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Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

January. 13,1995
| Horror Comedy Thriller

Ex-soldier Frank Brayker is the guardian of an ancient key that can unlock tremendous evil; the sinister Collector is a demon who wants the key so he can initiate the apocalypse. On the run from wicked mercenaries for almost 90 years, Brayker finally stops in at a boarding house in New Mexico where — with the help of its residents — he plans to face off against the Collector and his band of ghouls, preventing them from ever seizing the key.


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To me, this movie is perfection.


Slow pace in the most part of the movie.


A lot of fun.

Jonah Abbott

There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

Jeremy Killgore

This movie is great. A shocker, Billy Zane had a few good movies. This is one of them. The story, the effects, the back story, character interaction all work. I would agree. Take a few moments of your life to sit back and enjoy a great horror film. I think find something in the film that you will enjoy.


This movie is a stand out production! Makes me miss the way movies were made before computers took over. The special effects in this movie are fun, adventurous and unbelievably funny. I looooooved this movie! It was a surprise, I though this would take me to a simple movie plot. It had an underlying subtext that made this so much more fun. Billy Zane in this movie, so cheeky brilliant, charismatic and loveably Evil. The creatures are to die for! Wow, special effects creature company grade A+ ! Real deamons are the best deamons* THe crypt keeper <3 <3 <3 Soundtrack, let me pass out now from great production and art. This team kicks ass! oh, and side note; this movie made me reminisce because my uncle worked on it and I watched the pre edited tapes as a child :)


It's all starts of with Car chase and two people end up in the Some kind bar, when one of them is demon who after some Huge Key and other get stuck inside with person being chasing the person.This movie was a blast, I loved, it, I wasn't really sure at the start of the movie, where this movie was going but as this movie went on, it grab me and never let me go. There was some really great effect in this movie, I loved of Bloody gory effect in this movie, some were really gooey There were some really scary Scene that will make you really Jump, I jumped few times in this movie. Really well paced and I loved the way the movie ended! The acting in this movie was really good! 9 out of 10


I saw this movie for the first time around 13 years ago, I was just a kid. Back in the day me and my dad went to Videoland every 2 weeks or so and rented 10 flicks at a time for a week, VHS off course. For my age ( around 10 ) I was interested in very different movies then my classmates or friends. I always picked out action, ninja and horror movies, like Commando, Gremlins, Highway to Hell etc. This time I picked Demon Knight, as well as 9 other movies which off course I can't remember. But the funny thing is, I never watched a single one of them. Yes people, for 7 days straight I was sucked into Demon Knight. I was so impressed by this movie back then, that I watched it like 15 times in 1 week. For me this movie is a cult classic and is one of my favorite movies of all time. I grew older, so I know a "good" movie is something like Godfather or the Dark Knight ( generally speaking ) but the memories from this movie from when I was a kid are still engraved into my mind and I can watch it anytime with full enjoyment. Sorry for the small back story but I really wanted to try and tell why I love this freaking movie.This movie starts off with a drifter named Brayker ( William Sadler ) trying to get away from a cowboy-like dude called The Collector, which is a role meant to be played by Billy Zane. This guy just nails it, and is definitely the star in this movie. After a car crash with a big bang, Sadler makes a run for an old church converted into a bar. This will be set piece for the whole movie. We find out that Sadler has a mysterious Relic and Zane is a demon working as a collector trying to get the relic back to his masters. Because before the earth was created it was ruled by demons, and they had 7 keys to keep the planet in darkness. Then god came along and divided the keys and drove off the demons. The key Sadler holds is the last one they need to bring back eternal darkness. I know it sounds cheesy and it is, but it doesn't really matter. Inside the key is blood, which can be used to seal doors and windows to create a blood barricade so the demons can't enter, this idea always fascinated me and I remember playing as a kid with colored water to replicate this tool.This movie has it all. 8 People stuck in a bar getting attacked by the demons of darkness. You got your typical asshole Roach, the friendly old uncle Willy, local prostitute Cordelia, nerdy type guy Wally, big momma Irene and the young Jada Pinkett Smith adding some drama to this movie. But Billy Zane is king as the collector, an evil character with a laid back style and lots of twisted humor. After the first dull 15 minutes, sh!t will hit the fan when Zane just punches right through a police officer's head, Classic ! And it gets better, we even see an arm getting ripped off, brilliant. Zane brings out some demon sidekicks, really ugly looking bastards, but they look cool, to get into the hotel and attack. The lame thing is, that you need to shoot 'em in the eyes to kill them, I've seen that before. What I also liked about this flick was how Zane tries to bribe everyone in change for their souls. Uncle Willy for example got into a dream-like scene where he was surrounded by dozens of women, topless ! Awe-some movie people. Zane as star, and Sadler respectively second playing a believable character on the run for his life and that off the entire world. We see fists through face punches, arms getting ripped off, explosions, blood, demons, boobies. This is a classic !