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Pawn Sacrifice

Pawn Sacrifice (2015)

September. 16,2015
| Drama Thriller

American chess champion Bobby Fischer prepares for a legendary match-up against Russian Boris Spassky.


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Very best movie i ever watch


This movie is the proof that the world is becoming a sick and dumb place


Just what I expected

Taha Avalos

The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.


"Pawn sacrifice" centers around the life and game of one of the greatest chess players of all time, Bobby Fischer, and his battle with both the cold war and his fragile mind. It thereby mainly focuses on the events of the World Championship in Reykjavyk.In my opinion, the biggest strength of the movie becomes also its biggest problem. The attempt to create a balance between cold war, Fischer's mind and chess sometimes fails a bit. While much screen time is used to portray the events of Iceland, his breakdown afterwards and the questionable views he expressed are only mentioned very briefly. Somehow the movie still tells this story as an American hero tale, the Soviets are still the bad guys and all in all you can't help but say that this is a quite patriotic movie. I think that taking his whole life into account would have helped to understand better what happened to this man. It is indeed sad to see a brilliant mind fall to very dumb ideas and turn into somebody you need to oppose.As it is, the movie is very much one in a row of movies showing us how pressure in sports or art can break people. Despite all my criticism it is still a good movie, thoroughly produced and the person of Fischer surely delivers enough aspects to turn this into an interesting film. One that is solid, but also one that could be even better.


In 1993 Bobby Fischer was arrested for playing handball with his own poop. When the police interrupted he was ahead 7-3. He would have won! Idiot-savant Bobby Fischer was really good at a board game. Americans—rightly so—mostly believed that chess was nothing more than a game, like bridge or Monopoly® and chose to pay more attention to other silly games like baseball and football. Bobby Fischer came along and for a brief moment in American history a lot of people feigned interest in chess. Fischer won some tournaments and then quickly went off the deep end and you have the feeling that he was a lunatic who probably walked around with a steaming load of crap in his pants as he played chess games in his head against an imaginary opponent.Instead of the film's long music video sequences which attempt to capture Fischer's Asperger's Syndrome or whatever the hell was wrong with him it would have been infinitely more interesting to see a little more than a stereotypical view of his Russian opponent.Speaking of the music, it was totally dreadful for most of the film and I found it confusing and distracting. I realize that they were trying to add a historical perspective with the music but it came across to me as amateurish and irritating and not even slightly relevant to the matter at hand which is chess. Fischer's personal mental state was absolutely the least interesting aspect of this story yet that's the main focus of the film. The historical significance of the events and how chess became—at least briefly—an important phenomenon in America and how Fischer became a household name seems to me to be a more important and a much more interesting subject for a film.The least interesting thing about this guy was his mental illness. Chess, on the other hand, can be intriguing to most people with even a rudimentary knowledge of the game but it takes a skilled storyteller to pull this off. I would direct you to Martin Cruz Smith's novel Stalin's Ghost. The author's description of a speed chess tournament (called a blitz) is absolutely the finest writing about the game that I have ever come across. Movies try to make chess exciting by having players hurl pieces around the board and slam the clock after moves but this short episode in a book that has little to do with the game is positively thrilling. It is truly a masterpiece of writing. And maybe they could have talked a lot more about the game of chess which was barely broached in the film.P.S. I know that I said this before but the music in this was just about the worse use of music I've ever seen in a film.

Alexander Whillas

Its hard to say what this movie is about.Its not about chess, as never are you shown what is going on on the board nor is it explained or put into context. We're told the climatic game is considered the greatest game of chess ever played (by some) but we're not told why. Its like being told there is something beautiful behind the curtain and then never shown.Its not about Bobby Fischer. This might come as a surprise but by the end of the movie you haven't spend more than 2 minutes in a row in the same room as him. You are not given enough details about him to sympathise or loath him. Just a lot of long dumb looks which are never explored. You are again never shown inside his head.Finally, its not about the cold war for the same reason it is not about Bobby Fischer, because no time is spent on it, the people involved nor their relations. Your just told its on and its the US vs. USSR.'Searching for Bobby Fischer' is a much better move about Bobby Fischer and chess and its not about ether of those things, officially.


The artist previously known as Spiderman is playing games now. Well I guess that would be one (very wrong) way of describing this. While he comes off as a bit of a brat (to put it mildly) and I can't confirm how close to the truth this is based on, the overall story is pretty strong and the tension is there, even if you can figure out where this is going very early on.So if this was game of chess, you would feel like you know which pieces would be moved next and who would win in the end. Does it actually all happen like you imagine? Maybe not, but overall you can trust your feeling. Which does not take away too much from the movie, because it still works ...