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Game (2011)

April. 01,2011
| Thriller Mystery

Four strangers are invited by the reclusive Kabir Malhotra, to his private island of Samos, Greece. They don't know each other and they don't know him ... and by the next morning they will wish they had never come.


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It's fun, it's light, [but] it has a hard time when its tries to get heavy.


I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.


I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.


There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.

Akshay Kumar (akshay-ak-kumar)

Sometimes Bollywood has some good stories to tell. However, most directors mess up the story. Game is one of those films with a good plot but poor story telling.Game starts off brilliantly. A billionaire invites 4 people to his island. One is going to be the future PM of Thailand. The 2nd a Turkish drug lord. 3rd..a successful Bollywood actor. And, finally 4th, a woman journalist. Each are connected in some way to the billionaire's illegitimate daughter who is dead. And he wants revenge from the 3 men. But the twist is that the billionaire is found dead next morning. Who killed him is the crux ?However, it is from this point that the movie collapses so badly that actors like Bachchan, Ranaut, Shergill and Irani can't save this film. From Kher's revenge story, it becomes Bachchan's revenge story. The big twist of Bachchan as an under cover Interpol officer falls flat. And the biggest weak link is the casting of Sarah Dias as the main lead. She is a very pretty lady in spite of her dusky complexion. But man she can't act. You don't fell sorry for her at all.The performances are average. Bachchan and Ranaut try to look cool as cops but don't have the charisma to pull it off in this flick. The rest of the cast is serviceable.I suggest that this movie should be shown in film schools across the world for film students to learn how not to waste a good story.


The presence of some of my favourite Hindi cinema actors (Anupam Kher, Kangana Ranaut, Shahana Goswami, Boman Irani, Jimmy Shergill & Abhishek Bachchan) will not stop me from calling out this film as a major suck- fest with a flashy budget. So what if they got to shoot on a private Island in Greece, got shuttled around in pricey looking speedboats and private jets and some characters got to ride about in BMW sports cars, none of that improves on the fact that the film was poorly written, averagely acted and woefully directed. Don't get me wrong, the concept of a whodunit set in the middle of a scenic private Island in Europe was brilliant enough. I think the writers then got way ahead of themselves and started all sorts of additional senseless sub-plots, twists and turns that in the long run helped turn a great idea on the page into a ridiculous one on celluloid. The normally on-point Ranaut looked in some scenes like she was ten seconds away from actually scratching her head in confusion. Oh! And the dumb love story between Bachchan's character and newcomer Sarah Jane Dias was forced and unbelievably corny at best. Watch this only if you're a fan of one of the stars and you feel the need to say you've watched everything they've ever starred in.


I recall this being the in-flight movie when I was on a plane to Bangalore once. It was the longest flight of my life. This film fails on every level. The acting is wooden and over-the-top. The characters are empty vessels that will become anything that the story needs them to become at any particular time. And the plot is one of the most incoherent and nonsensical I have seen in my life.The film begins with a wealthy man by the name of Kabir Malhotra inviting several individuals of importance along with a reporter to his home on the Greek island of Samos. He explains that one of them is responsible for selling one of his daughters into child prostitution, which means that the only reason he invited the other individuals is to make sure that the film has the suspense that it needs. In addition he informs us that the reporter who he invited is the twin sister of his daughter. This, of course, is meant only to make the audience gasp, as it adds absolutely nothing to the story.This is how the story begins. After this we see the character Neil Menon, played by Abhishek Bachchan, morph from casino owner, to drug smuggler, to undercover cop in a matter of fifteen minutes. He manages to kill of the rest of the rich people who were invited to Malhotra's house for no particular reason other than to add in a couple of action sequences and introduce his cop partner. During this time, the film manages to insert a flashback love story that played out between Menon and Malhotra's lost daughter, which ends up amounting to nothing. We also learn that Malhotra has been killed, which means that the original storyline is just simply dropped so we can find out who killed Malhotra. In the end, the story amounts to the cliché ending of: the guy was killed by his evil twin with the help of the butler. I'm not joking. This is actually what happened.This is easily one of the most awful films I have ever seen and is a massive waste of time. Do not watch this!!


'Game' is slick and stylish. The visuals are unusual (Greece, Turkey et al) and cinematography impressive. The only problem is it tries too hard and doesn't have the goods to back up its efforts. The biggest shock is the character of Boman Irani- is he the prime ministerial candidate of, did I hear it correctly, Thailand? And that too with a shady past? The tone of the movie is one of seriousness- if that is the case then people would expect you to get such little details right.Another problem is poor casting. Abhishek Bachchan sleepwalks throughout the movie. There is a difference between acting cool and being lazy. He needs to work much, much harder. Sarah Jane Dias is simply horribly cast- one needed a bewitching persona to excel in such a role. Kangna Ranaut would have been better in Sarah's role- and ironically, vice versa is also true! The director and scriptwriter fail on multiple fronts. There is little surprise and only a handful of suspense for the viewer. The CID series does a better job of maintaining suspense and entertaining the audience, even if at a basic level.Overall, a case of promising big, deliver small- and this when I watched it on DVD!