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Wedding Daze

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Wedding Daze (2006)

September. 09,2006
| Comedy Romance
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After losing the woman of his dreams, Anderson is convinced he'll never fall in love again. But at the urging of his best friend, he spontaneously proposes to a dissatisfied waitress named Katie and an innocent dare evolves into the kind of love that both have been looking for all along.


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Run away from this thing. It just oscillates wildly between boredom and embarrassment, dancing on a hard to believe plot. The comedy is done (or it is attempted) only through gross exaggerations. The boyfriend is totally lame, the pretender turns out to be gay, the girlfriend dies of heart attack when she is proposed to, the father is a convict, the mother a horrible witch, etc. And Jason Biggs just navigates these troubled waters with a silly new yorkish look on his face, making passive sarcastic remarks like "oh, look, I am normal, everybody else is just ridiculous and funny!".The only good thing about this movie was cute Isla Fisher, although she too screamed a bit too much. Bottom line: avoid at all costs. I will forget it in a few minutes, tired and already missing my wasted two hours of precious time.


The thing about romantic comedies is that most of them are not memorable. Which is good because you would want to forget movies like 'Wedding Daze' in a hurry. The good romantic comedies run a very predetermined script and yet are enjoyable because of some good acting and comedy. This movie lacks both. Trying to start off on an innovative note, the movie degrades into cesspool of bad jokes. The director has no direction for the movie. As a result, the movie crawls along from one labored scene to another in search of elusive humor. Some of the jokes are corny, some are plain stupid and some are put in there just because anything related sex can be passed off as comedy these days. There is no attempt made to explore any chemistry between the lead pair, something even bad romantic movies do. It is hard to believe, as the plot 'advances' that two people would ever fall in love with each other without having a single decent conversation. Halfway through the movie, I lost whatever little expectations I had and instead decided to enjoy the sheer ridiculousness that each passing scene unfailingly brought. Even though I watched on a drab Sunday evening with no hopes, I still ended feeling completely brain numb.


This film is about a young man spontaneously asking a stranger girl to marry him. Hilarity ensues when she says yes."Wedding Daze" is very entertaining! The jokes are not cheap or vulgar toilet humour, which I am really glad. I particularly enjoy the weird interaction when they visit both parents, the chemistry is great! In fact, the whole cast all do very well, they are fun and dynamic, and brings a lot of joy to the screen. In addition, the fugitive dad is very funny and entertaining, that it is already worth the price just to watch his performance. Though the plot is predictable, the craziness of it still makes me laugh a lot. "Wedding Daze" is a nice brain off comedy to enjoy.


First, it seems that "the Next Girl I see", "The Pleasure of Your Company" and "Wedding Daze" are the same movie. It was quite boring and not really funny. I first thought it was going to be quite funny because they would have make this movie very unrealistic. I was wrong.It wasn't funny and wasn't realistic. You don't get caught in the "romance" or drama at all and the jokes are quite lame; except if you are 12. Please accept my apologies if you are 12 and feel offended. I don't really know how to explain that but it's not tangible therefore you expect the rest of the movie to follow that idea. Then, at some point they tried to be serious. They tried to make the romance credible. But it doesn't work. Many people left the cinema and we should have done the same. I was so bored that I even found myself enjoying salty pop corn (the sweet ones were finished)