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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

April. 12,1985
| Comedy Music Romance Family
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Janey is new in town, and soon meets Lynne, who shares her passion for dancing in general, and "Dance TV" in particular. When a competition is announced to find a new Dance TV regular couple, Janey and Lynne are determined to audition. The only problem is that Janey's father doesn't approve of that kind of thing.


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Sarah Jessica Parker in Girls Just Want to Have Fun is an instant sensation as she easily is destined to become a big time star. Same goes for Helen Hunt. Both of these cute young women jump off and leap out of the screen in this cool and hip '80s teen dance classic. Sarah Jessica Parker looks so cute and so flirty and so bright and so sweet and so perfect. She really can steal a guy's heart with one simple smile. SJP is beautiful. SJP appears in her P.J.S. as GJWHF surprises us with a good long glance at sexy young Parker in her blue and red undies. I mention this only because it's so important. SJP's so adorable, still is. Helen Hunt is dancing and living it up in GJWHF. I have a big crush on Helen, right away. Hunt makes just as an unforgettable first impression as Parker does, and she looks just as cute and all too sweet. I wanna see Helen Hunt in more teen dance flicks, is that possible? I wonder if Helen and SJP stayed good friends through the years. It's great seeing Lee Montgomery and Shannen Doherty and Jonathan Silverman as kids. Montgomery makes a handsome-haired rebel with his role and he made it big by landing it. I know a good star when I see one, and Lee Montgomery is a movie star, though I'm unsure why he never did anymore movies. Doherty makes a punky preteen little sister as a bright future lies ahead of her just like it does for Sarah Jessica and Helen. Shannen's really good. Silverman makes for a slick talking sidekick as he talks himself with this part into the Weekend at Bernie's movies. Ed Lauter does fine work for strict military dads, but his son's a total pervert. Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a very fun and very popular movie. It's a great dance flick for girls especially and a little bit underrated. It would have had an added fun dimension if it had the original 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' song sung by Cnydi Lauper herself, but it worked out well since it made way for the other memorable '80s dance songs we get to hear, like 'Shout', 'Dancing in the Street', and 'I Can Fly', especially 'Dancing in the Street'! The big dance-off with that theme hit song is like the movie's best part. SJP and HH both show off their sizzling hot dance skills and both look really good doing it too in those moments. They can really dance and they both make it big on to dance T.V.! There aren't enough good 'inspiring to make it big by becoming a dancer' movies like this; there's Hairspray, and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. GJWHF is a must-see.


With a title like "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", I didn't think that this would be my kind of movie when I sat down to watch it, even though I grew up during the '80s. But I have to admit that the experience was better than I thought it would be. First, unlike many teen movies (from the 80s or later), the movie's tone is anything but crude. It is instead bouncy and likable. The two leads played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Shannen Doherty have some good chemistry together and are appealing. And it's always nice to see Ed Lauter in a movie.Still, while my experience with the movie was better than I thought it would be, this isn't a movie that I'll probably watch again. While the movie never looks seriously cheap, it is pretty obvious that the budget was somewhat tight, seeing that we seldom get to see wide shots (among other clues, one of them being that the few recognizable songs in the movie are performed by no-names rather than the original artists.) Also, while Parker and Doherty are appealing, they were clearly beyond their teen years when they made this movie. But the biggest problem I had was the utter predictability of the script. There is no plot turn in the movie that you haven't seen dozens of times in other movies.I do think that there are some people who will like this movie - probably women who grew up during the '80s who are nostalgic for the era. But if you aren't one of those women, I would strongly caution you.


I watched this movie because I found the DVD on sale. I never heard about the movie and seeing Helen Hunt, Sarah Jessica Parket and Shannon Doherty on the cover made me curious. I find it ironic: this three actresses owe it to the the movie that they became famous (this were the first leading roles for both SJP and Helen Hunt) and now this movie owes it to them that people still want to see it.The movie is simply bad. Really bad. Very unexciting, predictable, acting and lines make one cringe sometimes, plot that we saw 100 times and very shallow characters.Let's look at it:There is this shy, good girl Janey whose dream is to dance. To get to this dream she has to overcome obstacles like her very strict dad who didn't realize that his daughter isn't 7 anymore and a concurrence which is a spoiled, rich girl Natalie. All this time she has her friend on her side: Lynne, who was described on the DVD cover as a "cool rock chick". seriously? This is what teens in 80's saw as a "cool rock chick"? She came over more like a little preppy brat who thought that wearing a fun hat would make her a "cool rock chick". And then there is of course a "bad boy". Well, he is a bad boy because he wears a tank top....Horrible, just horrible. The only thing good about it are the fun clothes. And to see the actresses when they were young. Sarah Jessica Parker was pretty cute in it, can't say much against her. Helen Hunt has certainly improved in acting since then, I didn't just dislike her character but also the way she acted. I am also amazed by the fact that her looks never changed, she looks now the same as she did when she was 22. Pretty cool for her! Shannon Doherty wasn't much on screen, good for her.But yes, I can't imagine how people can like this movie u unless they are 10 year old girls or were 10 year old girls when this movie came out and want to be a little nostalgic. If you aren't in any of these groups, don't bother.


Did anyone else notice that Janey's little brother totally checks out her breasts and crotch..the most obvious was when she comes out in her underwear- it's hysterical. This movie brings me so much joy, especially when the girls pass out fliers in the gay district of Chicago..and they end up at that bizarre gay daytime dance club. I'm rolling on the floor laughing at that point. My friends and I play drinking games to this film. Whenever Shannon Doherty appears and says something really dumb, you have to take a drink. ten minutes into the film we are trashed. There is also another scene where Janey is grounded and lying in bed with the sheets pulled over her.. and there's a buzzing noise. Yes, i think it's a vibrator. This movie oozes sexual energy. i love the black lesbian twins and their amazing man-like costumes. pure joy. My friend Micheal and I learned their dance routine and perform it at parties. I remember watching this movie when i was a kid, when i was 5 and all-female slumber party, and it made me love Cindy Lauper more than i already do. Shannon Doherty owes her career to this film. another Shannon Doherty gem is Heathers.