aniston takes the predictable road to dating the sperm donor before Bateman gives the reality shout out. We know where this is headed and it gains nothing more than a mighty yawn from me. Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis play either parties best friends and both are total cardboard. Goldblum gets to get up in the middle of the night and listen to Bateman drone on about Aniston and the whole sperm process. Lewis is annoying as Aniston's friend whom Bateman nor the audience is very fond of. One could see how a concept such as this could have had potential but the provisions of bad screen writing must remain within the realms of formula. This is one of those cheesy stories that hides behind a theme of parenthood when in reality it is jerking you off worse than anything Bateman did in the washroom. Parental theme is switched with lousy writing. Score: 3 ½ / 10

David Holt (rawiri42)

The Switch is a nice wholesome movie about a somewhat quirky young woman named Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) who decides that, as an independent career woman, she wants to become a mother - in other words, as the English would say, she gets clucky - except that she doesn't see any need for her child to have a father in its life. OK so far, nothing particularly new about that.However, Kassie also decides that she doesn't see any need for any sort of formal arrangement and so she not only hires a suitably vetted married man as a sperm donor but throws a lavish party to celebrate the event of getting pregnant. The donor goes to the bathroom and takes himself in hand to produce the necessary "donation" and leaves it on the vanity for Kassie to administer. Enter Kassie's long-time "best friend," Wally (Justin Bateman) who is somewhat the worse for wear due to the generosity of his hostess and needs to use the facilities. Unfortunately, whilst doing so, he accidentally (well, not entirely) manages to spill the "donation" down the basin and, in his panic, just before passing out, summons up enough stamina to replace the donation with one of his own - and then forget all about it!Shortly after the party, Kassie decides that New York is too hectic for her and goes back to her childhood home in Minnesota. goodbye Kassie (although she does send Christmas cards and the occasional email to Wally - after all, they were best friends)Flash forward, >>> After 7 years away, Kassie decides to return to New York with her six-year-old son, Sebastian (brilliantly played by Thomas Robinson - watch out for a lot more from him in the future) and also decides that the original donor who she still thinks it is only right that as Sebastian's father he should, at least, be given the opportunity to meet his son. So she looks up Roland (the donor played by Patrick Wilson) only to find that he is no longer married.Meanwhile though, Sebastian (who takes after his mother in quirkiness) and "Uncle" Wally hit it off immediately and become close friends.The rest is somewhat predictable in that Roland thinks that Sebastian is his blood son and, now that he is free, he can quite naturally see lots of advantages in himself and Kassie and their son becoming a family and works towards that end. However, Wally has some sort of memory recovery where the events of the "Pregnancy part" evening come back to him and, as he realises that he and his son have a unique bond, plans to come clean to Kassie - except that he is terrified and keeps procrastinating until, in the end, he chooses a far from ideal moment to do it.If you want to know what happens then, you'll have to watch the movie. It will leave you feeling good and glad you spent the time.