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Urusei Yatsura: Only You

Urusei Yatsura: Only You (1983)

February. 11,1983
| Animation Comedy Science Fiction Romance

Six-year-old Ataru steps on Elle's shadow during an impromptu game of shadow-tag; in Elle's culture, this is viewed as a marriage proposal. Eleven years later, Elle returns to Earth in order to marry Ataru — by which time not only had he forgotten the events of his childhood, but he was also going out with Lum. The rest of the plot focuses on Lum's attempts to prevent the marriage. The film was directed by Mamoru Oshii who was mad at the many requests that the producer made of him to alter the movie. Rumiko Takahashi considers this film her favorite and it is the most true to the original series.


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This movie is magnificent!


I'll tell you why so serious


Expected more


it is finally so absorbing because it plays like a lyrical road odyssey that’s also a detective story.


From the tender opening (not something you really see done well in a comedy) to the oddly hilarious ending credits, Only You is a force to be reckoned with. The movie begins with everyone in school receiving wedding invitations for the union between Ataru and Elle. Only problem is that no one knows who Elle is, least of all Ataru. After he gets thoroughly trounced by the Stormtroopers and Shinobu, he is visited and learns he's been engaged to an alien cutie. This makes everyone happy but Lum, who realizes she needs to get Ataru to a chapel before it's too late. The animation holds up well, and the songs range from catchy to tolerable. What makes this movie great are the little moments that exist: Mendo's reaction for being mistaken for Ataru and later Megane's reaction to Mendo getting captured are two things that could only spring from such twisted and hilarious characters. On the same token, the last shot of Elle is so emotionally potent it elevates the movie to a new plane.As a big UY fan, I can definitely recommend Only You. Perhaps its most redeeming feature is it's ability to juggle so many characters and so many different tones all while maintaining a light touch. It's a movie that improves and expands on the TV series in every way.Rating: 10/10


you know, i must admit, this line of anime is the craziest series i've seen next to ranma 1/2. its fun, funny, exciting, and hilarious (did i mention funny?) anyway, this plot is very interesting. ataru has one of the most bizarre pasts, even more bizarre than his lustful perversion. one things for sure, you'll have to see a few of the episodes to understand the humor and the characters. the only problem i found with this title was those obnoxious endings! when are lum and ataru gonna kiss?? lol. by the way, lum is one of the hottest anime babes in my opinion. overall, this is a definite one to see.


A nice theatrical adaption of the comic series, though definetly not the best of all six. A little slow-paced sometimes and the romantic songs in between don't quite fit into the slapsticky atmosphere. The Japanese voices are great; especially Ataru's, switching from deep macho-like murmur to manical screeching any time. The animation is what is to be expected from the early eighties, and the character design is more like the original drawings than the designs of the succeeding films are. If this film is your first "Lum-experience", you just might be a little confused, but not necessarily for the worse. Readers of the comic and fans of the TV-series should not expect the silly meta-humor or the quick action they're used to, but a story that concentrates more on the semi-romantical relationship of the two main characters.

Johannes Haglund

When everyone in Tomobiki receives invitations for Ataru's wedding, and Lum's not the bride, it doesn't take much to get everyone into an uproar. Things don't get better when it turns out that Ataru's bride-to-be is another alien princess.This is truly a fantastic movie. Fast-paced comedy, coupled with a romantic story and wacky characters make this movie into a must-see for any anime fan. But to get the most out of this movie, it surely helps to already be a fan of the series.