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Love (2015)

July. 06,2015
| Drama Romance
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Murphy is an American living in Paris who enters a highly sexually and emotionally charged relationship with the unstable Electra. Unaware of the seismic effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed.


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There's been discussion about whether there should be sex scenes in movies at all. There are those who claim that they are distracting, offer nothing to further the story and could be skipped and nothing would be missed. Sometimes they are outright obscene. I find myself on the opposing camp. I like my movies controversial, and I think movies shouldn't shy away from subject matter because it is 'risky'. Sex is a part of life, it's emotional and intense and important, so it makes sense that movies would delve into it.Now 'Love' is a movie that borders on pornography, that's how deeply it delves into the matter of sex. The plentiful sex scenes are reportedly unsimulated - meaning the actors actually really have sex on screen, which is enough for many to label it obscene. And obscene it is. The film is full of depravity, sexual lust, fetishes, and generally morally reprehensible behavior. So if you don't go for that kind of thing, you should steer clear of this movie.I saw a review of 'Love' calling it pretentious. I don't think the movie is pretentious so much as the main character himself is, spouting off about 2001: A Space Odyssey and how he's going to be a great director. He's not a very respectable person no matter how you look at it. He cheats on his girlfriend and when he has to take responsibility and raise a baby with his hook-up, he constantly pines for his days of fooling around and doing drugs. Actually, he never really stops doing drugs.The story - and the 'message' - of the movie is about how the young American film-maker idolizes French bohemian sexuality and freedom, but ends up getting sick of too much of it. But it's not a French movie and not an American one. It's simply a Gaspar Noé movie, and it shows. There was barely any script, no guidelines or rules in making the movie. It's the director's movie, completely focused on style and theme, color and composition and rhythm, largely disregarding story and even characterization. There are frequent short 'black-outs' all over the movie, which made me think that my copy was faulty somehow. The movie has a unique flow, it's nonchronological, following the thoughts and memories of a character suffering from a terrible hangover.I have to make a comparison to 'Blue Is The Warmest Color', which really is a French movie, also has a lengthy running time, and also features a whole lot of sex. That movie was emotional and relatable, it was like a look into a life that was really lived, and despite the controversial lesbian sex scenes it strangely had a lot of innocence in it. 'Love' is like the drug-drenched, depraved, delirious and destructive, nihilistic counterpart to that movie.

Bealive me

How anyone does not regard this as one of the best and most dramatic dramas of 2015 i don't know. (Story) The movie is about the main character dealing with things he did in the past that he can't forget that creates difficulties in the present. As i know, most people are very quick to realize what movies are about and i don't want to spoil this movie so i will jump right into my conclusion.(Conclusion) This movie is one of the best films ever made. I mean that, yes, I've seen citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia and shawshank redemption, but this film is still TO ME one of the best films ever made. I have never been so touched and moved of a movies story ever. It has brilliant acting by the main and side characters, even Gaspar Noe himself gives an excellent performance in what he does.The movie maid me cry, this movie maid me come to accept my past in a weird way. Not excuse what i may or may not have done towards the people i love or hate but accept it. This his is how things are and there is no changing that. We wish to go back in time to change it when what we really should focus on is to accept it and learn to live with it. And this movie portrayed that masterfully.Gaspar Noe once again surprises, do not get scared away by the stupid people who only sees penises and nude people. They are just plain and simple short sighted people. This is art on a deeper form. An experience, and if not for the god damn critics who ruined the movie by its "its just a porn movie" critic it would have attracted more people. But i see that more people now seem to praise this movie for more than its sex scenes. For its storytelling, visuals, directing, acting.The actors deserve prays, and in my opinion Gaspar Noe (like Lars Von Trier) is once again snubbed for a Oscar win or at least a nomination, just because of people who can't see past penises. I hope everyone watches this movie, and supports REAL art and not just Transformers 10: Resurrection (which has not happen yet but believe me, it will...)Scary days a head in cinema. But nice to see real artists/directors work, even though they are battling a stupid amount of cinema fluff trying to get noticed by their target audience. Real Artist(Screaming)"PLEAS NOTICE REAL ART.... COME ON!!"Studio ex prod(Mockingly)Shh. Shut up.... Turns to director of new movie.Studio ex prod(Respectfully)Yeas Mr. Bay more explosions is exactly what we need...

Smoreni Zmaj

This one definitely is not for kids :DGaspar Noe is a legend. He succeeded to make porn movie and show it on Cannes festival. Good story, has its depth and touches the essence, great camera, directing, actors and sickly good soundtrack. But at the end, it's still just a porn. Love porn. I love it...................................................................


I know I only rated it a seven out of ten but that's because I admit this film's faults. It certainly isn't near perfect but I felt very moved by the characters and their story. Lots of people may not be able to relate to this film however those of us that do can say that everything about this depiction of love has been experienced and is real. As a grown single adult living in today's dating world I can attest that the relationship between Murphy and Electra exists. Their obsession with each other and with sex that led them into a deep and possibly unreal infatuation was honest and thought provoking. Love sometimes doesn't make sense and can't be described or made logical. Their connection was what drove them into darkness, madness and despair. Love is completely all consuming on any level it's represented on. So many times have I given myself up for something that a year later I looked back on and couldn't reconcile my behavior, and so many times have I given myself up to something to only sabotage it before it completely devoured me. I don't know if I have been in love, but I have felt what these characters are going through and I wouldn't know what else to call it. In the vein of Harmony Korine and Lars von Trier I think Gasper Noe is a genius. Yes this movie is uncomfortable, yes the acting isn't great and yes the story is dry, but it's a genuine take on what relationships look like for some people in their mid twenties to early thirties and I loved every second of it.