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Leatherface (2017)

September. 14,2017
| Horror Thriller Mystery
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A young nurse is kidnapped by a group of violent teens who escape from a mental hospital and take her on the road trip from hell. Pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge, one of the teens is destined for tragedy and horrors that will destroy his mind, moulding him into a monster named Leatherface.


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Its hard to imagine a better way to add to this franchise. Idiot reviews aside, its worth a watch. The sworn enemy of the hand, Danny Rand, the Iron Fist.


Many of us horror-lovers took a sick enjoyment out of the homicidal antics of a certain faceless, chainsaw-wielding Redneck serial killer from 'middle America' back in the seventies when we first met him in 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' Naturally, our - the public's - weird fascination with him meant that he was featured prominently in one sub-standard sequel after the next. Despite the character still 'selling' the franchise, less and less people got excited by what followed the original 'shocker/slasher.' The 2003 Michael Bay remake wasn't bad, but divided long-term fans. However, no matter how much people enjoy seeing 'Leatherface' slice and dice his way through hordes of screaming teens, I never actually heard anyone asking the question: 'What was he like as a child?' (think about what the public reaction was to the 'Halloween' remake which delved into Michael Myers' adolescent backstory!).Here, surprise surprise, we meet our future nut-job as a wee young child and get a brief inclination of how, growing up in a family who eat people and actively promote cutting up dinner guests with a chainsaw, may end up damaging young minds. The film is effectively a whistle-stop tour of the boy's life, from how he gets taken away from his family to a - supposedly - 'safer' establishment, only for it to yet warp his mind further.Yes, this story is not only not what anyone was asking for and merely - yet another - cheap cash-in on an established brand, but it's also pretty dull. There's little you need to know or see here if you're a fan of the franchise and, if you're looking for gore, scares and/or creative death scenes - then you won't find any of that here. Instead you simply get 'horror 101' displaying every tried and tested technique to get even a slight scare out of its audience.I didn't enjoy it. And I know it may sound like a stupid thing to say, based on the fact that the film is named after one of the most evil and therefore unlikable characters in screen history, but there is a total lack of sympathetic characters to root for. I know there are a couple of 'heroes' who we're supposed to feel for their plight, but they're just too damn generic and uninteresting to care for.If you're a fan of the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' then just watch that. If you think it looks a little old and outdated then watch the 2003 remake (it's actually not as bad as some people made out!). This is simply a horror film that doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as a film which - kind of - started the 'slasher' genre which still goes strong today.


Completely atrocious doesn't even begin to describe this film. Let me begin by saying that I'm a huge horror fan and huge fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, especially the 1974 classic and 1986 sequel. And all the other Chainsaw films are pretty solid, yes that includes 1994's 'The Next Generation', however this one here was a disgrace to the iconic franchise. Completely boring and hardly any chainsaw action at all. Gory yes, but not your typical Leatherface movie. And the so called "twist" in this movie was absolutely awful. It turns out the young hot shot, Jackson, played by Sam Strike turns out to be Jed Sawyer (leatherface) which is revealed the last twenty or so minutes of the film. No believable in my opinion. This film is supposed to be a direct prequel to the 1974 film and when the sheriff shoots Jackson/Leatherface in the cheek with his gun a huge gash is left across his face, which wasn't on him in the 1974 film. Yes I know this film was made long after '74 But they still Could be made that work. I don't even know what else to say, this film was just such a disappointment. Horror fan or Texas Chainsaw fan or not I say you should skip this movie and just watch the other Chainsaw movies. People say the Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) is bad !!?? NO! THIS movie is bad!


This is not even a horror movie.Total waste of time