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Squid Man

Squid Man (2012)

January. 01,2012
| Drama Comedy Science Fiction

'I can shoot ink out of my fingers. That's about it really. Sometimes, in pressure situations, I can shoot it out of my toes.' When Squid Man gets downsized out of the Superhero Society, he's forced to crash on the couch of his former sidekick (and only friend) Warren. Now he spends his time boozing in a dead end bar, reminiscing about the days when the hero groupies were plentiful and even a second-rater like him could sometimes save the universe. But when a reporter wants to include him in an upcoming book about superheroes, Squid Man is forced to face the dark mysteries of his past... and the even more unsettling idea that he might actually have a future.


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Highly Overrated But Still Good


Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.

Allison Davies

The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.


One of the worst ways to make a cult movie is to set out to make a cult movie.


I love Squid Man. This might become one of my favorite movies.Some years ago I told a friend that I like movies about people who lack power, not people with power. This film fits the bill and shows the absurdity of superhero films. It has a tagline, "Life is not a comic book." In the end, Lord Paradox, probably the only "super" person in the movie (super villain), fails to get what he wants, the pretty girl to be his queen. That's a touching moment, when he sees that all the crazy things he's done to get her failed. All she wanted was a decent, nice guy. She was happy with Squid Man. The beginning of her contact with Lord Paradox is when he, in another guise, rescues her and her father from a plane crash when she's a child. As he leaves he says to her, "whenever you get in trouble in life, look for a super hero." At this point he's already smitten with her. Apparently he's unable to just approach her and ask for a date after she's an adult. He has to go through a bunch of bizarre stunts to impress her, and it fails. Squid Man isn't much of a superhero, but I think he ends up at peace, though probably without that pretty woman, who had been captured by Lord Paradox. The film is hilarious at many points. The special effects are quite good in the "superhero" parts. That adds to the humor: all these impressive effects for something ridiculous!I wonder why the woman who played their love interest hasn't been in more things. She was very good in this film, in my opinion.

zak zeman

A good movie.Enter squid man a down and out superhero who is kicked out of his brand of other heroes and crashes on his friends couch until he gets on his feet and his life back again.Squid man gets eerie jobs and springs into mild bad situations a few fist fights and fights with words not to minor nor big of a deal but all still good to squid man.Squid man sees his future not to fully nor in depth but it is there in front of him then follows through with life as it is before him.This movie is pretty good as long as you give it a watch you''ll be fine :)The casting is perfect through beginning to end7 out of 10 is the most accurate score i can give it now.