Wheeler Dealers Season 2

February. 11,2004
| Documentary Reality

Experienced car dealer Mike Brewer is joined by multi-talented mechanics in a monumental motoring mission: to find and restore iconic cars to later sell for a profit at their LA-based shop. In the series, Mike has the challenging job of finding vehicles that have money-making potential. He then hands them over to a mechanic, who tackles everything from bare metal re-sprays to gearbox swaps to bring them back to their former glory.


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Wheeler Dealers Season 2 Full Episode Guide

Episode 12 - Beetle to Buggy (Part 2)
First Aired: March. 19,2004

When the Beetle-to-Beach-Buggy transformation is complete, Mike Brewer takes it for a spin on the beach before selling it on for an impressive profit.

Episode 11 - Beetle to Buggy (Part 1)
First Aired: March. 19,2004

Mechanic Edd China is horrified when Mike Brewer brings him an unroadworthy VW Beetle, but Ed suddenly has an idea - why not make a Beach Buggy?

Episode 10 - MG MGB GT (Part 2)
First Aired: March. 12,2004

The mechanical makeover of the MGB GT continues, as the top auto team of Mike Brewer and Edd China aim to get this 80s classic back on the road.

Episode 9 - MG MGB GT (Part 1)
First Aired: March. 12,2004

Mike manages to find an MGB to restore. Mechanic Edd China notes the areas needing the most work: the wheels, engine, bodywork and upholstery.

Episode 8 - BMW E30 325i Touring (Part 2)
First Aired: March. 05,2004

Mechanic Edd China finishes work on the suspension and wheel bearings of the BMW. Now for the hard part as Mike tries to sell the car for profit.

Episode 7 - BMW E30 325i Touring (Part 1)
First Aired: March. 05,2004

Auto lover Mike Brewer and mechanic Edd China get under the bonnet of a classic 1980s second-hand car, a BMW 325i Touring, to make it roadworthy again

Episode 6 - Suzuki SJ410 (Part 2)
First Aired: February. 25,2004

The Suzuki's facelift continues as Edd gives the car a new paintjob, interior and roll cage. Once complete it's over to Mike. Will he make a profit?

Episode 5 - Suzuki SJ410 (Part 1)
First Aired: February. 25,2004

Mike logs on to an online auction in search of a cheap Suzuki for mechanic Edd China to restore. He soon finds a bargain and snaps it up immediately.

Episode 4 - Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 (Part 2)
First Aired: February. 18,2004

Join auto lovers Mike Brewer and Edd China as they return a second-hand Peugeot 205 to roadworthy condition with the aim of selling it at a profit.

Episode 3 - Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 (Part 1)
First Aired: February. 18,2004

Fixing up an old Peugeot 205 on a tight budget is the challenge facing the top auto team of Mike Brewer and mechanic Edd China.

Episode 2 - Toyota MR2 MKI (Part 2)
First Aired: February. 11,2004

Edd China continues working on the MR2, while Mike Brewer heads to a specialist company to get some refurbished wheels.

Episode 1 - Toyota MR2 MKI (Part 1)
First Aired: February. 11,2004

Mike Brewer purchases a Toyota MR2 in need of Edd China's expertise, and the mechanic soon gets to work overhauling the car's bodywork.


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