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King Kong

King Kong (1933)

March. 15,1933
| Adventure Fantasy Horror

Adventurous filmmaker, Carl Denham, sets out to produce a motion picture unlike anything the world has seen before. Alongside his leading lady Ann Darrow and his first mate Jack Driscoll, they arrive on an island and discover a legendary creature said to be neither beast nor man. Denham captures the monster to displayed on Broadway as Kong, the eighth wonder of the world.


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Sabah Hensley

This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama


I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.


A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.

Theodore Zuckerman

The dark-skinned inhabitants of skull island apparently have long been trying to appease the huge, fearsome Kong, by sending him beautiful dark-skinned ladies to do with as he pleases. But we never find out what Kong does with them. They seem to just disappear. What - what - has Kong done with them? It looks like the islanders are thinking that maybe a white lady will get better results? Make Kong happier? Appease him more? So they kidnap one from a ship that has happend to moor in their harbor. Wow! Wow! That did the trick. Kong is obviously keen on this particular lady. He carries her around everywhere. He protects her from every danger that presents itself. He undresses her. Not sure what he's thinking - she is awfully small.Few reviewers seem to realize that the last words, spoken by Carl Denham, "it was beauty killed the beast," are spoken disingenuously. He came up with the idea just a short while before, when speaking to "the boys from the press." One of the reporters, after hearing how the Kong followed Miss Darrow back to the village, looks at Miss Darrow and says "beauty and the beast, huh?" To which Mr Denham replies: "that's it; play up that angle. Kong could have stayed safe where he was, but he couldn't stay away from beauty." It is spin, propaganda, said more to pique the public's interest, sell papers, and sell tickets to see Kong, rather than to inform the public of the truth.It's a Barnham and Baily world; just as phony as it could be. It was people in airplanes, with guns, that killed Kong. If Kong hadn't been so stuck on a white woman, who knows, they might have found some Other way to kill him.


This is a monumental achievement. The level they took it to back in 1933 is so impressive. And for me, it still holds up today. And Fay Wray...my goodness. One a beauty. And what a scream queen. This movie has it all: action, adventure, horror, suspense, comedy, and a tragic love story. 10/10 easy.


I am a huge fan of thrillers and the original KING KONG is one of the classic greats in my opinion. So much suspense and build up in this movie. And sure it may not have the greatest actors or special effects ever used but I feel like it didn't need to in order to still create the amazing suspense that it did and keep you on edge the whole time. Whenever I think of this movie I think about the truly incredible build up to the actual reveal of the gorilla himself. You're wondering whats going to be on the island and then you're wondering whats behind the wall and so on and its just a really well done build up. This reminds me of many of Alfred Hitchcock's movies since they always seemed to take their time with the build up to enhance that suspenseful feeling. Overall I feel this is one of the better and easily most classic KING KONG movies ever made and maybe even one of my favorite thrillers made especially for the time period and the effects they had to work with.

Noel Charbonnier

As i am not usually hot to see these kind of movies, only my curiosity drove me to the theater thinking to myself what sort of crap this 1933 picture must be. Boy, was i wrong! As the film goes on my eyes went from surprises to surprises how some scenes were so spectaculars in this early years of cinema. They did not have these «special effects» movie lovers enjoy to-day and that is why that «piece of crap» was really an extract of genius, a forerunner, or a film before its time, which certainly gave ideas and lead the way to develop all categories of special effects our eyes benefit to-day. Thanks to the technical genius, producers and director of King Kong 1933, who was the King of them all!Noël Charbonnier