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The Beast

The Beast (1975)

August. 20,1975
| Fantasy Drama Horror

The head of a failing French family thinks that fate has smiled down on him when the daughter of a wealthy man agrees to be married to his son. The daughter and her aunt then travel out to the French countryside to meet with the family, unaware that a mysterious 'beast' is stalking the vicinity.


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You won't be disappointed!


So much average

Jonah Abbott

There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

Allison Davies

The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.


Walerian Borowczyk: I struggle to pronounce his name and I struggled to finish this film. I wasn't at all offended by the explicit content-I'm far too jaded for that-but I did find The Beast, for the most part, to be extremely tiresome.Initially, it appears that director Borowczyk is going for all-out perversion, with his opening graphic scenes of horse copulation, but what follows is primarily dull nonsense concerning the preparation for the impending marriage of Mathurin de l'Esperance (Pierre Benedetti) to virginal Lucy Broadhurst (Lisbeth Hummel), and the problems in getting Cardinal Joseph de Balo (Jean Martinelli) to conduct the ceremony. This goes on for what seems like an eternity, with only the occasional spot of nudity and sex to prevent the viewer from dozing off..The film's most notorious scene comes at just over an hour into the film: a young woman is pursued by the beast, who tears off her clothes and has sex with her. After starting to enjoy herself, the woman gives the beast a boob job, a foot job and a blow job (that's a lot of work!). Beast ejaculate flows freely. With the creature looking like a moth-eaten bear with rubber claws and a massive oozing schlong, I found this part of the film hilarious. It certainly isn't in the slightest bit arousing.After this, the film goes back into tedious mode to take us up to the ending, in which Mathurin suddenly dies and a family secret is revealed. I'm not entirely sure what the director's intent was with this arthouse oddity, but the result in my case was mostly boredom.


i saw this movie years ago - i think i watched it on HBO or something - i really cannot remember. i just remember that i loved it - i thought it was one of the most sexual movies - even graphic - i had ever seen on TV. it was kinda of silly in some parts but very very sexual and stimulating at the least. it is all about a young sexually frustrated girl who gets all excited about a hairy type beast in the woods. first of all in the beginning she watches two horses getting it on and gets all excited. then she is married to some guy who never gives her any. then one day while hunting for a lost sheep - she get chased by some monster type beast (ape) or what ever it is. then the beast ape masturbated a gallon all over her. the beast ape is hung like a horse and she likes that as well. then there is a scene where she masturbates the ape man with her feet - again he shoots off a gallon. finally the ape man gets her good and she loves it. i thought it was pretty good - got me all excited as well as my girlfriend at the time. - if you love good old fashioned bestiality - this movie is great for you. as for me - i just loved it and want to watch it again if i can find it on DVD.


Perhaps it's me and my perverted ways, or the fact that I tend to have a very sick mind, but I rented this film at random one very weird night and to my great surprise, I enjoyed it. Yes, I read the synopsis on the back of the DVD box and read that it had been banned for 25 years and figured I was prepared for anything it would offer. I was clearly deceived after seeing...well...everything, to cut a long story short. I can see why it was banned, not only for such explicit sex scenes, but for beastiality. Of course, as it is freely based on the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, a personal favorite of mine, it tells the story of a girl's sexual awakening over a dream about a duchess being chased by a whatever-the-hell-that-thing-was-like beast with an enormous erection and a substantial amount of ejaculation. Of course, the beast gets what he wants and the duchess decides she likes it and they continue frolicking in the woods. But that's not all. Oh, there is so much more! Not only do we get to see interspecial sex, but there's also humping horses, the babysitter who gets down and dirty with the slave when she's not humping the bed to get her...er...satisfaction and the daydreaming girl masturbating with rose petals. Creative and enjoyable, but it did take a while for my father to talk to me again after he watched it after I went to bed...I was 15. Words of advice when watching this film: make sure you're the only one who knows you have it and watch it with the curtains closed. It may be fun, but I doubt there are other porn films like this one.


I could just imagine director Walerian Borowczyk giggling behind the camera at how his film skewers and jabs Catholicism(..preferably priests, hinting at their lascivious secrets)and graphic displays of bestiality with this hairy beast banging a duchess in the dreams of a wealthy heiress, Lucy Broadhurst(Lisbeth Hummel). Pulling no punches and knowing no boundaries, Borowczyk allows the viewer to watch a grand display of this monstrous beast's semen oozing pecker, growing longer as it sets it's horny sights on this poor female running for her life in the wilderness, attempting to escape. Throwing caution to the wind, we watch as the beast rips away her clothes until the woman is almost completely naked, before positioning her and engaging. Then, the icing on the cake is her beginning to enjoy it. Folks, this kind of sequence obviously isn't for the easily offended and is as tasteless and raw as my description sounds. Lucy, having the dream about this encounter, gets so worked up she wishes to have sexual intercourse with the man she plans to wed, a pagan named Mathurin(Pierre Benedetti) whose "true nature" will soon be revealed at the end after a tragedy opens up a secret that has plagued the I'Esperance family for two centuries. Through a book created by a member of the I'Esperance, a (in)famous duchess, the Marquis(Marcel Dalin) of the I'Esperance manor for which Mathurin lives with his overbearing father Pierre(Guy Tréjan)introduces Lucy to the tale of her vanquishing of a beast. Inside a case, the Marquis even shows Lucy and her Aunt Virginia(Elisabeth Kaza)a torn piece of clothing, worn by the duchess, with claw marks. Through this knowledge comes the dream which comes to Lucy that night, with her so heated by the experience she is overwhelmed with ecstasy, watering down her naked body(underneath a see-through, thin gown)eventually masturbating with a rose! Is the dream Lucy has a real ordeal? Does this ordeal plague the I'Esperance family? The film shows how Pierre awaits the Cardinal's seal of approval for Lucy and Mathurin to wed(..this is needed if Pierre's son is to become tied to her inheritance)while a local perish priest(..and his choir boys, for which he keeps VERY close to him)hangs around ready for his part in carrying out the marriage. But, certain circumstances will possibly throw a kink in the works for Pierre can never truly escape his family's past mistake.Besides the graphically displayed sexual sequence of a beast ravaging a female, there's the opening scene of Mathurin watching, almost in a hypnotic state, as a male horse, hung, is guided into the "breathing" vagina of a female horse. You have the local perish priest, and his affectionate display for his two male choir boys(..always having them nearby with his arm around one or even kissing another). You have the Cardinal finally arriving, finding a photo Lucy took of the male and female horse mating, slipping it into his pocket. You have Lisbeth Hummel's rose masturbation and long stretches with her buck naked, yearning for the warm embrace of a man. So much is here, I felt, to shock it's audience into a frenzy. I think there's a specific audience who'll really enjoy this(..even aroused, maybe), but I'm not the biggest fan of watching horses copulating, or some beast ravaging a woman. But, for a film with such shocking material, it's so well made, I can't say it doesn't have it's technical merits. This film is so audacious and daring, I must admit that it's the kind of cult film certain to gain admirers along the way. I will finish by saying that the director goes out of his way to plant a continuing image in the viewer's mind, the stiff, semen oozing penis of the beast as it pursues the female victim.