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Vanderpump Rules Season 7

December. 03,2018
| Reality
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Follow the passionate, volatile and hot-and-bothered-staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood mainstay SUR. Lisa balances her motherly instincts and shrewd business sense to keep control over this wild group of employees as they pursue their dreams and each other while working at her “Sexy, Unique Restaurant.”


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Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Full Episode Guide

Episode 24 - Reunion (Part 3)
First Aired: May. 20,2019

Stassi and Katie argue with Kristen over her tumultuous relationship with Carter; Jax answers for his bad behavior toward Brittany's family; Stassi's boyfriend, Beau, opens up about their dramatic fights in Mexico; Tom Schwartz defends his manhood.

Episode 23 - Reunion (Part 2)
First Aired: May. 13,2019

Lala and James argue over the demise of their friendship; Katie defends her ultimatum to Lisa Vanderpump; Ariana and Lala reveal the steamy details of their backseat hookup; Billie Lee dishes on her secret hook-up with another cast member.

Episode 22 - Reunion Part 1
First Aired: May. 06,2019

Brittany’s engagement; the end of James and Jax’s friendship; Tom’s first year with his business; and more.

Episode 21 - Episode 21
Episode 20 - Brittany and the Beast
First Aired: April. 22,2019

Scheana goes out with a model in an attempt to make Adam jealous; James accuses Lala of being insincere; Brittany's big Kentucky family descends on West Hollywood in preparation for the engagement party; Jax puts his foot in his mouth.

Episode 19 - The Exorcism of Stassi Schroeder
First Aired: April. 15,2019

Tom Schwartz finds a way to make good on his financial obligation to Lisa; Stassi visits a witch to exorcise the demons threatening her relationship; Lala stages a musical performance; Jax reveals some troubling issues during couple's therapy.

Episode 18 - End of an Era
First Aired: April. 08,2019

On their final night in Mexico, Lala’s decision to return to drinking leads to a public panic attack, while Schwartz finds a unique way to rekindle the romance with Katie. Stassi and Beau try to repair their relationship after their epic fight, while Kristen and Ariana take a step forward in their newfound friendship. Back in LA, Lisa contemplates firing a long time staff member, Raquel decides to throw a “puppy shower” to win some friends, and Billie Lee gets yelled at by Lisa for disrespecting her at work.

Episode 17 - FOMO in Mexico
First Aired: April. 01,2019

As the Mexico trip continues, Stassi unleashes her insecurities on Beau, while Ariana attempts to show Lala the error of her mean girl ways. Lisa oversees TomTom’s first dinner service back in West Hollywood, while Schwartz and Sandoval celebrate their bar’s big success from afar. A blissful Kristen finally conquers her travel anxiety, but her temper is tested when Jax dredges up old accusations against her.

Episode 16 - I Don't Like the Sound of Your Voice
First Aired: March. 25,2019

On the day of TomTom’s official opening party, Sandoval surprises Schwartz with his grandest gesture yet, while Lisa confronts Lala about her behavior at Billie Lee’s brunch. Katie sees the group’s vacation to Mexico as a chance to reconnect with her busy husband, but ends up exploding when Schwartz takes a seat in first class without her. Still smarting from his exclusion from the trip, James makes a shocking revelation about his sobriety.

Episode 15 - Trouble in Lala-land
First Aired: March. 18,2019

Still grieving over her father, Lala breaks down and lashes out at James, Raquel and Billie Lee; Lisa, Sandoval and Schwartz throw all their effort into preparing TomTom for the grand opening; Jax complains about his upcoming engagement party.

Episode 14 - Tom vs. Tom
First Aired: March. 11,2019

The Toms plan a Puerto Vallarta vacation for their friends, but Katie explodes on Sandoval when she learns they've also invited James Kennedy; Kristen and Carter share an awkward dinner on their anniversary; Lisa Vanderpump doles out wisdom.

Episode 13 - Reptilian Brain
First Aired: March. 04,2019

Stassi desperately wants to make a good impression when she first meets Beau's mom, but her hopes are dashed; Sandoval and Ariana finally have an honest discussion about having kids; Jax dotes on Brittany after her dental surgery.

Episode 12 - PJs on the PJ
First Aired: February. 25,2019

Stassi gives Kristen tough love about her relationship with Carter; Sandoval and Schwartz worry that Lisa may not put their cocktails on the menu; Lisa gives James permission to DJ an event at PUMP; Lala is betrayed by her boyfriend of three years.

Episode 11 - Return of Crazy Kristen
First Aired: February. 18,2019

Kristen's bizarre behavior threatens to spoil the women's trip to wine country; Scheana breaks down; James is overjoyed when he gets a last-minute invitataion to the guys' "staycation;" Tom Sandoval invites women back to the hotel room.

Episode 10 - So Vain in Solvang
First Aired: February. 11,2019

Lala takes her friends to Solvang, Calif., on a private jet; Jax looks forward to a guys' night out with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz; Brittany brings Jax to therapy to deal with his infidelities; James has a fight with his mother over money.

Episode 9 - Tom and Tommer
First Aired: February. 04,2019

Sandoval and Schwartz scramble to get TomTom ready for its opening event; Kristen learns she's not allowed to come; James erupts when Raquel considers attending Girls' Night In; Jax celebrates his first birthday without the support of his parents.

Episode 8 - A Housewarming Divided
First Aired: January. 28,2019

The group treks to Marina del Rey for Scheana's housewarming; Lala calls out Billie Lee; Tom gossips about Ariana's romantic encounters with women; Lisa Vanderpump finally reveals the fully finished TomTom to a giddy Sandoval and Schwartz.

Episode 7 - Girls' Night In
First Aired: January. 21,2019

Katie convinces Lisa to let her host a "Girls' Night In" party, but Billie Lee lashes out at Katie for not including her in the planning; Brittany throws a tantrum; Lala decides James is moving too fast; Stassi creates her own personal holiday.

Episode 6 - Love Thy Mother
First Aired: December. 09,2018

Stassi struggles to make amends with Beau after her birthday meltdown, while a newly sober James attempts to rekindle his friendship with Lala. Kristen celebrates the relaunch of her t-shirt line, Jax causes trouble at a SUR staff meeting, and the Toms present their cocktails to Lisa in hopes of getting them on the TomTom menu. Finally, when Katie, Kristen, and Stassi’s mothers all come to town, the girls learn growing older doesn’t always mean growing up.

Episode 5 - Ice Queens
Episode 4 - Lisa's Dilemma
First Aired: December. 23,2018

Katie's ultimatum forces Lisa Vanderpump to reconsider employing James at SUR; Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval display different methods of interviewing staff members for TomTom; Jax and Brittany host a dinner party to debut their beer cheese.

Episode 3 - Either Him or Me
Episode 2 - Hope and Pride
First Aired: December. 10,2018

Stassi plans a surprise party to celebrate Jax and Brittany's engagement; James tries to work his way back into the group's good graces; Stassi seeks Lisa's approval for her new beau, Beau.

Episode 1 - A Decent Proposal
First Aired: December. 03,2018

Lisa Vanderpump finds herself behind schedule on TomTom, the new bar she’s opening with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. James lands in hot water with the group after insulting Brittany. Scheana settles into single life. Jax proposes to Brittany.


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