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Season 21

Wheeler Dealers Season 21

September. 06,2021
| Documentary Reality

Car dealer Mike Brewer is back in the UK! Along with ace mechanic Marc ‘Elvis' Priestley, he's on a mission to find and restore iconic cars to sell for a profit.


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Wheeler Dealers Season 21 Full Episode Guide

Episode 10 - VW Golf Cabriolet
First Aired: November. 08,2021

Work Completed: Rusted rear wheel arch patched with parts from a replacement wheel arch, stock suspensions replaced with adjustable aftermarket coilovers, wheels refurbished by repainting the wheel and diamond-cutting the rim, electric convertible roof re-wired, cracked windscreen replaced, leather seats recolored, exterior polished. Notes: Limited edition "Color Concept" variant with yellow paint and trim. Bought on behalf of Marc as it reminds him of his very first car, a bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Seller provided a brand-new replacement windscreen as part of the deal. Marc noted the car's rarity, as there are only 4 bright yellow Golf of similar type is still on the road. Mike introduced the process of connollising, a leather restoration method named after the Connolly Leather. In order to enable the convertible top to work, Marc re-wired the mechanism so the roof can only be lowered if the driver steps on the brake pedal.

Episode 9 - Mitsubishi Evo 7
First Aired: November. 01,2021

Non-running unit that Mike bought online, with various engine bits stowed at the boot. Mike had to source for a replacement block after Marc discovered a snapped conrod that caused a broken engine block. Marc points out a common modification among Lancer Evolution owners, which is relocating the active yaw control pump to the car's boot for added durability. Restored car brought to a modified car meet in Birmingham and sold at asking price. Work Completed: Damaged engine replaced, crankshaft polished to address score marks, active yaw control system replaced, new hydraulic lines and mounting kits installed to accommodate relocated pump, fully adjustable suspensions installed, vinyl wrap applied, original Lancer Evolution VII headlights and badges installed.

Episode 8 - 1987 Renault 5 GT Turbo
First Aired: October. 25,2021

Bought from Topcats Racing, which Mike visited during the TVR Griffith episode, where the car belonged to the shop owner's wife and was originally a birthday present. Marc reminisces his younger days, where he initially dreamed of a Renault 5 GT Turbo, but settled for a naturally-aspirated GTE model because he couldn't insure the GT Turbo. Brought back to near-standard condition. Restored car taken to Donington Park to be presented back to the seller at her birthday. Work Completed: Carburetor refurbished with new diaphragm and gaskets to address stalling, valves re-adjusted, new hoses and rocker cover installed, exhaust manifold ceramic coated to address hot start issue, aftermarket intercooler replaced with standard one, refurbished Phase 2 wheels installed, period correct Avon tires installed, seats recovered with Phase 2 fabric pattern, front bumper fixed using a part from a donor bumper, new fog lights installed.

Episode 7 - Jaguar XJ6
First Aired: October. 18,2021

Previously a non-running unit that sat in the previous owner's garage for 30 years. Mike noted the original dealer number plates, which indicates that the car is accident-free, as well as the car having twin fuel tanks. Sold right after Marc finished the restoration, with Mike making an arrangement with the new owner to use the car as a wedding car.

Episode 6 - Porsche 997
First Aired: October. 11,2021

Purchased in Lichfield. Bought from a dealer whose owner decided to sell the car after it developed unknown noises from the engine. Equipped with Tiptronic S automatic transmission. Marc noted that the pre-2008 911s are prone to a number of issues, such as bore scoring and the notorious intermediate shaft (IMS) bearings. Marc heads to Bolton to repair the car's engine, while Mike makes his way to Neil Bainbridge in Buckinghamshire to source aftermarket parts for the car. Restored car taken to Porsche Owners' Club GB track day event at Silverstone Circuit and sold at asking price on the spot.

Episode 5 - Land Rover Series 1
First Aired: October. 04,2021

Purchased in County Durham. Registered as a 1963 model, despite the Series I ending production in 1958. Elvis stripped the car to bare chassis and discovered that it was a Series I, specifically ones from between 1953 to 1956 due to its 86 inch wheelbase, however the car came equipped with a Series II rear axle. Brought back to near authentic Series I guise, except for its improved steering box from a later model. Elvis heads to Shropshire to source the original rear axle, while Mike headed to Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Coventry to source the Series I bulkhead, wheels, and perform further inspections on the car. Mike obtained the Land Rover's heritage certificate and discovered that it was first registered in 1954 in Porton Down and used for 10 years before being decommissioned and re-registered for civil use and was originally gray. Restored car taken to Rocket Propulsion Establishment to pay homage to its military heritage. Sold to a buyer from Jersey.

Episode 4 - Bedford CA Dormobile
First Aired: September. 27,2021

Car dealer Mike Brewer is back in the UK! Along with ace mechanic Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley, he’s on a mission to find and restore iconic cars to sell for a profit. Work Completed: Stock 1.5 liter engine and 3-speed manual transmission swapped to automatic transmission-equipped Ford Pinto engine, custom-made engine mounts installed, new cabinets made, new prop shaft and rear axle installed, handbrake linkage re-made with Ford Cortina handbrake cable, column shifter adapted to accommodate automatic transmission swap, new canopy installed, full body respray from dark green and cream to light blue and white, seats reupholstered with light blue and white vinyl.

Episode 3 - Fiat Coupe 20 Valve Turbo
First Aired: September. 20,2021

Mike and Elvis take on the ‘baby Ferrari’ but want to keep their costs low. Can the guys make this old school classic car a rival to its Italian cousin? Work Completed: Broken boost pipe that caused an air leak replaced, new timing belt and uprated water pump installed, turbocharger rebuilt with larger compressor and sports intake manifold, ECU remapped, water injection for intercooler installed, sticky dashboard cleaned and polished, windows tinted, and wheels repainted from silver to gunmetal gray.

Episode 2 - TVR Griffith
First Aired: September. 13,2021

Mike and Elvis take a gamble on a TVR Griffith. But first, the guys have to pick it apart before restoring and testing the full impact of this iconic sports car. Work Completed: New high performance camshaft installed, delaminated windscreen replaced, burl walnut dashboard reinstated, number plate backlight replaced, engine heat shield installed.

Episode 1 - Mini Mark 1 850
First Aired: September. 06,2021

Bought from a private seller in Chepstow, whose family had owned the car since new. The car had not been driven on the road since 2006, so Mike began with a primer on how to safely start the engine. Mike mentioned there were only 81 Mini 850 MK1s registered in the UK. The car achieved an indicated 90 mph after the engine improvements. Sold at asking price. Work Completed: Fitted new spark plugs as part of the process to start the engine after having sat idle for over a decade, replaced the missing primary and secondary clutch cylinders with period correct metal units, refurbished the external chrome brightwork using a spray chrome process, replaced the front drum brakes with disc brake units including new CV joints, skimmed the cylinder head for higher compression, added lead free valve seats for unleaded fuel, ported the head, added a new carburettor, camshaft, exhaust manifold and oil temperature gauge and repainted the engine bay and wheels.


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