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Gemini (2018)

March. 30,2018
| Thriller
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A heinous crime tests the complex relationship between a tenacious personal assistant and her Hollywood starlet boss. As the assistant travels across Los Angeles to unravel the mystery, she must stay one step ahead of a determined policeman and confront her own understanding of friendship, truth and celebrity.


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This film tells the story of an assistant of a Hollywood star, who becomes the prime suspect of murder.The film might have been intense or thrilling, but unfortunately it is neither. The pace is slow, and there is not much happening at all. There is a serious lack of suspense, thrill and excitement. It is not easy for a murder mystery to look plain, but in here it is very plain.


I watched Gemini on a whim. It was at the library and so I just grabbed it. I must say, I was surprised and impressed with this original and fresh Neo-Noir film. Gemini follows the complex relationship of a Hollywood star and her assistant. A terrific crime sends the assistant across Los Angeles to unravel the mystery. The film leaves you curious and wanting more after every turn. These days, movies are getting less and less original, but Gemini was fresh off the rack. With amazing and mysterious cinematography, fast paced dialogue and a suspenseful soundtrack, Gemini is a must watch that I highly recommend!


The set-up and acting in "Gemini" is excellent...and the film really sucked me into the story. So, when in the end NOTHING satisfying occurred, it left me angry...and angry that the title itself betrays much of the ending.The story is about some obnoxious actress (Zoë Kravitz). She is freaked about...but exactly WHAT you don't know. But she doesn't want to be alone and stays with her assistant, Jill (Lola Kirke). She also asks if she can borrow Jill's gun. Soon after this, Jill has to run an errand and returns to find what she assumes is the actress...dead on the floor in the mansion...riddled with bullets from Jill's gun. So what does she do when the police investigate? Yup...she runs and tries to solve the crime herself.The biggest problem with this film is that while I COULD accept the cliché of Jill trying to solve the crime (common in older film noir pics), I could not tolerate the finale...where, essentially, you learned that no real crime occurred!! What???!!!! So, apparently the entire film you just saw is a waste of time AND the title betrays the ending....wow...what a wonderful setup all amounting to nothing.

Michael P. Haring

The story is quality, the score is good, but the goals of the director and cinematographer have left me with more questions than answers. What is trying to be accomplished with the (over)use of the color blue? Mise en scène throughout the film is boring. DP included purposefully shaky camera work during car scenes, which I find both interesting and profoundly annoying. This time, the story was strong enough to make up for the lacking vision from the director.