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Revolver (2005)

September. 22,2005
| Drama Thriller Crime Mystery

Hotshot gambler Jake Green is long on bravado and seriously short of common sense. Rarely is he allowed in any casino because he's a bona fide winner and, in fact, has taken so much money over the years that he's the sole client of his accountant elder brother, Billy. Invited to a private game, Jake is in fear of losing his life.


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Dan Franzen (dfranzen70)

Revolver is a Guy Ritchie movie, so I figured there'd be a lot of mayhem, with blazing gunfire, mumbled British dialog, and car chases. And Jason Statham is in it! But that's not really what I got. Instead, this is more of a psychological thriller, and that's not Ritchie's forte. There are more minds being blown than there are heads being blown off, that much I can tell you. Which made this movie a bit of a disappointment to me.Statham plays Jake Green, a gambler just out of jail after seven years. Soon after his release, he's winning games of chance left and right. Which doesn't sit will with his nemesis, one Dorothy (!) Macha (Ray Liotta), who owns the casino where Jake's winning his winnings. When Macha's goons go after Jake, he receives some unexpected help from a couple of strangers – the suave Avi (Andre Benjamin) and the burly Zach (Vincent Pastore). They'll keep Macha's hounds at bay, for a price – all of Jake's money and his willing participation in their own loan-sharking racket.This still sounds like a fun movie. And let's not forget, "revolver" is right there in the title, too. But as the story progresses, it becomes less and less about feuding and fussing and fighting than about mind games. Who are Zach and Avi? Is Macha insane? Why won't these people just shoot each other? The body count is way too low for this sort of genre thriller. Heck, after a while I began questioning my own eyes. Was Jake actually hallucinating the whole thing? Maybe Jake wasn't real, either. Maybe I was the one hallucinating! Maybe I'm in Purgatory, endlessly watching the same boring Guy Ritchie movie. It's not quite Hell – that'd be watching any Uwe Boll movie on a loop – but it feels just as tedious.Revolver seems like a baffling foray into a theater of the absurd for a director who's not known for overly cerebral flourishes in his work. That's not to say that Ritchie's earlier films are for dummies only – they're fun, visceral treats, for the most part, and a lot of fun. But this one? This one was dull and inscrutable. The novelty of seeing Jason Statham with hair wore off rather quickly, although he's just as good in this movie as he is in almost any other movie (except maybe Spy, where he was hilariously good). Liotta is an unhinged menace, as he typically is. It was nice to see Vincent Pastore playing someone who's not a low-level organized-crime fall guy, though. And Andre Benjamin is smooth. But no, and I fully intend this pun, Revolver is a misfire.


I'll give it a 9 because of all the ways possible to interpret and perceive the events and meanings in this movie. I do not know why but what I see in this movie is 2 self-educated genii exploiting entire mob gangs governed by morons and self-proclaimed leaders of the mob world. Jack Green in this story is just a pieces moved on real life chess board. It was quite clear that Avi and Zach are Jack's neighbors next door from solitary prison cells. They knew everything about him, stole everything he had when they escaped prison and did whatever they do to stay in a shadow and control environment without being notices. When Jack leaves prison, makes money and gets targeted by the owner the casino they magically appear and offer help. Somehow they now every step taken by the casino owner and gets few moves ahead of everyone. Intercepts assassination of Jack and then convinces him that he has got a disease so he loses common sense and stops thinking rationally. He gives them all of his money which are lent to a bunch of desperate people who think that they will be able to give the money back but obviously they can't. So they end up in Loan Shark pocket enslaving themselves. So Jack is now one their puppets, their assets. Later on these 2 genii carry on manipulation by creating the image of so called Mr Gold which becomes a real real big boss in the eyes of Macha. So Macha tries everything to satisfy this mysterious figure. He fears to turn down the mythical being so much that he decides to pay ridiculous money for his competition in exchange for white powdery stuff. Well, we all saw how well it went. And it would be naive to disregard mastermind power of these to criminals who know where when and how enemy is going to act in a certain situation. They are the ones behind everyone's misfortune including Mr Green's. The real big bosses are smoking cigars in a Jacuzzi when stupid gangsters chase the wrong guy. Literally, the whole story is an ingenious design of Mr black magic a.k.a. Avi and put into practice by the practical engineer Zach. If you do the math, Avi and Zach do not exist in the eyes of neither Macha, nor Lord John. All the blame is pushed onto Mr Green since he was scamming everyone before no one would expect anyone else to be involved. These 2 get the money for the powder and the powder itself. The gang war starts, assassination of Macha fails so they make Mr Green to hand in Lord John's powder to Macha himself. In this way Macha is certainly dead since the owners of Lord John will not forget that Macha stole their powder and brought a shame to clan. So Macha understood that is f*ked and blew his head off because bullet in his brain is much better than an upcoming bad fate from Asian mafia.You might try to see some Ego issues in MrGreen's personality but the only one who had an enormous Ego was Macha. Look at his palace, items at home, sick attention to perfection - he takes full body tan in a huge room, criticizes a professional sniper, really??? Anyway all of these mobsters think they are in control but the real control comes from 2 unnoticed puppeteers.


Despite the all star cast. Jason Statham (One of My favorites) And IMDb suggestion it it is ''Crime,Action,Drama' ?????????????????????????????????????All I can say is that it was written by a smack head, produced by a smack head for an audience of Smack heads! No REAL story, No REAL attempt to tell a story, JUST RIP OFF the film goers, Thank God I never paid to watch this at a movie Theatre. Biggest load of crap EVER in the history of film. Yet the JEWS that wrote and produced this crap are out of their heads on smack from the money they earned!! If, Like Me you are a Statham fan AVOID this crap at ALL costs!!


As others have stated, it might not be the best of its kind (movies with many layers that are hard to read or even to fully comprehend with just one watch), but it's still more than solid. If you don't like a movie that is not just entertainment (which is OK), there are other places to look for that. Guy Ritchie did "Lock, Stock ..." and "Snatch" and other movies who are more on the entertainment side, but with this, he tried (and imo succeeded) to add depth to that.And Mr. Ritchie knows what the story is (even if some viewers might think and feel different), which is clear in his audio commentary for the movie. What will not become too clear, is what the movie is about. That is a personal experience and you yourself might be the your enemy - to liking this movie ...