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Cursed (2005)

February. 25,2005
| Horror Comedy

In Los Angeles, siblings Ellie and Jimmy come across an accident on Mulholland Drive. As they try to help the woman caught in the wreckage, a ferocious creature attacks them, devouring the woman and scratching the terrified siblings. They slowly discover that the creature was a werewolf and that they have fallen victim to a deadly curse.


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As Good As It Gets


Absolutely the worst movie.


I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.


The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.


I have a very personal connection with this movie, this was the absolute first horror movie. I liked the actors and wanted I start with something not too scary, which looking at it now as a very big horror person is a problem, not very scary. I do like the characters very much and I'm sorry but I find Jesse Eisenberg very attractive in this movie. I like the funny elements in this film and the side characters are very enjoyable as well. I do feel this movie could have pushed the limit a little bit more and been a bit more violent or gruesome, for a Wes Craven movie I thought they were kind of playing it safe. Still I enjoyed the end and I really enjoyed how Eisenberg's and Ricci's got super confident in themselves was a good touch. All in all it is not a great but it is enjoyable

Python Hyena

Cursed (2005): Dir: Wes Craven / Cast: Jessie Eisenberg, Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Judy Greer, Portia de Rossi: Graphic horror film about infection. A brother and sister are in a car accident where they are bitten by a very large creature. As expected their bodies go through changes and people start dying leading to two ridiculous climaxes where only great makeup present any form of entertainment. Directed by Wes Craven who knows the werewolf clichés and is aided by effective werewolf effects. He previously made the far superior A Nightmare on Elm Street as well as the disturbing Last House on the Left. Christina Ricci works as a talk show executive. Her brother is played by Jesse Eisenberg who is bullied at school. They are attacked early on and begin to sense change not just in their appearance during a full moon, but also in their abilities and daily living. Joshua Jackson is flat as Ricci's boyfriend who is suspected as being as werewolf. Judy Greer is the typical sexpot who is also cardboard. Portia de Rossi has an embarrassing role as fortune teller but unfortunately it never worked on her when it came to auditioning for this film. This all concludes with the typical werewolf battle, which even resorts to one of them giving the finger. That is just as well since nothing else seems to contain much thought. Gore is plentiful leaving viewers cursed with yet another encore of senseless violence. Score: 4 / 10


Ellie has been taking care of her younger brother Jimmy since their parents death. One night after picking him up from a party they are involved in a car accident on Mullholland Drive. While trying to rescue a woman from the other car a creature attacks and kills her, also injuring both Ellie and Jimmy. After some research Jimmy realises the creature could only have been a werewolf.....The makers thoughts that lightning could be struck twice, putting the old irony twist on the creature feature, just like they successfully did with the Scream franchise, the first two anyway.But then the good old Weinsteins got involved and chopped the cinema version to shreds, causing the narrative to make no sense and ruin the whole flow of the film, and making main characters unlikeable.I saw the original cut in the cinema, and I was literally the only person at the screening.The DVD version does improve the film a little, but the film still is poor, when you consider the talent behind the camera. The film doesn't really pick up until the wrestling scene, and the few swipes at media and journalists feel lazy, as do the celebrity cameos.Its a shame really, because there are some good ideas in this movie, but it ultimately fails.


Ouch.Though it doesn't prove to be Wes Craven's worst film (14 years strong, 'The People under the Stairs' still holds that title), it's pretty damn close. I would have stuck with the original working title, "Cursed: Teen Wolf Three."Granted, they did show the beast (something they barely did in the highly superior 'Ginger Snaps') however the 'Van Helsing's wolf-man/teddy bear was far more unique and frightening.Since I apparently can't count past 59, I stopped counting the flaws about half-way through. But then couldn't help myself in the latter part, including the chick that apparently turned into the wolf at the party, shredding her clothes, and then turned back, got new clothes, and then shred those too.Also, when she died (which according to this movie's legend, she couldn't have been killed that way -- but let's skip over that obvious flaw) she was facing upward as the dead werewolf, but in fetal position when they found her nude human form.Don't even get me started on the werewolf giving them the birdie. Ouch. Or the entire motivation for the killer werewolf just bent on getting Joshua Jackson all to herself. On the flip-side.. I really can't blame her; I probably would have done something similar. He was a perk for the movie, but only for eye-candy. At first, of course I was offended by the homophobic lines these assholes were saying, but after the 2nd or 3rd scene, I was waiting for the wrestling captain to come out.Watching this movie, made me want to recommend Ginger Snaps (1, 2 or 3), Wolf, or my personal favorite The Howling, to all my friends.And if they ask me about Cursed, I'll recommend Ginger Snaps (1, 2 or 3), Wolf, or my personal favorite The Howling.