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Season 6

Cold Case Season 6

September. 28,2008
| Drama Crime Mystery

Season Six of Cold Case, an American television series, began airing on September 28, 2008 and concluded on May 10, 2009. Season Six regular cast members include Kathryn Morris, Danny Pino, John Finn, Thom Barry, Jeremy Ratchford and Tracie Thoms.


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Cold Case Season 6 Full Episode Guide

Episode 23 - Into the Blue (2)
First Aired: May. 10,2009

In the second part of the finale, the investigation into the female cadet's murder continues. As the team finds more and more clues, the killer tries to stop the investigation to remain hidden.

Episode 22 - The Long Blue Line (1)
First Aired: May. 03,2009

In the first part of the two-part season finale, the team re-opens the case of the first ever female cadet in a local military school who was murdered in 2005.

Episode 21 - November 22
First Aired: April. 26,2009

When the murder weapon from a 1963 case is unearthed, the team re-opens the murder of a pool hustler who was shot the same day President Kennedy was assassinated.

Episode 20 - Stealing Home
First Aired: April. 12,2009

The team re-opens the 1999 murder of a Cuban baseball star who fled to the U.S. after being fired from his team.

Episode 19 - Libertyville
First Aired: March. 29,2009

The team re-investigates the 1958 case of a newlywed real estate developer when new evidence suggests his body might have been moved after he was killed.

Episode 18 - Mind Games
First Aired: March. 22,2009

In an episode featuring only John Lennon hits, the team suspect a 2004 arson that killed a psychiatrist may have been caused by her former patient.

Episode 17 - Officer Down
First Aired: March. 15,2009

The team has to cope with their own emotions as they search for the shooter responsible for Jeffries' shooting.

Episode 16 - Jackals
First Aired: March. 08,2009

The 1976 murder of a teen-aged girl is reopened when her father produces a photo of her and a vicious biker gang.

Episode 15 - Witness Protection
First Aired: February. 15,2009

When the mother of a missing team storms into station. The case of a witness protection member is reopened when his body is identified by the missing teen.

Episode 14 - The Brush Man
First Aired: January. 25,2009

When human remains are found in a duck pond, the team reopens the 1967 murder of a brush salesman.

Episode 13 - Breaking News
First Aired: January. 11,2009

The team re-investigates the 1988 murder of a young TV reporter. Previously unseen news footage suggests she was on the verge of breaking a huge story about the unethical practices of a plastics company.

Episode 12 - Lotto Fever
First Aired: January. 04,2009

The team re-investigates the 2007 murder of a mechanic who won $8 million in the lottery.

Episode 11 - Wings
First Aired: December. 21,2008

In an episode featuring songs by Frank Sinatra, the team re-opens the 1960 murder of an airline stewardess whose remains are found in an old hotel.

Episode 10 - Street Money
First Aired: November. 30,2008

When Dexter Collins, a young activist with a bright political future was found shot to death in 2005, it went down as a drug buy gone awry. Following a new tip regarding the location of the weapon, the police reopen the case and interview everyone from members of street gangs to his opponent for the city councilman seat.

Episode 9 - Pin Up Girl
First Aired: November. 23,2008

The team re-investigates the 1953 death of a murdered pin-up girl when an old photograph provides important new evidence.

Episode 8 - Triple Threat
First Aired: November. 16,2008

Lilly and the team look into a 1989 case involving a Russian opera singer. Vera has a strong recollection of the case being a rookie in the department at the time.

Episode 7 - One Small Step
First Aired: November. 09,2008

The team re-opens the case of a 12-year-old boy who died in 1969 when the retired detective who originally worked the case receives a new clue -- a toy rocket bearing the victim's name.

Episode 6 - The Dealer
First Aired: November. 02,2008

When a body is discovered in the trunk of a car, the team re-opens the 1981 case of a missing single mother who used to work at a car dealership.

Episode 5 - Shore Leave
First Aired: October. 26,2008

The team re-opens the 1951 case of a marine who went missing and never reported for duty after his shore leave.

Episode 4 - Roller Girl
First Aired: October. 19,2008

The team re-opens the 1978 case of a teenage roller skater who was found dead in a ravine.

Episode 3 - Wednesday's Women
First Aired: October. 12,2008

The team receives new evidence in a 1964 case which was then though to have been a hit-and-run. Now, a threatening letter addressed to the victim prompts Will and Kat to travel to Mississippi to re-investigate the death of a woman who was secretly involved in giving school supplies for black children.

Episode 2 - True Calling
First Aired: October. 05,2008

Rush and the team look into the death of an inner-city school teacher, originally thought to be a carjacking gone wrong, when a former student finds her car keys in an old desk.

Episode 1 - Glory Days
First Aired: September. 28,2008

The 1973 death of a football player is reopened and allegations of steroid use arise.


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