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The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy (2015)

September. 11,2015
| Thriller

After a painful breakup, Leah seems to meet the perfect guy. But she soon discovers someone mysteriously lurking around her surroundings.


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what a joke

Cem Lamb

This movie tries so hard to be funny, yet it falls flat every time. Just another example of recycled ideas repackaged with women in an attempt to appeal to a certain audience.

Erica Derrick

By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.


By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.

Michael Ledo

Lea (Sanaa Lathan) has the prefect boyfriend (Morris Chestnut) except he doesn't want kids. She meets another perfect man Carter (Michael Ealy) who drinks the same coffee as she does. She dumps one for the other and soon discovers Carter has some anger management issues and doesn't take rejection that well. This then turns itself into a mediocre stalker film adding nothing new to the genre.The film starts off really slow and takes awhile to get to the meat of the film. They could have shown some negative background on Carter to hold our interest, but that would eliminate the surprise plot spoiler element they put into every trailer anyway.Guide: No nudity. Minor sex scene. 1 F-bomb near end.

Leon B

A friend recommended I watch the movie, said it's good. I'll admit, I'm a tough critic, yet I'll always state my claim and justify my decisions. I'm also a techie, so you'll get to see why the movie falls short.The movie starts out great, the love/romance, leading up to the disagreements, reasons for disagreements as well as an ultimatum is nearly perfect. Next comes a seemingly better option for the distressed female star.Jumping from a seemingly broken relationship, to a nearly "Perfect Guy", she thought she was surely in for the best of what life has to offer. Jumping into quickly opening up her life to her new found love, she begins to see just how wrong things are. This is where things take a turn for the worse, and the thrilling parts of the movie begins.Issue #1: The problem of the key: The main character and even the police took way too long to ask about a possible key to get into her house. She knows she doesn't have a hidden camera, so how did a video from that angle get recorded? Issue #2: Problem of the stalker's apartment: No real smart tech person is going to have hacking gear at his apartment. Especially when hacking. This stupidity in movie making must stop. Leased connections can easily be traced, show something realistic, like using public WiFi, a disposable laptop, etc. Issue #3: Problem of a search warrant: After the main character's video got leaked from her email, with a suspect already questioned, a court order should have been obtained to search his apartment. Issue #4: The ex boyfriend coming back in her life was good, however lacked substance. They should have discussed relationship goals going forward, I don't believe that was laid out clearly.Issue #5: The fight scene at the end was absurd, in my humble opinion. She could have shot him with the non-lethal bullets in the bathroom and then shoot him. Her bright idea of a struggle, lose the gun, then get it back is a terrible idea at best. He could have shot her after taking the gun. If the above issues were corrected, I'd think this movie would be much better. Non-the-less, it was a good watch, can't take it all away.


How on earth this has got any good reviews is beyond me it was utter trash! The music that was on constantly sounded like it was from a bad 70s horror film!! I was constantly waiting for some axe murderer in a mask to show up as that's what the music made it sound like. The acting was awful and the writing terrible some of the cheesy lines the main characters were spouting off seriously was making me cringe, and I like cheesy movies! Ican't comment on the ending as I turned it off before the end, and I NEVER do that I always watch things to the end even if I don't like the film as I always want to know how it ends but I couldn't bring myself to watch any more as it was so boring so cringe and I couldn't take any more, it was that bad! Don't waste your time watching this.


Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)Rating: 3.2/5 starsLeah (Sanaa Lathan) has it all: looks, brains, a beautiful modernist home in Los Angeles, a position of importance at a political- consulting firm, and the affections of her handsome boyfriend Dave (Morris Chestnut). But while her life seems perfect on the outside, her relationship has some sadly predictable shortcomings: She wants marriage and kids, and he doesn't. After one too many arguments on this topic, she tearfully breaks up with him; she then embarks on a long period of workaholic mourning, which only ends when a drunken boor corners her at a bar and asks to have a drink with her. No, he's not her new paramour — that would be the astute and handsome Carter (Michael Ealy), who comes to her rescue by posing as her boyfriend and telling the creep to take a hike. Grateful, she accepts Carter's offer of dinner.Leah is smitten by Carter's manners and snake-charmer blue eyes, and before long she's taking him to meet her parents (L. Scott Caldwell and the always welcome Charles S. Dutton). But he seems too good to be true - and just when it seems like everything she's ever dreamed of is coming true, Carter beats a man into a bloody pulp for the crime of merely talking to her. Shaken, she breaks it off with him, only to find that he won't take no for an answer. He soon begins a campaign of harassment, spying, and general creepiness that has Leah fearing for her life. As a result, she seeks an ally in a police detective named Hansen (the also always welcome Holt McCallany).The aforementioned events give Ealy the toughest task, switching from blue-eyed charmer to IT-savvy psychopath, and he makes a decent fist of it in a movie which offers little genuine depth, but moves through its paces watchably enough, borrowing judiciously from the Hitchcock playbook along the way. Lathan makes a likable heroine, even if we ponder the wisdom of her continuing to live alone in a swish glass-walled house and, without making too much of an issue of it, the film hints that the white-dominated corporate environment in which she moves subtly adds to her feelings of isolation and vulnerability."The Perfect Guy" isn't exploring new territory in the "psycho- stalker" subgenre (although it's notably more sensual than most films in this category). While the cast is capable and there are several moments of nail-biting tension, the plot leans too heavily on obvious clichés like the crazy collage of photos in the villain's lair signifying his unhinged mental state, victims standing dumbfounded as the bad guy advances when they should be scrambling for their phone, and the laziest trope of all in American cinema: A gun will solve this.But the end result is elevated by the stylish direction of David M. Rosenthal, who gives this Lifetime-esque movie a higher gloss than it usually receives. The film wouldn't work if audiences didn't believe that Leah's passion for Carter was the real deal, and Rosenthal makes their animal attraction tangible in a scene in which they dance at an underground reggae venue, grinding against each other until they — and the audience — are at a fever pitch, culminating in a wide romp in the basement's dingy, dank washroom. Moody shots of the golden haze hovering over Los Angeles in the morning might not be strictly necessary in a plot-driven feature like this, but when Rosenthal juxtaposes them with hungry coyotes roaming the canyon streets, he reminds us that there are all kinds of unscrupulous animals on the loose in L.A."The Perfect Guy" might be high melodrama, and its conclusion isn't as pleasingly airtight as the ending in a thriller needs to be. Yet despite its faults and superficiality, it's an effective and somewhat engrossing time-killer.