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The Lark Farm

The Lark Farm (2007)

January. 01,2007
| Drama History

The Lark Farm is set in a small Turkish town in 1915. It deals with the genocide of Armenians, looking closely at the fortunes, or rather, misfortunes of one wealthy Armenian family.


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One of my all time favorites.


A Disappointing Continuation

Haven Kaycee

It is encouraging that the film ends so strongly.Otherwise, it wouldn't have been a particularly memorable film


A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.


I LOVED the book, but didn't care for the movie at all. It was sitting on my TV for 5 weeks before I had the courage to watch it, and I was very disappointed. I just don't think it truly conveys the horror of the book or what actually happened 90+ years ago. Having read book after book, both fiction and non-fiction, about the Armenian Genocide I hoped for, and expected, a better movie. The acting was awkward, the cinematography was lacking and so much of the book was left out or changed that I doubt I would have been able to keep track of who was who or what was going on if I hadn't read the book (and I read it some 4 years ago.) Having said this, I still think it is worth seeing, if for no other reason than to support a film that no American distributor is willing to touch, and no American filmmaker or studio has the guts to make. See the movie, then PLEASE, PLEASE read the book!


i entered it in cinema today u know i watch a lot of movies about history specially ww1 this movie the the most complete movie u will ever see....just go and see it now u will feel a mix between feeling thinking the presence and absence of the justice in world forever asking what if what if i was there why they do that is that the right thing is they really obeying rules or what? is that happen every war.. is there another world ... i almost cried 3 or 4 times through the movie ... there are a little extra emotions in movie but u know on target ... u must feel how a man can be treated how the changes in races can make that ...i am not with either sides but i got lot of information about the war from it.. it also made me research about it on arriving home .. i then newed that over 1 million of men was killed in such race war..over all 10/10


It started in an uncertain way, with too many obvious passages and with characters showing at once what we should expect of them. Yet a surprise was in the making. The first part seemed a déjà vu exercise and might have been shot about anything else - I feel I have seen exactly the same plot in some TV film on the Jewish Holocaust. Then the killing began and the whole world was changed. The realm of the obvious became the realm of terror. Villains and heroes change places. Some clues take a long time to unveil, and this is good. The realm of horror is the right background of an epic tale of suffering and resistance. Here, hallucinations and dreams are the food of the mind and of the empty body. Reality is cruel and crude and mind-torturing and in this pitch of darkness we are really surprised to witness a few really human beings. The epic resistance of Nonik and the unexpected accusation of Yussuf make for a great tale on a few remains of humanity.


I just returned from the screening of the movie at the Berlinale. I am really impressed and it is really hard to find words to describe my emotions. Probably I'll go to watch it once again tomorrow. But I should say that "La Masseria delle allodole" is the movie that makes you not only think, but also speak and even cry. Think about life, death, love, friendship, human cruelty and speak about history. Like Tavianis have spoken about it. No, I am too emotional. OK, just watch it. And I think you'll feel the same, or may be different, but YOU FEEL. After the presentation one of the actors sad, that he had seen a lot of people crying during the screening. "Crying is not enough, we have to speak" he sad. Speak about Armenian Genoside, Darfour and other tragedies, which some used to keep their mouths closed, or even deny.