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The Crow: Salvation

The Crow: Salvation (2000)

January. 23,2000
| Horror Action Thriller

Alex Corvis, a man wrongly executed for the murder of his girlfriend, returns from the dead and sets out to find the real killer.


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Beautiful, moving film.


A Masterpiece!


Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.


It's an amazing and heartbreaking story.

Randel Winston

I hated this movie, I would give it a zero if I could.I love the first crow movie. Even the second movie had it's moments (some great scenes). The third movie was really bad. The villains I couldn't remember any of them except the main villain.The action is boring, I almost fell asleep. A small kid could direct better action then this.Not even a good revenge story.In the first two crow movies you could remember key scenes (goth type artistic stuff), here it's non-existent. The crow makeup is very poor too. He didn't look right.Stay away. I heard crow 4 is worse, I don't know how that is possible.


I'm the biggest Brandon/Bruce Lee fan in the world but enough!!! People are going to always compare this movie to the first one and Eric Mabius to Brandon Lee. That's where I think this movie suffers.I think storyline-wise it would have been better of he hadn't have resurrected right after his execution. They should have left him dead for a while. When he came back it didn't really seem like all that much of a shock. The bad guys just thought they had botched the execution and mistakenly pronounced him dead. Maybe even have gone so far as to have him resurrect on the autopsy table, not from his grave because that would have been a direct copy of Crow number One.All in all a decent little flick but suffers from comparisons to its predecessors.


Much better. The budget was obviously smaller, and it went straight to video. It was kind of refreshing to see the story take on a different angle regrading the tragic and lone search for justice and vengeance against those that did them wrong. The material felt a little more fulfilling, not like the soulless attempt before it (Crow: City of Angels '1996'). However in the long run it's still nothing special, but competently made and told in an interestingly simple film-noir style. Visually speaking, it might not the have the kick but the world created seems based a little more in present reality (with the Gothic comic-book ambiance kind of losing out) and the industrial setting gives out a real seedy and crooked charge. Within the visuals are some brutal acts of violence and sleazy snapshots, but the story keeps the melancholy touch together. Director Bharat Nalluri gets the tone pumping with some intense and exhilarating sequences. It's flash, but concise. However it felt a bit overlong. The hard-rock soundtrack here isn't as noticeable, but still profitable when included and the special effects are adequately staged. Performances are good. Eric Mabius is effectively easy and sardonic as the revenging dead soul. Kirsten Dunst is fine and Fred Ward is perfectly smarmy as the shifty Police Chief. There's able support from William Atherton, Grant Shaud, and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.


Personally I loved the movie. I know that most comments by people that have seen the film have given it some not so go comments. I just think that maybe they just have different views, which I respect. But I really loved the movie.I'm just the kind of gal that likes different movies than others (well, duh). Anyways I'm just interested in movies like this and others.I just have different expectations than that of the normal movie watcher. And yeah. The movie Rocked!!!! I loved this "Crow" movie. The other's I also like a bunch. The "Crow" movies are just some of the best movies I have seen so far in my lifetime. I just like the paranormal, and all that stuff. So these movies are high in my expectations of the films.