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John lasseter leaves Disney

John lasseter leaves Disney

John lasseter, the chief creative officer of pixar and Disney animation, is leaving Disney and pixar at the end of this year because of his misbehavior. The fact that his film superman ii is in full swing won't change that. Disney and pixar have also struggled to find a successor. Recently, lasseter's successor has been confirmed: Jennifer lee and Peter doggett.

In particular, Ms. Lee will be Disney's chief creative officer, and Peter doggett will be at pixar. Although they are not on par with lasseter in terms of production quality, the two directors/writers also have hot style under their names. Jennifer lee was the director and writer of frozen, and Peter doggett has the secret service. They are the backbone of Disney and pixar's "next generation".

At the beginning of this month, the Hollywood reporter "and the New York times and other media reported that Disney announced that one of the founders of pixar animation lasseter, Disney, pixar two animation studio once head, is also" toy story ", "cars" and "snow" series of important people behind the scenes, will be before the end of the year, the role of a consultant in the company. He will not have an office during this period and will leave after the end of the year for good.

With a new boss, Disney and pixar's film plans will not be disrupted. Lee's frozen 2 will be released on November 27, 2019, as previously planned.