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Season 22

Wheeler Dealers Season 22

July. 26,2022
| Documentary Reality

Experienced car dealer Mike Brewer is joined by multi-talented mechanics in a monumental motoring mission: to find and restore iconic cars to later sell for a profit at their LA-based shop. In the series, Mike has the challenging job of finding vehicles that have money-making potential. He then hands them over to a mechanic, who tackles everything from bare metal re-sprays to gearbox swaps to bring them back to their former glory.


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Wheeler Dealers Season 22 Full Episode Guide

Episode 10 - MGB Roadster
First Aired: September. 27,2022

The boys mark the MGB's 60th anniversary by buying one and fixing it up.

Episode 9 - Lotus Europa
First Aired: September. 20,2022

Mike returns Elvis to his F1 roots when he brings in a Lotus Europa

Episode 8 - Mitsubishi Shogun
First Aired: September. 13,2022

The boys snap up a Mitsubishi Shogun and upgrade its off-road capability

Episode 7 - Ford Transit
First Aired: September. 06,2022

Mike finds a car that has evaded him for decades, a Mark 1 Ford Transit.

Episode 6 - Jaguar S-Type R
First Aired: August. 30,2022

Mike and Elvis are determined to debunk the idea that you should always discount motors with massive miles. Mike snaps up a Jaguar S-Type with 195,000 miles, and after some repairs, they put it up against another model with just a tenth of the miles.

Episode 5 - Fiat 600
First Aired: August. 23,2022

Mike and Elvis find and fix up a recently imported Fiat 600. It needs a lot of work, including a full repaint, an engine overhaul and the cooling system needs...

Episode 4 - BMW 335i
First Aired: August. 16,2022

The boys fix up a BMW 335i estate with the performance and styling you might expect from an M3. Can they get it in shape to beat a real M3...

Episode 3 - Vauxhall Astra GTE
First Aired: August. 09,2022

Mike finally gets his hands on an Astra GTE. With spare parts hard to come by, the boys are determined to make a profit from this lengthy project.

Episode 2 - Mercedes SL 55
First Aired: August. 02,2022

Mike and Elvis are determined to celebrate a dying breed, the iconic V8 engine. They've chosen a classic sports car to do it, the Mercedes SL55.

Episode 1 - Ford Escort XR3i
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Mike has a tip from an unusual source, his electrician, who's selling a classic Ford Escort XR3i that he's owned for decades. There are a few issues with the engine, the interior and the roof, so Elvis will have his work cut out for him to make this into a proper runner.


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