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Superman II

Superman II (1980)

December. 04,1980
| Adventure Action Science Fiction

Three escaped criminals from the planet Krypton test the Man of Steel's mettle. Led by General Zod, the Kryptonians take control of the White House and partner with Lex Luthor to destroy Superman and rule the world. But Superman, who attempts to make himself human in order to get closer to Lois, realizes he has a responsibility to save the planet.


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This movie is magnificent!


Thanks for the memories!


This is a must-see and one of the best documentaries - and films - of this year.

Jonah Abbott

There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.


As I stated in my Superman (1978) review, I am not really a Superman fan. I have always been a big Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man fan, but never got into Superman. I thought the original movie was decently entertaining, but not that great of a movie (see that review for more info). Superman II has elements that I liked more than the original, but also elements that I disliked more. On the positive side, I definitely liked General Zod way more than Gene Hackman's cartoonish Chairface Chippendale-esque portrayal of Lex Luthor from the first movie. Superman actually has someone to fight. However, the biggest negative has to be with the wildly inconsistent tone of the movie. This most likely comes from the change in director part way through filming. Half the movie is played with a more serious tone, whereas the other half is basically a slapstick comedy/spoof in the vein of the Adam West Batman series, though nowhere near as clever. There are also a bunch of annoying plot holes that I found hard to ignore. Mainly, how the hell did he get all the way back to the freaking Arctic without his powers? You're not telling me he hitchhiked and walked to the North Pole? And how did he actually get his powers back anyway? At least give me some dumb explanation. Not saying I'm some idiot that needs every detail fed to me, but that is a pretty big plot point. Not like this is a Stanley Kubrick / David Lynch film where you have to piece things together for yourself. At least in, say, The Dark Knight Rises, you can "explain" the question of how did Bruce Wayne get back into Gotham with the obligatory "He's Batman!", but in this movie he's not even Superman at the time, he's just some dude that gets easily beaten up at restaurants by a-hole truck drivers. Also, if Superman can erase people's minds with a kiss, does that mean he has telepathic powers like Professor X? Can he control anybody's mind? Does he need to touch them to do so? Is it strictly through oral application? Is it saliva based mind control? Couldn't he just put it in a spray gun and shoot super-mind control spit on Lex Luthor and make him rethink his life choices? Anyway, I will give this movie the same rating out of 10 that I gave the first movie, but if I had to rank them, I would put the original slightly above this one.6/10Recommended for those that enjoy "previously on..."'s, two sided floating space ipads, exploding space elevators, hot air balloon rides, white water lie detectors, kneeling before Zod!, not so subtle product placement, the old switcharoo, mind control spit......but that's just like, my opinion, man# Of Times Watched: Three


Superman must deal with three trouble-makers from his home planet.A very hard to film to review as there are two versions, this one and the Richard Donner Cut, both have good points...don't know which movie is the best????The Donner Cut has all that wonderful stuff with Brando that is missing here, but this one begins with that mighty music (with great images playing at the same time) that really gets you in the right frame of mind for what is to come. Also, the mini-disaster-movie in Paris at the start is missing in the Donner Cut.I can't tell you which one to watch, I can only suggest that strong fans of Superman watch both films.

Owen Ogletree

The original "Superman" was revolutionary and set the bar pretty high. This sequel is nowhere near as good, but it's still great on it's own right and a worthy continuation of the Superman story.The film isn't nearly as well-paced as the first film and the special effects are even more dated. Also, the humor, while not as over-the-top as in the 3rd and 4th films, can occasionally be too cheesy. However, there isn't much else to complain about.Christopher Reeve is still magical in the role of Superman, and Margot Kidder is also great as Lois Lane. I love that this film further explored their relationship.Zod, Ursa, and Non are really fun villains, and their battles with Superman are very exciting and epic. We also get the return of Gene Hackman's spot-on portrayal of Lex Luthor.The legendary music score by John Williams is as invigorating as ever, and the sets are once again great.It doesn't hold a candle to the first film, but it's still a more than worthy follow-up. It's a shame that this was the last "Superman" film that was any good.RATING: B+

Noah hopfensperger

I'm glad this movie is actually good, although I would have liked it if Richard Donner had stayed on for this. That's why Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut is better than this. Positives: Christopher Reeve is Awesome, General Zod is a great villain, Terence Stamp nails it, and this movie has 3 PEOPLE TO FIGHT SUPERMAN. Negatives however: It's a teeny bit more campy, it's trying to be MORE like a comic book than the first one, and Richard Lester and the Salkinds Booted Donner off of the set. For the most part though, I like it. I'm gonna give Superman II a B. 7/10. 3.5/5, etc. If you loved the first movie like I did, you'll have less fun with this, but fun nonetheless. Go break a leg with Superman II.